After being beaten by Zhang Guolis son at 18 and beheaded at 35, she became Gu Jia?

 After being beaten by Zhang Guolis son at 18 and beheaded at 35, she became Gu Jia?

In the play, she won the auditorium, beat the third party, and subdued the scum man, which made all the audience applaud; outside, everyone praised Tong Yao, saying that she not only did not destroy the role, but also sublimated Gu Jia.

When it comes to such a powerful actress, she did not reach the peak of her acting career until she was 35 years old. Her classmates had already become famous in those years, but her road to recognition was extremely sad.

In the final analysis, this is inseparable from her bloody past.


She has been very good-looking since she was young. She has a pair of talking eyes. No matter where she is, she is the focus of attention. She not only likes singing and dancing, but also has a big dream. She wants to be a star and an actor.

Although Tong Yaos family conditions are average, her parents dote on her. In order to realize her daughters dream, they tried their best to send her to Beijing Song and dance troupe art school when she was 11 years old.

After coming to Beijing, Tong Yao fell in love with this big city. She learned a lot here, but she also wanted to learn more. However, learning art was a special way to burn money. Her parents only supported her for one year, so she had no choice but to return to her hometown after a year.

But this time, Tong Yao was determined to go out on her own, so she worked hard to practice dance and learn new skills. Finally, she was admitted to the Central Academy of drama with her first major.

However, Chinese opera did not bring her a bright future, but the first low point in her life


Tong Yao, who was admitted to Chinese opera, became more beautiful. At the same time, she looked like Zhang Ziyi, who was in the fire at that time. As soon as she entered the drama, she became a man of the day. Even the teachers said that she was Zhang Ziyis older and Gong Lis junior.

In addition to her strong professional ability, Tong Yao also carries the label of little Zhang Ziyi. As expected, she has more opportunities than ordinary people. In her freshman year, she has been treated by many stars and stars. She has also successfully played the role of director Li Wenqi in Lin Hai Xue Yuan.

During the shooting, Tong Yao made friends with one of the photographers. It was with the photographers introduction that Tong Yao met Zhang Mo, the son of Zhang Guoguo. At that time, Zhang Mo was a sophomore at the Central Academy of drama and his elder brother. After a period of contact, the two became lovers. In this way, the love between star second generation and little Zhang Ziyi spread rapidly, and the students in the drama envied each other.

But sweet love did not last long. On the night of December 16, 2003, Tongyao was beaten by Zhang Mo at the bottom of the girls dormitory. According to Tong Yaos description, Zhang Mo has started to attack her more than once, this time because she didnt want to go to see the professor with Zhang mo.

Zhang Mo kicks every foot in Tong Yaos face. Although Tong Yao kneels down to beg for mercy, Zhang Mo does not stop until she is beaten with blood on her face. Later, she was still lying in the snow. After being found by her classmates, she was sent to the hospital.

After the examination, the hospital diagnosed Tongyaos facial multiple soft tissue abrasions, nose fractures, astigmatism and congestion in the eyes.

For a while, Zhang Guolis son hit his girlfriend, which caused a great stir. Although Zhang Guoli repeatedly made a statement and apologized to Tong Yao, Tong Yao finally chose not to sue, but Zhang Mo was expelled from Zhongxi opera.


But Zhang Mos dismissal did not calm the matter. There were two voices about Zhang Mos hitting people. One is that Zhang Mo is addicted to jealousy and has a tendency of violence; the other is that Chinese opera cant be filmed in school, and Tongyao is totally due to Professor Huangs hidden rules.

Although I dont know what the truth of this incident is, after the incident, Professor Huang was arrested for hidden rules female students. Although she was finally released, Tong Yao was still labeled as selling herself for glory and was criticized by everyone.

For a time, she had no resources, and even her classmates avoided her. Later, when interviewing Yang Shuo, he proved that no one was willing to play with Tong Yao at school. In this way, Tongyao, who was full of enthusiasm for performing arts, lost to the starting line.

From then on, Tong Yao disappeared in front of the public. Although she had participated in several TV dramas, she was not recognized.

Until the fire of Ruyi Zhuan, the noble princess was not hated though she was a villain;

Big river fire, Tongyao power school was recognized by netizens;

Gu Jia was praised by the whole network for the fire of thirty only.

In addition, Tong Yao also found a home in love. In 2019, she and her rich boyfriend, who is 17 years older than herself, ended their seven-year long-distance love journey and got married in an Italian castle.

In the past two years, Tongyao has been a double harvest of career and love.


However, from 2003 to 2020, Tong Yao fell down because of her feelings, but it also affected her career. In order to stand up again, she spent 17 years. In these years, she told us three truths with her own difficulties.

1. Demons are common in love, but brave women are rare

Zhang Mos violent tendency actually existed for a long time, but Tongyao, who was with him at that time, did not notice.

At that time, Tongyao once proposed to break up with Zhang Mo, but Zhang Mo refused. At the same time, Zhang Mo poured a cup of hot milk tea on Tongyao, and even threatened her that if you dare to break up, you wont have a good life.. But for Zhang Mos actions, Tong Yao didnt take them seriously, so there was a tragic ending later.

In a relationship, demons are gradually derived, and most of their indulgence comes from our connivance, so once we find their terrible side, we must be brave women, and the best way to defeat demons is to stay away from him.

2. Restart is the magic weapon to overcome setbacks

Because of the beating incident, Tong Yao suffered a heavy blow, both in his feelings, in his career and in his body and mind. What we can see is that she is blocked on the road of performing arts. What we cant see is her inner suffering.

In an interview, when the reporter asked about her emotional experience, Tong Yao changed her face and became serious. With this move, we can see that she has not let go of her past, so that she and her boyfriend chose to marry after seven years. Because she has no sense of security, it is difficult for her to establish trust in men.

But when we meet a scum man, it doesnt mean that we will meet a scum man; we have experienced a marriage change, which does not mean that every time we will be betrayed; if we choose to divorce, it does not mean that the next marriage will end

Whether it is love, marriage, life, career, only dare to start, will re open happiness.

3. Treat marriage as love

Tongyaos husband is Wang Ran, who is 17 years older than her, and is a well-known capital promoter in the financial sector. Many people say that Tongyao is for money, and Wang Ran is a rich man. Others say that Tongyao is for profit, and Wang Ran has given her a lot of resources. But in other words, if this relationship is not simple, how can it persist for seven years and finally achieve the right result?

In an interview with just 30, Tong Yao talked about feelings and said I hope girls can love as much as they like.. Because love is the best time, and only two people in love know how to maintain that love. On the contrary, after entering into marriage, we all forget to manage feelings.

We need to know that a good marriage has nothing to do with money or age. You can give me the greatest sense of security and dependence, I can give you the best trust and deep love, no matter how many years, our marriage is like a love.

At the end:

The woman who knows how to start over will always stand in the brilliant place.

We look forward to a long time to come.

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