Men show off keeping underage girls

 Men show off keeping underage girls

On October 21, the Public Security Bureau of Qiqihar City confirmed by work that the actual sender of Twitter was Shang XX (from Harbin), a student in a university in Harbin City, and sent personnel to Harbin city to seize him. According to Shangs account, he registered four Twitter accounts in May this year, and marked Qiqihar on the location information of his Twitter account. Since June, the man made up that he was a middle-aged man, made up false information such as Tongtong, Guai and Yingying, and held a large number of private photos of juvenile girls downloaded from overseas websites for the purpose of making profits.

At present, shangmou has been suspected of violating the law and committing a crime. According to the relevant provisions on the jurisdiction of public security organs, Qiqihar City police have transferred the person to Harbin public security organ for handling according to law.

The public security organs have reiterated that the Internet is not a place outside the law, and the public security organs will resolutely crack down on illegal and criminal activities such as the dissemination of obscene articles through the Internet and will never condone them.

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On October 17, a microblog netizen @ I was born and posted an article saying that a man showed off on social media twitter that he had taken care of an underage and a young girl, with several large-scale photos. According to the content of the disclosure, the Red Star News reporter saw that a twitter account named ailuoli claimed to be the trumpet of a middle-aged man, and used this number to record and maintain the real life of dry daughters.

Red Star News reporters noted that the information released by the account is located in Qiqihar City, Heilongjiang Province.

According to the content of the microblog, the content of the twitter account is displayed as Qiqihar

On May 23, the account released a message introducing its three dry daughters, saying two of them were 15 and 20 years old, while the other was only allowed to know their age only through private messages from fans. In a follow-up update, the account described their Daily relationship with their daughters and photographed their sexual behavior.

In the relevant screenshots exposed at present, the Red Star News reporter noticed that the owner not only had sex with a minor girl, but also suspected to have had sex with an underage boy.

Moreover, following the information on the account, the reporter learned that the owner was active in an online group suspected of child pornography. The relevant screenshot shows that the group has 314 members, all of which are communicated in Chinese.

Red Star News reporters see that in addition to sharing information with each other, members of the group will also exchange how to avoid legal risks. At the same time, group members are also very vigilant and enable the automatic deletion of group messages.

On the morning of the 18th, red star journalists contacted Qiqihar public security bureau according to the location information of the above twitter account. A staff member said that he would contact the relevant departments for understanding. Soon, another staff member of the Public Security Bureau called back the Red Star News reporter, saying that he had noticed the information on the microblog and would report it to the leaders.

As for how the matter will be handled at present, the staff member said that the matter needs to go through legal procedures. At present, the police need to sort out the matter into a file and file a case. Then the relevant personnel can find the owner to verify and collect evidence, and then decide how to deal with it. If it is true, it will definitely be held responsible. If it is not true, this news belongs to network rumor.

Man claims to keep underage girl