UNIQLO makes 3000 level amusement park in Japan, with ladder design leading to the roof

 UNIQLO makes 3000 level amusement park in Japan, with ladder design leading to the roof

UNIQLOs new store is a pure white step-by-step building, located in Yokohama, Japan. It has three floors and covers an area of 3000 square meters. It is the only UNIQLO theme park in the world. Its design skillfully uses the roof area which is difficult to use, prolongs the time for people to play here, and expands the use area of the building.

The theme park built by UNIQLO can be said to be a paradise for children. It has set up rock climbing area, trampoline area, slide area and other entertainment facilities for children to play.

Rock climbing area. Colorful rock climbing fulcrum shapes are different, like pieces of candy falling from the world, in the pure white wall appears more colorful.

There are several different patterns of this climbing wall. The bottom color of chocolate is matched with the black and red climbing fulcrum to show its uniqueness. Next to the glass box is the entrance to the mall.

Staircase area. Pure white and light yellow staircase design simple and generous, thick rubber pad to ensure the safety of children.

Trampoline area. The red net line trampoline is full of modeling feeling and looks dazzling. The children climb the Internet line, and the center is the trampoline. This kind of design seems to be a little dangerous, but little did you know that the climbing wall in Japanese kindergartens is standard. Parents hope to cultivate their childrens independent character and really learn how to protect themselves.

Indoor is UNIQLOs offline store, but there are also many childrens places indoors. This green wisdom game space symbolizes the childrens vigorous vitality and imagination.

There is a huge blackboard wall, covered with a variety of colorful educational toys, children can imagine any shape, it is the childrens intelligence development factory~

There is also a popular science wall at the staircase, but it is not simply to write the content on the wall directly, but to design a small door for each knowledge. Only by opening the small door can we see the answers hidden in the back. This completely satisfies the natural curiosity of children! Teaching in fun~

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