The mental process of a third person: after falling in love with him, I got a strange disease!

 The mental process of a third person: after falling in love with him, I got a strange disease!

I spilled soy milk all over my hands. He did not care to pick up the mobile phone on the ground and took out a tissue from his pocket to help me wipe it. But when he looked up at me, he froze and his face turned red.

In fact, about this perhaps beautiful moment, I did not leave a memory, every detail comes from his later narration. But to be sure, he has been interested in me since then.

In the next three stops, he asked me for the address and phone number of the unit, and agreed with me that he would come to pick up the clothes and dry clean them in the afternoon. I didnt take it seriously. I just gave a noncommittal smile.

At 5:20 p.m., he appeared in my office like an old friend. He was holding clothes in his left hand, followed by the phone in his right hand, chatting on the phone while inquiring about my position with my colleagues.

When he approached me, he hung up the phone skillfully and handed me the clothes like an old friend. He just passed by the mall and thought it was suitable for you. The size should be OK. Would you like it?

Ah? I looked at him in amazement. But before I could make a sound, he immediately added, no, we had an appointment in the morning? Go to the dry cleaner after work. There are 8 minutes to go to the dry cleaner after work. If there is no important work, you can pick up things and get ready for work now!

I dont know why, at that moment I was so willing to be restrained by him, and then it was so logical to talk and laugh with him, out of the office in full view of the public.

From 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., just nine hours, we seem to have known each other for a long time. His humorous talk, proper ridicule, and the self-confidence and ease of his brow, as well as the clothes he bought, with proper size, color, style and fabric, are all my favorite looks.

In this way, Xu quanhuan and I began to fall in love, like a beam of light, began to live together for six years.

From the day of confirming the relationship, I never took the subway again. Every day, he picked me up or called a good car for me. Until then, on the 142nd day after the breakup, I almost never took the subway again.

Hes the same! Although his company is only 200 meters away from the subway station, it was the first time that he took the subway since he came to city a, and it was the last time he took the subway. In his words at the time, Im such a lucky man! The only time I took the subway, I met the only person in my life! Subway is my matchmaker. I want to make it the only one in my life

However, life is not perfect. Sometimes, the better the start, the more complete the loss.

But in the past three years, I have been living in the bubble that he has built carefully, and are still dreaming about how happy we are going to be. However, I have been on the XS road for three years, which has been criticized and despised by the people around me, including those colleagues who made friends with me before.

I dont know whether this is because her heart is too broad, or Xu quanhuan is too strong, or they have reached a psychological consensus of non-interference for a long time. But I can be sure that in nearly a thousand days, I can occupy a married husband and a husband and father of others.

Xs, of course, is hateful, I also hate myself! But what I want to say is that when XS is really imposed on a woman, it is not so easy to say goodbye. Even staying awake has become extremely difficult.

Because, the woman is fond of affection, will miss the man to her good, will specially enjoy the man brings her to be different, all the good and the value of her life, will be closely related to the man who has brought him happiness.

So, the road of breaking up, I walked for three years, longer than the days when we really loved each other. In the meantime, we have cried, quarreled and broken up, but each time we break up, we will only feel more painful and miss each other more.

My best friend said, I have a strange disease! All the love that cant see light, is forced apart, and finally cant get together will get such a disease.

This kind of disease, does not have the beautiful scenery which the outsider imagines, but actually eats the bone to kill! This disease is internal injury! It takes a lifetime to heal. Those who have not experienced it will never understand the injury inside.

However, I still have my own pride in my heart. Because, my qualifications are not bad. My 985 college students majoring in special sciences are not bad-looking. The second year after graduation, I entered the key high-tech enterprises with an annual salary of 6.7 million yuan. Moreover, I was born in a decent family, and my parents were national cadres. No matter where we went, we were envied and respected

However, wearing an XS hat, I only have timidity, inferiority and suffering. All the pride, beauty and vision in my heart are shattered by such a cruel reality.

I didnt think about the future, but at my later age, with the taste of this age, with my spoiled character and his perfect comparison, how can I easily meet a man who suits my heart again?

Although it was difficult, we broke up in the end, and with all the strength I could gather, we took the initiative to break up with him. In order not to break up again and again, the day after the break-up, I left the sad city and returned to my hometown.

But to my surprise, less than two weeks after I came back, I found myself unexpectedly pregnant.

About pregnancy, I never thought about telling him, I just think this is the best arrangement that God gives me. God is pitying me, worrying that I will be lonely, so send an angel to accompany me and save me!

Therefore, since I knew that I was pregnant, I made up my mind to give birth to the baby. No matter how hard it is, I have to face it! I did this not to ask for anything from Jihuan, nor to punish him, nor to blackmail him. I just want to plan for the rest of my life. Even if I dont get married in this life, its my own choice.

But what I didnt expect was that he found me again 142 days after the break-up. Like when we first met, he appeared in front of me again in a place he had never been to.

Six years of time, the same shock, different feelings! My heart is in a mess. I dont know how to face him.

If I want to be soft hearted, maybe I will never return to peace in my life. I will be further scolded as XS and scheming whore. My children will be ashamed of me all their life and have to live with me in the dark of life.

Even if he can divorce me, what can he do? XS is XS after all, no one can change it!

I dont know what to do. As long as there are children between us, I will face tangled evil fate in my life! Unless, I can run away with my baby again!