Jitu express was blocked by express companies due to price war, and Yunda did not comment

 Jitu express was blocked by express companies due to price war, and Yunda did not comment

It is worth mentioning that the main partner of rabbit express in China is pinduoduo. According to the above industry analysis, pinduoduo is in urgent need of no standing in line express enterprises, and Tongda system enterprises have been invested by Ali, so Jitu express is a better choice.

After entering the domestic market, polar rabbit express will continue the price war to C end. When inquired on its official website, the reporter of the Financial Association learned that the basic price of Yunda and Shentong was 12 yuan, and the price of Jitu express was only 10 yuan, and the timeliness was guaranteed. Guoxin Securities research shows that as of August this year, the daily average business volume of polar rabbit Express has exceeded 7 million pieces.

Although the ban is not conducive to full competition in the market, the long-term price war has made domestic express enterprises face operational pressure. If we let the ultra rabbit express continue to lower the single ticket price, many enterprises will face challenges in their survival. Those in the industry said frankly. After entering the market, it is necessary to build a transshipment center and lower the price, and its own profit problem needs to be solved.

Yunda, Shentong and Yuantong recently released the third quarterly report of 2020, which shows that although the business volume has recovered due to the boost of e-commerce products, the single ticket income of the three enterprises is declining year-on-year. Under the pressure of single ticket price transmission, Shentong express has already faced the pressure of loss.

In the face of market pressure, it is said that the rabbit express is preparing for a new round of financing. There is a lot of uncertainty in the method of trading for the market through low price. If the supporting services are not kept up with, the single quantity will be very unstable. The extreme rabbit needs stable capital to guarantee, and then change the playing method, blindly burning money to grab the market, which will lose the original channel advantage. Express expert Zhao Xiaomin pointed out to the financial association reporter.

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