Being thrown cow dung, sleeping pig shed: how can this heartbreaking and crying man not go to hot search?

 Being thrown cow dung, sleeping pig shed: how can this heartbreaking and crying man not go to hot search?

To the cold grave.

Why did you bring me into this world?

You brought me into this world, and then you left. No matter what you dont ask, you cant protect me...

That day.

He went through his diary.

Trying to find even a little comfort to live, but found that the short 19 years of life, only pain and hate.

He grew more and more desperate.

Finally, I thought of a dead one.

Im so tired that I cant hold on any more...

The reason why Liu Xiuxiang wanted to die sounds absurd.

The college entrance examination failed.

You may think, this is another story of glass heart.

But I want to say, hold on.

Let me take you into Liu Xiuxiangs life before trying to commit suicide.

Before the age of four.

He was born in a remote rural area of Guizhou Province. Although his life was hard, his family of six was very happy.

But after the age of four.

My father just had diarrhea,

After a visit to the hospital, he was found to be seriously ill.

I was sick that year.

I left that year.

Before the family had time to discuss the treatment plan, the people were gone.

isasters pile up on one another.

My father died soon,

Mother began to be in a trance.

Sometimes they dont eat, sometimes they throw things, and even hit other peoples houses with stones.


Mother was taken to hospital.

On examination, he was diagnosed with intermittent mental disorders.

The death of my father was a great blow to my mother.

Years later,

When Liu Xiuxiang was interviewed,

Every time I talk about this paragraph, I cant help sighing.

My father died.

From then on, the burden of the family fell on Liu Xiuxiangs elder brother and sister.

Mothers madness, let brother and sister despair.

In Liu Xiuxiangs childhood,

There was a very profound scene,

This scene became the basis of his later strong personality.

At the age of 10.

His brothers and sisters said goodbye to him one after another,

He said he wanted to go out to work and help his family.

Who knows, this is a farewell.

And he became the only child the mother could rely on.

The ruined home is completely empty.

Only 10-year-old Liu Xiuxiang and her delirious mother were left.

He had no choice.

Can only harden the scalp, with the mother to support.

This is a 10-year-old,

Began to enter the adult world, thinking about survival.

How to live?

How to buy medicine for mother?


With the help of neighbors,

He gradually established a new way of life.

Sublet your familys land and exchange 500 Jin of rice every year.

Every day after class to pick up waste, in exchange for a meager income.

Follow the adults in the village to collect and sell herbs to earn living expenses.

Life managed to survive.

Because of her mothers illness, Liu Xiuxiang became the target of bullying by children in the village.

At the end of class, he always suffers from all kinds of injuries.


Like being thrown a stone.

Even, they were thrown cow dung.

There are neighbors who are distressed.

It is suggested that Liu Xiuxiang should suspend school.

On the one hand, it is convenient to take care of mother; on the other hand, there is no need to be angry.

But he refused.

A long time ago.

A teacher spread the seeds of firmness to his heart.

The teacher helped him pay his tuition,

But never ask him to return, just hope he can insist on reading.

Young Liu Xiuxiang was deeply touched.

This teacher has been guiding Liu Xiuxiang

Believe that knowledge can change destiny.

his sentence,

Liu Xiuxiang has also been remembered as his driving force.

Its a big mountain.

Liu Xiuxiang did.

In that years entrance examination, Liu Xiuxiang to the third grade in the county, handed in the proud report card.

He was finally able to leave home.

However, waiting for him, it is a more difficult road ahead.

There are twists and turns on the way to higher education.


Because theres no money,

He couldnt go to the middle school he was admitted to.

Later, with excellent results, he was once again admitted to the private Qiankun martial arts school for free.

The school has it.

But another problem, let him make it difficult.

What should a mother do?

Because of the illness,

She has been unable to take care of herself.

Liu Xiuxiang must not leave and take care of him.

He made a bold decision: to take his mother to school.

Everyone thinks that Lius youngest son is also crazy.

He had an idea.

On the mountain near the school, a thatched shed was built.

Its hard to imagine that Liu Xiuxiang and his mother lived in such a humble house for three years.

Used to it..

How terrible suffering is hidden behind these three words?

He never wanted to reveal more.

The only thing that can make him break down is his mother.

One year before the Spring Festival.

In order to let his mother eat pork, he set out to go back home to collect the rent of the field.

Because he didnt have enough money to take the bus, he borrowed his bicycle from his classmates.

Its 200 kilometers from school to hometown.

He traveled day and night without sleep.

Finally, because of shaking God, even people and people fell to the ground.

He was forced to rest for a day.

It was just a day.

Liu Xiuxiang broke down and cried. He really hated his incompetence.

Many people think that his mother is the burden of Liu Xiuxiang.

But I dont think so.

I think it is because of the existence of her mother that Liu Xiuxiang burst out with extraordinary perseverance.

He has a stubborn personality.

As if always holding a breath, the potential to enter the University.

And all this stems from the promise he made in front of his fathers grave before he left his hometown.

To get ahead.

We should cure mothers illness.

To give mom a warm home.

Summer of 2004.

Liu Xiuxiang ushered in the examination.

Before the entrance examination, the head teacher talked to him.

The purpose is to persuade him to give up high school and choose a secondary school.

Liu Xiuxiang knows that the head teacher is good for him.

But he refused.

For him.

The end of reading is university.

This is the only insistence in his life and the meaning of his life.

High school.

Liu Xiuxiang must have won.

But the problem before him remains unchanged.

1. Tuition fees.

2. A place to live with my mother.


Liu Xiuxiang recalled that summer.

In order to raise tuition fees.

He followed his fellow villagers to work in the power station.

The power station adopts shift system.

8 hours in the morning.

He didnt think about it,

Every day morning shift even night shift together 18 hours, regardless of the physical capacity.

Accidents happen frequently.

Several times.

Liu Xiuxiang was too tired,

Below is the concrete floor.

Once it lands, its a death.

Speaking of suffering.

He pretended to be relaxed smile, only let me heartache.

Liu Xiuxiang was injured all over and his shoulder had been worn out.

Its scabby.

It broke again.

Finally, it became a cocoon, a brand for a lifetime.

He was excited with his salary of more than 1000 yuan.

After paying the tuition fee, there is still 600 yuan left.

Where should he go?


To go to high school,

Liu Xiuxiang even rented someone elses abandoned pigsty.

The pigsty stinks.

It is hot in summer and cold in winter.

No, he can only use woven bags to cover, barely play a waterproof role.

It became a temporary home for him and his mother.

Three years of high school.

Liu Xiuxiang lived an ascetic life.

I worked hard after school and spent all my time making money.

Everyone thinks that,

Liu Xiuxiang is expected to become the number one black horse champion of that session.

He was also confident,

Every day I dream, I want to pick the fruit of success.

But fate made fun of him again.

Before the college entrance examination.

He had a bad cold,

And because I didnt have the money to see a doctor or take medicine,

Results seriously affected the state of the college entrance examination, with a gap of 6 points.

Liu Xiu collapsed.


The grievances and sorrows he endured in his heart turned into hatred.

He cursed heaven and earth.

Ask heaven and earth why they are so unfair to him.

From the age of 10,

He was forced to grow up overnight,


Great despair hung over his mind.

He didnt have the courage to come back.

Because every step of the past,


He thought of death.

And thats the only relief.

It was his mother who saved him.

As he planned to die, he opened his diary.

A 27 word sentence pulls him back from the brink of death.

19 May 2002.

When you complain that you dont have shoes, you look back and find that others have no feet

I immediately realized how stupid my idea was.

Choose a dead one,

No, its like abandoning your mother,

Whats the difference between this and his brother and sisters behavior?

He cant.

Liu Xiuxiang recovered.

He looked around,

A school willing to take him back to school.

But the process was not easy because he had no money.

Its hard to find the right school.

In order for the headmaster to take him in,

The man, who never bowed to life, fell to his knees.

His sincerity moved the headmaster.

Promise to exempt him from tuition and fees, and help him to rush to the university again.

In this high school, Liu Xiuxiang got a lot of warmth.

The head teacher is a delicate man.

After knowing Liu Xiuxiangs situation, he immediately mobilized all teachers and students to raise living expenses for Liu Xiuxiang.

The next year.

Liu Xiuxiang did not live up to expectations, and finally was admitted to Linyi University in Shandong Province.

Along with the University, there is also media attention.

His story has been published in major newspapers and won the title of filial son of Guizhou.

But Liu Xiuxiang was not happy at all.

Money is his life,

I bought it with a lot of money,

More do not want to be seen by others, he looks embarrassed.

He thinks people are alive,

It should be amiable, admirable and respectable.

Instead of showing off suffering, taking advantage of sympathy and asking for society.

After media reports,

Liu Xiuxiang has received a lot of attention,

People want to help him when they know his story.

But he refused them all.

He continued to work part-time,

Life with my mother is getting better.

What moved me was,

He was in college,

We also supported three children who had collected waste together,

He hopes to pull them out of the mountains through his own efforts.

July 2012.

Liu Xiuxiang graduated from university.

Numerous large enterprises threw olive branches to him.

Just as he was thinking,

When the future is going, accidents happen again.

one day.

The sister he funded called,

He tried his best to stop him, but he failed in the end.

After hanging up,

He realized that,

Children in backward areas give up reading,

Its not just about money, its about ideas.

They dont believe in the power of knowledge,

I dont believe that knowledge can help them out of poverty.

So Liu Xiuxiang resolutely gave up her offer and returned to Wangmo with her mother.

The hometown that made him miserable and worried about.

Now, eight years later.

Liu Xiuxiangs life, in this short period of time, has undergone a qualitative change.

In eight years.

He rides a motorcycle every day,

When parents are worried about money, he gives money to help.

If parents have wrong ideas, he corrects them over and over again to publicize the importance of reading.

Behind the motorcycle,

With a big stereo,

Every day, his own story.

Whenever someone questions,

He will use himself as an example to increase his persuasiveness.

Children who return to the classroom are generally weak in willpower.

They are eager to succeed.

But I dont believe it,

Can rely on their own ability, out of the mountains.

Liu Xiuxiang is in class,

Over and over again and again about my own experience,

The man, who never wanted to complain, now exposes his scars over and over again.

Most of the children in the mountain are left behind children.

Their lives are incomplete,

Therefore, he always likes to take the children home and cook for them.

At the dinner table,

They were joking,

They are also more willing to accept Liu Xiuxiangs education.

The children never call Liu Xiuxiang teacher.,

This kind of intimacy has also healed Liu Xiuxiang invisibly.

He finally got love.

The children made Liu Xiuxiang softer and more responsible.

Men who confront the world in a confrontational manner,

They started to solicit sponsorship and raise money, just to help more children.

He finally believed in the world.

And in the process of helping children, he healed his inner pain.

September 10, 2020.

Liu Xiuxiang was awarded the most beautiful teacher.


On stage,

Eight years have passed.

Wangmo County college entrance examination undergraduate admission, from 2012 only 70 people, to 2020 college entrance examination undergraduate online 1274 people.

Many children have become the first college students out of their village.

This is the power of struggle.

The voice was high and full of tears.

At this moment, he finally proved his value.

Looking back, his family was broken and destitute. Anyone passing by could trample on him at will.

But he never gave up.

Every choice curve in life, he followed the heart --

More important than reality is the dream.

Now, the kid who was ridiculed and whimsical, wakes up.

His dream has finally come true.