The best way to start is to say goodbye with a smile

 The best way to start is to say goodbye with a smile

I cant help but think when I laugh, I was really amazing at that time. No matter how many length of the article, as long as the four words recite the full text appear in the homework after class, we will insist on gritting our teeth again and again, until finally we can write them in the dictation book word by word; recite one complicated formula after another, and we still dont know whether we can use it, in order to answer the questions on the test paper correctly In order to achieve the goal of college entrance examination, I worked hard day and night, only to try my best once.

Yeah, only once. Perhaps you have just finished the college entrance examination, but really, if you and I, years later to recall, once clear in the heart of a goal, just go ahead, and there are so many people with you to fight together, there have been so many people for a goal, accompany each other, work together day and night, cry and laugh together, how it should be What a spectacle~

I dont know how many people used to think that the college entrance examination is a huge obstacle in life. As long as it is crossed, there will be a new beginning, and there will be no more difficult life than this. From then on, you can only do things related to love, such as laughing and playing, pursuing dreams, traveling, and talking about love.

A listening friend in the previous topic message wrote such a sentence: for us ordinary people, the college entrance examination may be the last fair competition based on strength.

When I think of Mu Mus resignation, the reasons for her resignation are too complicated. To put it simply, her carefully planned projects have been cut off, her colleagues are full of ulterior means. Although Mu Mus boss knows these things, she is still trapped in injustice, and colleagues who have cooperated with each other have also stood in the line.

In the middle of the night last week, we sat on the side of the road to blow and chat. Mu Mu said: how can I not wrestle in the workplace? Its fake to say Im not reconciled to it. If I fail, I can say that Im not good enough. But how can the boss know that it was stolen, but he clapped his hands and applauded me. On the contrary, he turned me into a criminal who stirred up the trouble, and lost so miserably in the end...

I cant understand Mu Mus character. After listening to me for so many times, I think you cant feel the tenacity in her bones. In fact, many times we are not afraid of failure, we are not afraid of no identification. What we are afraid of is that we still cant understand the rules of this society and cant bear the unfairness again and again.

She sighed: in the past, when reading, how good and simple, at that time, the biggest challenge in life was examination. As long as you listen carefully and do well, you will not be bad. Students compete with each other, the biggest lie is nothing more than, I have not read a book, did not review it. Fight side by side, not like now

Writing here, I suddenly feel a little sad. At that time, the place where I want to escape has become the most nostalgic and yearning for at the moment.

The so-called beauty of youth is probably the deep thought that did not know how to cherish at that time, but now how cant go back There are smiles, tears and regrets

Although many people are saying that the college entrance examination is so cruel and abnormal. But what we can not deny is that in the process of forcing us to despair, he also made us become better ourselves, so that we can be tough and persistent enough when facing the stumbling and stumbling in the future life.

At this moment, I dont think I would like to talk to you about enjoying a better life in the future. I dont want to talk about a new beginning or a new hope, because life is uncertain, and all kinds of things in the adult world, whether cruel or not, are real, and we must experience them bit by bit.

And what I want to say is, no matter where you go, you should have a clear conscience. Dont forget your original self and your most real self.

At the end of the college entrance examination, the most perfect farewell is to smile and cry in youth, and the best beginning may be to learn to smile and say goodbye in time.