Huawei mate 40 series new machine: the strongest flagship in dark time

 Huawei mate 40 series new machine: the strongest flagship in dark time

As the latest masterpiece of Huawei mate family, mate40 series has new appearance design, strong support from Kirin 9000, the strongest 5gsoc chip, and the all-round evolution of new Leica four camera / five camera system and other core configuration and experience, which make it the most competitive 5g flagship handset this year, and launch the strongest impact on the newly released iPhone 12 series mobile phones.

Yu Chengdong, Huaweis managing director and CEO of Huaweis consumer business, said: over the past eight years, Huawei mate series has been developing and innovating, and has successively launched ten generations of mate products, each of which is the epitome of Huaweis cutting-edge technology. Huawei mate 40 series inherits the gene of mate series and is the most powerful mate mobile phone of Huawei so far. Kirin 9000 series chips achieve a new height of performance and energy efficiency ratio. Emui11, based on distributed technology, provides a new intelligent full scene experience.

Use new perforated full screen design, new 90hz hyperbolic screen

First of all, at the design level, Huawei mate 40 series continues the design of hyperbolic full screen, but uses left-hand punching instead of Liu Haiping. Mate40pro and Huawei mate 40pro + continue 88 u00b0 hypersurface circular screen, while mate 40 is equipped with hyperbolic screen with 68 u00b0 curvature. Fortunately, the mate40 series is not only equipped with the physical power button and volume adjustment key again, but also retains the experience of double clicking the edge of the screen to suspend and adjust the volume on the previous mate30 series.

It is reported that Huawei mate 40 is equipped with a 6.5-inch 1080p + level OLED display with a resolution of 2376 * 1080 pixels, which supports P3 wide color gamut display. The curved screen curvature is 68 u00b0 and the 90hz screen refresh rate is 240Hz. The mate40pro / mate40pro + is equipped with a 6.76 inch 1080p + level (resolution of 2772 * 1344 pixels) OLED display, with a curved screen curvature of 88 u00b0, It also supports P3 wide color gamut display, the same 90hz refresh rate and 240Hz touch sampling rate.

Since mate40 adopts single hole full screen and mate40pro / PRO + adopts double hole design, mate40 front lens only supports ordinary face recognition unlocking, while mate40pro / PRO + can realize front ultra wide angle shooting, 3D face recognition and AI space separation control.

One of the details is worth paying attention to. It is also the biggest change of Huaweis P-Series and mate series flagship machines in so many years - the support of up and down stereo dual speakers is finally supported. It is reported that the bass effect has been enhanced by 150%, which will bring outstanding audio-visual experience in daily games, movie watching and other scenes.

In terms of body color matching, mate40 and mate40pro both offer five body color options, including bright black, glaze white and secret silver glass materials, and yellow and green plain leather versions. Among them, there are many layers of optical coating under the secret silver frosted glass. The film bottom is newly added with metal texture membrane, which has a full sense of technology. The super large cup mate40pro+ is the same as the p40pro+ released at the beginning of the year, which brings two color options: black and white ceramic based on the high-strength nano ceramic technology.

Kirin 9000, the first 5nm process strongest chip integrated with 5g baseband

According to the tradition over the years, Huawei Mate Series flagship aircraft are equipped with the latest self-developed Kirin chip, which is no exception this year. However, due to some well-known reasons, this years Qilin 9000 chip did not hold a separate release meeting before the launch of the new aircraft as in previous years, but was released on the same stage with mate40 series this evening.

Although it is a little late, it does not affect that Kirin 9000 is still the strongest chip in the industry, and it is also the first 5nm process chip integrated with 5g baseband released in mass production in the world. Its powerful performance naturally meets the expectations of users. Kirin 9000 has 15.3 billion transistors integrated in it. The CPU adopts eight core design (one super large core a77 + three large core a77 + 4 medium core A55). The highest main frequency is 3.13ghz. The worlds first 24 core mail-g78 GPU, and the new npuai processor can reach 148008 under the running speed of aibenchmark 4.0 eth. In official terms, CPU performance is 25% higher than snapdragon 865 +, NPU performance is 150% higher, and GPU performance is 50% higher.

At the same time, because Kirin 9000 integrates the third generation Baron 5g baseband chip, the 5g rate performance is more outstanding than the x55 baseband chip external to the high pass snapdragon 865 +. In addition, Qilin 9000 chip also integrates Huaweis most advanced ISP technology, which greatly improves the performance compared with the previous generation of Kirin 9905g chip.

At present, the domestic official has launched the mate40 series product introduction, among which mate40pro provides 8GB + 256gb and 8GB + 512gb storage versions, while mate 40pro + has only one storage version of 12gb + 256gb. In addition to the two ordinary versions of 12gb + 256gb and 12gb + 512gb, the most advanced mate40rs Porsche Design version also has a new collection version of mate40rs with 12gb + 512gb.

Further all-around Leica image system

Huawei mate40 series brings innovative super sensing Leica image system. This image system includes super perception camera, super wide angle camera, long focus camera, etc. among them, mate40 / mate40pro is a four camera system, and mate40pro + is a new five camera system. Mate40pro is equipped with 50 megapixel super perception wide angle main camera (F / 1.9) + 20 megapixel super wide angle movie camera (F / 1.8) + 12 million pixel long focus lens (F / 3.4, support OIS optical anti shake) + 3D depth camera.

Mate40pro + is equipped with more powerful five camera system, which are 50 megapixel super sensing wide angle main camera (f1.9, supporting OIS optical anti shake) + 20 million pixel super wide angle movie camera (F / 3.4) + 12 million pixel long focus lens (F / 2.4, support OIS optical anti shake) + 8 million pixel super zoom lens (can realize 10 times optical zoom, f4.4 aperture, support OIS optical anti shake) + 3D depth Sense lens composition.

In contrast, mate40pro only supports optical anti shake, while mate 40pro + not only has a super zoom lens, but also has three lenses that support OIS optical anti shake function. In addition, there are obvious differences in zoom shooting ability. Through the periscope optical zoom structure design, mate 40pro can realize 5 times optical zoom, 10 times mixed zoom and 50 times digital zoom, while mate 40 PRO + supports 10 times optical zoom, 20 times mixed zoom and up to 100 times digital zoom.

In particular, the 40 megapixel camera, as well as the new super focus processing capability of Ryu + and ISP, will be outstanding in terms of the overall performance of the super large dark camera array and the super light processing ability of the main frame of the y9000 and ISP. As for the photo performance of the mate40rs Design Edition, it is natural to look at the super large mate40pro +.

The mate40pro series, combined with the newly evolved Leica four camera / five camera system, still live up to the reputation of night vision device + telescope, and has the full-featured shooting experience as always, such as AI tracking, motion anti shake, audio zoom, super wide angle, macro range, portrait mode, panoramic mode, information screen snapshot, etc. if you are the flagship of Huawei P series and Mate Series in recent two years The old users will not be unfamiliar. However, in terms of core parameters, this generation of mate40 series does not seem to be very different from the P40 series released at the beginning of the year. The actual photo performance still needs to be evaluated in detail.

Wisdom and wisdom full scene innovation experience: better understanding of you and more security

Huawei mate40 series is equipped with emui11 system for the first time. The integration of software and hardware releases powerful performance and smooth experience. The new interactive mode and distributed technology enrich the whole scene smart life experience. In addition to providing artistic styles such as Mondrian and Mobius ring, the gesture sensor provides more intelligent interactive experience, such as AI air separation control, realizing hovering bright screen, left-right switching interactive interface, and pressing and answering phone calls in air separation. When you call, your eyes are fixed on the screen, and the volume of the ringing tone will automatically decrease.

In addition, emui11 will upgrade the distributed capability and realize multi screen collaboration to open multiple mobile application windows on the PC at the same time. The multi task can be carried out synchronously, and the efficiency is doubled. The mobile phone is transformed into an electronic whiteboard with one button, which can also be used for demonstration and explanation. Changlian launched anthropomorphic interaction, and the mobile phone and large screen can also communicate through messages.

Huawei mate40 series from the core to the system to build a more comprehensive privacy and security protection. The teeos security microkernel has been certified by cceal5 + with the highest security level of commercial OS cores in the world, which is dedicated to privacy and security. 3D face and on-screen fingerprint dual biometric recognition, both support unlocking and payment, information is completed in an independent micro kernel, and there are new privacy protection functions such as privacy memo and photo desensitization.

Huawei mate40 series is fully equipped with innovative Huawei terminal cloud services, bringing users a smarter, more convenient, richer and safer mobile phone experience. At the press conference, Huawei officially launched new powerful applications for overseas users, including general search engine petalsearch, which supports multiple search methods, petalmaps, a map application that can operate in isolation through Huawei mate 40 series, and Huawei doc, a powerful office application.

New Huawei mate 40rs design

As the most advanced product in Huawei mate 40 series, mate 40rs Porsche Design adheres to the super gene and luxury temperament of all previous products. This generation of mate40rs is designed with super racing track dynamic flying line, octagonal star drill design, lens module is completely symmetrical with respect to the central axis, and super perception Leica film is decorated with circular array layout.

The Huawei mate40rs Porsche Design released this time has two colors in black and white, which are also made of high-strength nano ceramic technology. On the design level, multi line and plane stereoscopic design is adopted. On the basis of stereoscopic vision, ultra-high-energy laser carves clear lines on the fuselage, supplemented by matte lines to process the transition from convex to smooth on the outside of the lines.

In addition, Huawei mate 40rs Porsche Design collection model also added infrared temperature measurement function.

The price starts from 899 euro, and the top matching version is more than 10000 yuan

In terms of price, Huawei mate40 is 899 euro (about 7102 yuan), mate 40pro is 1199 euro (about 9473 yuan), super large cup 12 GB + 256 GB mate 40 PRO + is 1399 euro (about 11053 yuan), and 12gb + 512gb mate 40rs design version targeting high-end luxury users is 2295 euro (about 18132 yuan).

Judging from the price of overseas version announced at the conference, the starting price of mate 40 series is higher than that of 799 euro of the previous generation of mate 30 series, and the price of mate 40 RS Porsche Design is also higher than that of 20 95 euro of the previous generation mate 30 rs.

We need to remind you that, according to the Convention of previous years, the price of Huaweis flagship aircraft launched overseas every year will be much higher than that of the final domestic products. The final price of the products is expected to be announced at the domestic press conference on October 30. However, Huaweis domestic pre-sale has been fully advanced. At 0:00 a.m. on the 23rd, an appointment activity of 100 yuan could be opened in Huawei mall and other official online and offline channels, but only for mate40pro / mate40pro +.

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