Here comes the electric Humvee: James endorsement / 1000 horsepower / 3 seconds

 Here comes the electric Humvee: James endorsement / 1000 horsepower / 3 seconds

In terms of appearance, it still continues the overall design style of the old Hummer. The through daytime running lights enhance the sense of science and technology of the whole vehicle. The combination of 35 inch Goodyear herdsman (parameter picture) allterritorymt tire and 18 inch wheel hub highlights a bit of wildness. The adaptive air suspension can be increased by 149mm at most. The vehicle is also equipped with protective armor and dual cameras.

Entering the car, the 12.3-inch instrument panel and 13.4-inch central control panel are definitely one of the highlights. At the same time, a large number of gold metal materials also make the cockpit look quite luxurious. In addition, the car is equipped with a general-purpose super cruise automatic driving assistance system, and a maximum of 18 on-board cameras can be selected.

In terms of power, the first model is equipped with a universal ultiumdrive electric drive system. The three motors can output a maximum torque of 15583nm and a maximum power of 1014 horsepower. The acceleration time is about 3 seconds at 0-96 km / h. the EPA has a range of more than 350 miles (about 563 km). If it is charged for 10 minutes at 800 V, it can achieve a range of 160 km. In addition, the e4wd four-wheel drive also supports crabwalk In this mode, the new car can move along the diagonal line and realize the large angle rotation of the front and rear wheels at low speed.

According to the current GMCs plan, the new car will launch Hummer ev3x (delivered in autumn 2022) with a price of $99995 (about 667500 yuan), a hummerev2x version with a price of $89995 (about 600800 yuan) and a hummerev2 Version (delivered in autumn of 2024) with a price of $79995 (about 534000 yuan).

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