The other party only shows the circle of friends in the last three days

 The other party only shows the circle of friends in the last three days

Its the swallow who played very well with you. How could you forget that you came to our house for dinner?

Oh, there was a swallow among my junior high school classmates. At that time, she taught me to weave bracelets and fold little stars. When the relationship was the best, we almost had to worship. Once I was ill in hospital, she was afraid that I would die. She bought a bright long-life lock from the market and gave it to me with tears in her eyes.

At that time, we all believed that as long as I lived long enough, our friendship would naturally last forever.

Long life lock is made of tin. It will oxidize and become dim after a long time. When I went to high school, swallows went to health school, and the relationship between us gradually faded, just like the long life lock made of tin.

Occasionally, she would write to me and send me some pictures of her heavily made up photo studio. She would tell me about her boyfriend, whose name had nothing to do with me.

With more and more friends around him, the swallow became the most insignificant one outside the crowd. I am the same to her.

Later, there were many girls named swallows flying in my life like swallows. I finally asked my mother, which swallow? in a certain afternoon

My mother said, its a swallow who plays well with you.

In a flash, things change.


Leisure is really a good thing, but the old peoples heart, white youth head, let you have the heart to blame, but there is no way to talk about it.

And sometimes we cant tell whether we are estranged from our friends in the past or ourselves in the past.

He likes to say what and what, as if there are many gates in the world, and at each of them, his brother stands.

He and his brothers used wine as a song, and their life was geometry, which really made several local specialty restaurants popular.

However, he did not know how to think of going into business, doing business at a discount.

A friend is a wise man, and soon he is enlightened.

After that, he changed his way of living. He took off his suit and fell in love with casual clothes. He wore a cap on his head and a mask on his bottom. He dressed like a famous star hiding paparazzi all day.

In fact, he was hiding from his brothers who were everywhere in the city.

He was tired of those days of singing, dancing, playing, playing and playing, and he was tired of his past.

If an old man came out and pulled him back to the KTV crowd, he didnt know how to introduce himself.

He alienated his old friends because he couldnt accept that they looked at themselves in the old way.

Its not anyones fault. Its life.


It is said that only children will cry and make noises. If you ask why you have neglected yourself, adults will alienate themselves with tacit understanding.

The tacit understanding is that there are fewer and fewer messages, the reply is more and more slow, and even praise becomes cautious. Finally one day, after a long silence, you find that his space is shielded, so you are inexplicably lost, but you have a long sigh of relief.

From then on, in your mobile phone, lies a call that will never be dialed again.

Click open the link, from our first Hi, to every message, bits and pieces of data, space can be really clear.

At about the same time, I got a message: a new function has been added to the wechat circle of friends, which can be set to visible in three days. Once set, your wechat friends can only view your circle of friends in the last three days.

Why three days? I think its probably because theyre looking at each other for three days.

If you havent been in touch for a long time, open your three days visible circle of friends, and you will find that your intersection is already zero.

QQ and wechat, the same products of Tencent, suggest to us different views on making friends. On the one hand, they are nostalgic and nostalgic, while on the other hand, they are relentlessly moving forward.

In fact, each of us is not like this, while constantly chasing new life and new friends, we also occasionally remember old friends.

But when I look back, I often find that it is far away.


Once upon a time, I hated false manners and greetings until I had an old friend.

Old friends meet again after a long time, but nothing can be said except nonsense. At this time, the nonsense becomes so cute that every nonsense expresses the meaning of I still love you.

We want to talk to each other and be close to each other, but the reserve of the strong and the unwillingness of the weak make us live more and more cool and lose our friends all the way.

Once upon a time, graduation Popular Albums presented photos to each other, and clumsy blessings were written in crooked words. It was nothing more than a bright future and a happy day.

Thats what we think of a good life.

The souvenir album is left at home, only to go back for the Chinese New Year. When I am alone, I want to have a look at it. There are green faces and silly fantasies about the future life of the young companions. There is a period of yellowing years sealed in it.

Perhaps, if the time can be reversed, I will bring up the pen when a brainwave, brush and write: I wish you a more and more cool life in the future!

Yes, since it is destined to say goodbye, to go to a new venue, and to lose friends all the way, the only thing that can make up for it is: you must live more and more cool!

Since we are destined to meet some people constantly and say goodbye to some people constantly, from unfamiliar to familiar, from familiar to unfamiliar again, from the same smell to parting, from regret to not seeing each other, the only thing we can comfort ourselves is: simply live more and more cool!

When you really live a cool and cool life, as an old friend forgotten by you, I will really be happy for you and wish you well.