Ma Jiajue trial chief judge Dao Wenbing is suspected of homicide, and the president of his court also has an accident

 Ma Jiajue trial chief judge Dao Wenbing is suspected of homicide, and the president of his court also has an accident

Some netizens revealed that Dao Wenbing was suspected of killing his mistress. In response, the Kunming intermediate peoples court, who originally served as Dao Wenbing, said that the case was tried by Yuxi intermediate peoples court and is still in trial, and he does not know the relevant situation.

(Chen Chang, President of Yuxi intermediate peoples court who voluntarily surrendered)

On the morning of October 21, a decision on the jurisdiction of Dao Wenbings intentional homicide, concealment and concealment of criminal gains and proceeds, illegal possession and possession of guns and ammunition triggered netizens discussion.

Surprisingly, the defendant, Dao Wenbing, was the judge who was the chief judge in the case of marquis.

In addition, Dao Wenbing has also participated in the trial of sun Xiaoguos rape, intentional injury, forced indecency of women, Zhao Zhiguos fraud case, which have a great influence in the country.

(screenshot of CCTVs report on Dao Wenbing after the judgment of Ma Jiajue case in 2004)

Although some netizens are worried about whether this is a misunderstanding caused by the same name and surname, according to the cover news report on the 21st, a staff member of Kunming intermediate peoples court responded that Dao Wenbing was taken away during his term of office.

The report also said that the reason why Dao Wenbing was taken away was suspected of killing his mistress.

In response, the Kunming intermediate peoples court replied: this case is to be tried by Yuxi intermediate peoples court designated by the provincial high court. At present, the case is still in the process of trial, and we dont know much about the relevant situation of the case..

According to public information, on June 30 this year, the second plenary session of the 28th session of the Standing Committee of the 14th Kunming Municipal Peoples Congress voted on a number of personnel appointment and removal matters, removing Dao Wenbing from the post of judge of Kunming intermediate peoples court.

(Dao Wenbing, chief judge of Ma Jiajue case)

Surprisingly, on the second day of the heated discussion on Dao Wenbing, the president of Yuxi intermediate court, who was responsible for the trial of Dao Wenbings murder case, had an accident.

According to Chen Changs resume, he came to work in Yuxi intermediate peoples Hospital in September 2015 and served as vice president and acting president in February 2016.

The details of Chen Changs suspected violation of discipline and law need to be further released by the Commission for Discipline Inspection and supervision.

(Chen Chang, President of Yuxi intermediate peoples court who voluntarily surrendered)

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Ma Jiajue really killed four people for playing cards? The real motive exposed is surprising

01. Case review

On February 23, 2004, in Dingxin campus of the school of foreign languages of Yunnan University, a student apartment gave off a strange smell. After searching, the dormitory administrator found that the cabinet in room 317 of building 6 was abnormal, and then called the police.

The suspect was directly targeted as Ma Jiajue, who had been missing for several days at that time. After that, he issued the highest level wanted order in the country, offering a reward of several hundred thousand yuan for clues.

After being arrested, Ma Jiajue confessed to the murder. On June 17, 2004, Ma Jiajue was sentenced to death for intentional homicide and compensated each family member with 20000 yuan.

Before analyzing the motive of the crime, lets first understand what kind of person Ma Jiajue is.

On May 4, 1981, Ma Jiajue was born in a poor family in Binzhou Town, Binyang City, Guangxi Province. In order to subsidize the family, Ma Jiajues mother ironed clothes for others in addition to cultivating a few acres of thin farmland to support the family.

Fortunately, Ma Jiajues academic achievements from childhood to adulthood are good. He is also very sensible. He always wants to share his parents worries. He also works very hard. When he was in high school, he won the second prize of the National Olympic physics competition and was rated as three good students in Province.

Ma Jiajue is the hope of the whole family to change their fate, so even if they sell iron and pot, they will provide him with books.

With the national student loan he applied for and the salary he earned from coolie when he was free, Ma Jiajue only got 6000 yuan from his family at the beginning of his college life, and he never asked for any money from his family in the next few years.

Once, Ma Jiajues mother accidentally lost 100 yuan, which made her very sad. She had to iron 200 pieces of clothes to make money.

How could the mother not know her sons good intentions, so she cooperated with him and beamed with joy.

On the whole, Ma Jiajue was a man of good conduct, diligent and progressive.

However, due to his long-term poverty and his natural appearance, Ma Jiajue has a strong inferiority complex. His personality is introverted, and he is used to keeping his mind under pressure. This has laid a hidden danger for future tragedies.

03. The motive that many people are familiar with

Lets take a look at the process of Ma Jiajues crime

The reason for killing them was that Ma Jiajue, Shao Ruijie and several other students were playing cards in the dormitory a few days before the crime.

In the process of playing cards, because Shao Ruijie suspected Ma Jiajue cheating, they had a quarrel. Shao Ruijie was angry: I didnt expect that even you played cards, you played fake. You are too bad. No wonder Gong Bo didnt invite you for his birthday.

What Shao Ruijie didnt expect was that this sentence hit Ma Jiajues weakness.

After he went to university, because his classmates came from all over the country, Ma Jiajue always had a stronger inferiority complex. He did not have good clothes and shoes. He was frugal every day and was out of tune with his classmates. Therefore, he had few friends and few intimate friends.

Such a person is sensitive in his heart. Shao Ruijies unintentional duty completely broke Ma Jiajues self-esteem and killed his heart.

Because in Ma Jiajues opinion, Shao Ruijie is his best friend. He even said that he did not regard him as a friend.

After his arrest, Ma Jiajue said:

So Ma Jiajue went to the thrift market to buy a hammer, prepared black plastic bags, tape paper and other things needed to deal with the body, and went to apply for a fake ID card.

Originally, Ma Jiajue only wanted to kill Shao Ruijie and Gong Bo, but Tang Xueli returned to school ahead of time and temporarily lived in Ma Jiajues 317 dormitory. In order to make his killing plan go smoothly, Ma Jiajue decided to kill Tang Xueli together.

On the evening of February 13, Ma Jiajue lifted a stone hammer and smashed Tang Xueli, who was reading a newspaper. After that, he tied the prepared plastic bag to his head to avoid blood outflow, and then hid it in the closet and locked it.

On the night of February 14, when Shao Ruijie came back, Ma Jiajue killed Shao Ruijie with the same method and locked him in the closet.

Yang kaihong was not within the scope of his killing, but on February 15, when Ma Jiajue was dealing with blood in the dormitory, Yang kaihong happened to come to him to play cards. Therefore, Ma Jiajue also killed Yang kaihong and locked his body in the closet.

On the evening of February 15, Ma Jiajue decided to deal with the final target. He came to Gong Bos dormitory and said that the 317 dormitory wanted to play cards, and there was one missing from three. Gong Bo went to the dormitory without any thought, so he was killed by Ma Jiajue.

After disposing of his body, Ma Jiajue left the scene and started to flee with his fake ID card.

Generally speaking, the motive of Ma Jiajues killing is a kind of revenge after being ridiculed. This is also the explanation that has been accepted by everyone before. But is there any other secret? His three slip of mouth at the scene of the trial revealed his real motive for killing.

04. Professor Li Meijin has another motive

As a professor of the peoples Public Security University of China, Li Meijin has been engaged in the research of criminal psychology for a long time, and has conducted detailed investigation on many cases, including the case of Ma Jiajue.

Ma Jiajue is a very honest and traditional man at ordinary times. However, he likes sports and is smart, so he cant be regarded as a very introverted person. He has obvious characteristics of careful planning and premeditation in the whole process of committing crimes.

The scene was quite clean. Every coffin was sealed with newspaper. The lock on the outside was now installed. Inside was a corpse wrapped in a plastic bag.

The crime lasted as long as three days. For such a long time, even if he was drunk, he would wake up. If it was a temporary emotion, he should be relieved. Therefore, he was a murder, belonging to the nature of extermination, rather than the emotional impulse to kill. This kind of crime has the problem of depression, and being provoked by playing cards is just a fuse.

So, what shady things does Ma Jiajue want to cover up?

It is understood that Ma Jiajue once bought a second-hand computer. According to him, it is to play games and have a common topic with his classmates. Usually, he will be generous to give the computer to students to play.

During the winter vacation, Ma Jiajue generally does not go home, saying that he is looking for a part-time job, but there are always breaks. At this time, Ma Jiajue, who is alone in the dormitory, is very likely to watch some bad films through the computer.

Seeing more, naturally there is a demand, but Ma Jiajue has no girlfriend in school. Professor Li Meijin once asked a reporter who had a thorough understanding of the case and asked him did Ma Jiajue have sex during the winter vacation?

Yes, many times, he said

The traditional and stubborn Ma Jiajue takes this secret very seriously, and his best Shao Ruijie may also know this secret. Because of the unintentional dispute in playing cards, Ma Jiajue thinks that the other party has told the secret to other people, and then he starts to kill himself in shame.

In order to keep this secret, the best way is to kill the mouth.

Lin Feng, another roommate who was let go by him, was one of the reasons that the other party cared about Ma Jiajue and gave him food when he needed it. The second reason was that Lin Feng didnt know the secret.

Because he felt that only those three people knew his secret. Yang kaihong was not in his plan. He just happened to break in during the crime.

This motive is more credible than the low-level killing of poverty. Because the four classmates and families that Marquis has harmed are poorer than him, there is no possibility that the poor laugh at the poor.

Of course, he was born poor and looked a little ugly, which really made people feel inferior. Ma Jiajues roommates basically talked about their girlfriends, but he was single all the time. A large part of the reason was because of his appearance.

He once wrote a love letter carefully and handed it to his favorite girl. As a result, the other party tore the love letter to pieces in public. After that, Ma Jiajue never showed any positive emotion. He always felt that he was unworthy.

On the whole, the case of Ma Jiajue is quite tragic. Five college students were destroyed at the same time. For poor families, it is too difficult to cultivate a college student. Five families are also destroyed together.

The root cause of the tragedy is that Ma Jiajue failed to deal with his psychological problems. No matter what the truth is, he is always an unforgivable bad man.

Ma Jiajue is indeed a hateful man, but he is also very pitiful. When he wore prison uniform at the scene of the trial and said, this is the best dress I have ever worn in my life, it was heartbreaking.

When the chief justice asked him what property he had, he said, I only have an old computer, and my daily living expenses are all dependent on the state student loan.

Poverty once made Ma Jiajue work hard, but also left a deep mark on him. This brand is you dont deserve it.

No friends, no girlfriends, no decent life

I hope such a tragedy will not happen again. Lets pay more attention to those vulnerable groups around us, do not discriminate against them, and be more kind.

What do you think of this matter? Do you agree with Professor Li Meijin?

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Two presidents of the court surrendered on the same day