How high is the threshold? Sister Lang is beaten by the brand

 How high is the threshold? Sister Lang is beaten by the brand

According to the website, Fan Bingbings stylist min TA Sha helped Bai Bing borrow elliesaab gowns. Later, Minta shark denied borrowing Gaoding clothes for Bai Bing, saying that she did not know Bai Bing.

You should know that Elie Saab plays an important role in the fashion industry. His dress is not something you can wear with money, not to mention the Gaoding series, which symbolizes identity and status. Gaoding is almost monopolized by the top flowers. Its even more difficult to wear Gaoding in the current season. Whats more, the dress that Bai Bing is wearing is the latest high-level customized series just released by the brand. Its hard to borrow clothes. However, there are quite a few female stars who have won the favor of the brand in recent years. Lets have a look.

On the red carpet of the world premiere, Liu Yifei wore Elie Saab high-end custom-made dress, gorgeous and elegant golden phoenix embroidered skirt, and Magnolia in gorgeous dress.

At the London premiere, Liu Yifei dressed in Elie Saab autumn 2020 early autumn series black flower gauze skirt, high bun and red lip makeup, just like elegant black swan.

Every time Gong Li appeared, she attracted the attention of netizens all over the world. Naturally, she was accompanied by Elie Saabs high-end dress, and she was born with the empress aura, and she was all over the place.

Fan Bingbing is also an avid fan of Elie Saab. How many sets of classic red carpet styles have fan contributed? She has also been searching for her clothes four times in three months.

There are also well-known Carina Lau, Li Bingbing, Yang Ziqiong, etc., which shows the weight of Elie Saab in the circle.

As the highest level of luxury clothing, haute couture is the ultimate dream of many girls. When female stars attend the event, they also love Gaoding very much. Although most of them rent from brands, they can wear them on behalf of their own strength and status. Elie Saabs dress is always called fairy dress. Whether its Hollywood or Asian stars, Elie Saabs dress has always been their secret weapon for fighting for splendor on the red carpet. Designers use chiffon, lace, nail bead sequins and other elements to outline the elegant and elegant posture of women.

Each piece is beautiful and immortal, which makes people indulge in the complicated and exquisite details. Every stitch is art.

Its not that clothing brands provide private customized services that can be called Gaoding. In France, Gaoding is a term protected by law. Only brands certified by the French high fashion association can enjoy the title of advanced customization. The standard is very strict. First of all, Gaoding is handmade. Each piece of Gaoding is hand-made by garment makers. Embroidery and jewelry inlaying are extremely complicated and often take a month or more to complete.

At the same time, Gaoding is usually aimed at high-end customers. The original fashion house was mainly for the royal family and upper class women, but now it is still facing the worlds top richest people. After all, with the price of millions, not everyone can afford it.

In the white ice dress incident, the modeling team went to borrow clothes from them under the banner of other people or media. Moreover, the popularity and positioning of white ice did not match the brand of Elie Saab.