Lingke 01 Global Editions initial pre-sale: 208800-238800

 Lingke 01 Global Editions initial pre-sale: 208800-238800

Pre sale rights and interests

The first car owners lifelong three free service: lifelong free warranty, lifelong free road rescue and lifelong free data flow. PHEV users enjoy lifelong free battery warranty and lifelong free charging rights at designated locations.

Pre sale models

The new car offers three models: Jin halo (2.0tdt5-8atawd), night version (2.0tdt5-8atawd), phevhalo (1.5td-7dcth), with pre-sale prices of 208800, 210800 and 238800 respectively. Among them, the dark version adds 20 inch smoky wheel hub and other dark night suits on the basis of strong halo.

[new car knowledge] New

The front split headlamp unit of the new car has been redesigned, and can be selected as the design of the North Pole daylight lamp.

* body size fine adjustment

More intelligent interconnection and security

* electrodeless atmosphere system

The new car is equipped with an endless atmosphere system which can display 16 million colors to light up a wonderful life.

* two color sports seat

3. power supply fuel and PHEV

The new link 01 Global Edition provides two versions, namely, 2.0T model and 1.5T plug-in hybrid model;

* 2.0T model (drive-e2.0td): equipped with drive-e2.0tdtt5-8at, maximum 254 horsepower, 350n u00b7 m; matching with Aisin 8-speed automatic transmission.

* PHEV (drive-e dual engine technology): equipped with plug-in hybrid system based on 1.5T three cylinder engine, matching 7dct-h wet dual clutch transmission; pure electric range of 81km, comprehensive fuel consumption of 1.4l/100km, and support 4 + 1 multiple driving modes.

* bog Warner 5th generation intelligent 4WD: the new car is equipped with bog Warner 5th generation intelligent 4WD, providing four driving modes.