Poetry wind up, Sophora flowers fall, wind down another year

 Poetry wind up, Sophora flowers fall, wind down another year

If you look at the moon, you wont get the chance of laurel.

Apricot blossom and sophora flower fall, worry to worry for a few years.

Apricot blossom in spring, sophora flower fall in autumn, time is in such a flower between quietly slip away.

Farewell to Dong Chuan

Sushi of Song Dynasty

A life of thick silk and big cloth,

One who is filled with knowledge always behaves with elegance.

Strong with lift son step sophora flower.

My eyes wander and I see my son-in-laws car.

Proud as worldly,

The imperial edict Huang Xin wet word is like a crow.

Although his body is covered with coarse clothes and poor cloth, he has a learned temperament in his heart, which is naturally brilliant. He did not like to accompany the old Confucians to talk about the bitter days of cooking gourd leaves, so he decided to take part in the imperial examination.

Zhongju can still boast to the secular people. Your name is written in black characters like crows on the imperial edict.


Do not go fishing to the sea,

Strong Pro Wen Mo Shi Ru Qiu.

There are twelve locust trees in Changan,

How many autumnal winds have fallen.

At that time, they used to play in Changan, and the rich and noble families chased for joy in the melting moon. The rich and wealthy family of princes and princes were engaged in wine and food struggle day and night, and the emperor was so intoxicated in the palace that the spring and Autumn period were not divided.

The princes of Wang sun were reckless and were living in the wind and the vain women were still struggling with the country. Today, the chaos is like a dream. Today, the country is like the sunset, and can only see the country step by step towards decline and destruction.

Red lips and cool courtyard

Qing Nalan Xingde

The courtyard is new and cool, and when I come late, I suddenly feel that Luos clothes are thin.

If you dont drink alone, you will feel empty.

Xiao Temple pity the king, and dont worry about it.

West wind evil, sunset blowing horn, a burst of sophora flower.

It was late, and the courtyard suddenly added a little chill, and felt that the clothes were a little thin at this time. A man drinks alone, drinking a long song in front of his own shadow.

I miss my friends who cherish each other in Xiao temple. Are their clothes thin and not worth the cold.

The west wind blows the setting sun, with the evening wind, the air turns cold, since the Sophora japonica can not bear the cold wind, whistling, falling for a while.

Early cicada

Tang Bai Juyi

On the seventh day of June, the cicadas on the river head began to sing.

In the deep leaves of Photinia, two or three dusk.

Once the hair color is faded, the feeling of hometown will be moved again.

The west wind has not yet risen.

Recalling the past in Dongye, listen to the palace sophora flower.

Today infinite thinking, cloud trees around the city.

On the seventh day of the sixth month of the lunar calendar, cicadas on the trees beside the river begin to sing. Cicadas hide in the thick leaves of Photinia, and call two or three times in the evening. Cicada this call let me suddenly feel that his temples have been white, also can not go back to the previous home.

The autumn wind has not yet begun to blow, sad mood has been from the bottom of my heart. When I was still working in the East Palace, I always listened to cicadas under the locust tree. Now infinite melancholy, like white clouds covering the city, let people breathless.