Whell defines a new way to travel

 Whell defines a new way to travel

(above) whells booth at CMEF is also the first public appearance of whell in the Chinese market

In 2014, the first Intelligent Scooter model a was officially launched in Japan. With its excellent performance and excellent design, the follow-up model C successfully opened the European, American and other Asian markets. Whiles products are highly recognized in terms of original design and original technology, and its series of products have won many international awards. For example, modelc has won the best award of German red dot award, and has been shortlisted for the good design award, German if design award in 2017, and other design awards at home and abroad in Japan.

The above left picture shows the original products of whill

(picture on the right above) shows many awards won by the world hall design award and electronic technology award of whill products

The CMEFs model C2 Intelligent Scooter was fully launched on the Chinese market on September 28, and its continuous driving distance has increased from 16km of the previous generation of model C to 18km. By adjusting the position of the rear brake light and increasing the number of tail lights, it can be easily identified even when the backpack is hanging behind, so as to realize safe driving at night. In addition, through the angle adjustment of the side arm, it can easily ride from the front or side of the car body, which reflects the comprehensive safety design and convenience of riding comfort, convenient operation, safe and convenient riding.

Although whell was the first to show CMEF, there was an endless stream of visitors in front of the exhibition stand, and the on-site experience received constant praise. The staff also demonstrated the functions of model C2, the latest product of whill. The figure on the left below shows the staff controlling the model C2 Intelligent Scooter with their mobile phones, and the figure on the right shows the visitors how to overcome the rough road and provide safe driving.

In this exhibition, whirl also received in-depth interviews from Oriental satellite TV and Beijing Satellite TV. In the interview, the market leader of whirl not only talked about the vision of products landing in Chinas new market, but also expressed the mission and goal of whirl. In 2020, due to the outbreak of new type of coronary pneumonia, the number of people using public transport has been greatly reduced. While the operation frequency of trains and buses has been reduced, Intelligent Scooter travel has begun to attract attention. Nowadays, about one third of the elderly are not easy to walk on their own. Whillc2 is the best solution for whell to provide better travel for such people. At the same time, WHILLs automatic driving system has attracted much attention in the world. It is expected that the intelligent travel service of WHILL will provide the greatest degree of comfort and convenience for all the people with mobility problems.

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