Ministry of Public Security: relax the age limit for small car drivers license

 Ministry of Public Security: relax the age limit for small car drivers license

Pilot private cars registered with identity cards, and the provincial offices of the province. In the 12 provinces (autonomous regions), the pilot operation of the non operating small mini buses is carried out. The registration of new cars in different places in the provinces registered residence is carried out by the provincial residents. The applicant can apply directly with the resident identity card, without requiring to submit a residence permit or residence registration certificate, so as to facilitate the registration of car buying in different places in the province, and boost the provincial economy. Economic integration development. After the implementation of this measure, it will benefit 1 million car owners registered in different places in the province every year.

For the second-hand car export enterprises that purchase motor vehicles for export, the transfer registration procedures shall be simplified, and the temporary driving vehicle license plate can be directly applied for without issuing the official license plate; if the vehicle is purchased from other places, the temporary driving vehicle number plate can be directly applied for at the registration place of the motor vehicle, without returning to the enterprises location for processing, which is the second-hand car export We should create a convenient environment to stimulate the vitality of the domestic automobile consumption market and boost the steady growth of foreign trade.

u2014u2014We will further promote streamlining administration and delegating powers. We should adhere to the combination of release and management, constantly optimize the conditions and procedures for licensing and certification, constantly expand the coverage of urban and rural traffic management services, better serve the public and market players, better serve the rural revitalization, and tackle key poverty alleviation strategies. Namely:

Expand the scope of inspection exemption for motor vehicles. On the basis of the exemption of non operating minibuses with less than six seats within six years, seven to nine non operating minibuses (excluding minibuses) within six years will be included in the scope of inspection exemption. For non operating minibuses (except minibuses), the inspection shall be adjusted from once a year to once every two years for more than 6 years but less than 10 years. More than 170 million private car owners will enjoy the convenience brought by the reform. If a vehicle is punished according to law in case of a traffic accident involving casualties or illegal refitting, the vehicle shall still be inspected periodically according to the original provisions to ensure the safety performance of the vehicle.

In order to better adapt to the new needs of aging society, the age limit of 70 years old for driving license of small cars, small automatic transmission vehicles and mopeds will be cancelled. For those who are over 70 years old and obtain driving license, the ability tests of memory, judgment and reaction ability shall be increased to ensure that the physical conditions meet the requirements of safe driving.

We will optimize the application conditions for large and medium-sized passenger and truck drivers license. The lower age limit for applying for driving license of large passenger cars and tractors is reduced from 26 and 24 to 22, and the upper limit of applying for driving license of large and medium-sized passenger and freight cars is adjusted from 50 to 60. At the same time, the time interval of increasing driving should be shortened. For those who apply for driving license of large-scale bus without corresponding full score record of scoring cycle, the drivers license of large-scale truck shall be shortened from at least 5 years to 3 years; for those applying for driving license of tractor and medium-sized bus, it shall be shortened from at least 3 years to 2 years, so as to further meet the needs of mass production and living and passenger and freight transportation enterprises.

Expand the scope of medical institutions for physical examination. For those who need to submit the certificate of physical conditions to apply for motor vehicle drivers license, medical institutions for physical examination shall be expanded from medical institutions at county level or above the regimental level to hospitals above grade II, township hospitals, community health service centers, health examination centers and other medical institutions meeting the health examination qualifications Improve the coverage of services in rural and remote areas, and facilitate the people of counties and townships to handle the service nearby.

It is convenient for disabled families to share vehicles. For those who hold a small automatic transmission car drivers license (C2) or above, they can drive a small automatic passenger car for the disabled in the upper limbs, so as to facilitate the sharing of vehicles by family members of the disabled and other personnel serving the disabled, so as to better protect the rights and interests of the disabled.

u2014u2014Further deepen online service. We should optimize the experience of the masses, and use the traffic data to serve the peoples livelihood, the economy of energy and security, and constantly improve the service level of Internet plus traffic management, and implement the information inquiry and prompt service of road transportation enterprises. Namely:

First, through the Internet traffic safety integrated service management platform, it can push traffic safety risk early warning tips to road transport enterprises, and provide information service for querying traffic violations and accidents of motor vehicles and drivers of the enterprise, so as to facilitate enterprises to strengthen source safety management, strengthen driver safety education, prevent and reduce enterprise operation risks;

Second, through the traffic management 12123 app, drivers can query and download the records of traffic liability accidents, changes of permitted driving models, traffic violations and full marks, so as to facilitate the production and use of electronic certificates of traffic safety records in their employment, employment and other production and life, so as to promote their awareness of honesty and law-abiding;

The third is to promote the sharing of compulsory motor vehicle insurance information between the public security traffic management department and the banking and insurance regulatory department. In the pilot area, the motor vehicle compulsory insurance information is checked online when the motor vehicle registration is carried out, and the applicant does not need to submit the paper certificate of motor vehicle traffic compulsory insurance.

In recent years, Chinas motor vehicles and drivers maintain a high growth trend. By the end of September 2020, the number of motor vehicles in China has reached 365 million, and the number of drivers has reached 450 million. The Ministry of public security adheres to the people as the center, highlights the problem orientation and public opinion guidance. On the basis of the reform of vehicle inspection, driving test and license plate management, the Ministry of public security has successively launched four batches of 42 items of public security traffic management release and management service reform measures since 2018, benefiting more than 800 million person times, and reducing the cost of handling affairs by more than 40 billion yuan for mass enterprises. In particular, in the critical period of fighting the new crown epidemic, we opened a green channel, implemented the emergency prevention and control vehicle license plate urgent and convenient processing, implemented the mass examination and certificate collection delayed processing, allowing the lack of handling, handled 66000 urgent business, and the online office business increased by 200% year-on-year, and fully guaranteed the epidemic prevention and control and resumption of work.

The new measures will be implemented from November 20, 2020. In order to ensure the smooth start and accurate implementation of the new measures, the Traffic Management Bureau of the Ministry of public security has formulated supporting systems and specifications, organized the upgrading of information systems, and deployed the public security and traffic management departments in various regions to prepare for implementation. Li Jiangping, director of the Traffic Management Bureau of the Ministry of public security, said that in the next step, supervision and supervision will be strengthened, and the implementation of the reform will be carried out to ensure the effectiveness of the reform in benefiting the people and enterprises, making it more convenient for the masses to handle affairs and enterprises to conduct business. At the same time, we will extensively listen to the opinions of all walks of life, continuously deepen the reform of public security traffic management release, management and service, and continue to introduce more reform measures to benefit the people and enterprises.

Cancellation of 70 year old age limit for small car drivers license