Tmall original design 2.0: carry out the platform to the end and lift the users water level from the source

 Tmall original design 2.0: carry out the platform to the end and lift the users water level from the source

By the end of 2019, tmall fashion accessories will be launched into the original designer business circle project, which is based on the consumption big data portrait of generation Z people. According to this order, the aesthetic upgrade actually takes place after the b-end and the C-end. As the intermediate platform, tmall will further clarify this track. This is an upgrade of platform thinking: in the digital era, e-commerce platform is not only a simple intermediate link, but also a reverse remodeling of b-end and positive amplification of a more clear set of supply-demand relationship at C-end.

How much commercial value does the original designer business circle have? Besides commercial value, what value is there?

1. Definition: let young people define beauty

The greatest value is to let young people define beauty, which is the aesthetic value. Further, young people have found a way to define new consumption, which is business value.

As a channel connecting brands and young consumers, tmall has accumulated a lot of secrets in its data. It is through big data that young people and generation Z prefer luggage products with personality, design sense and originality.

At the end of 2019, tmall fashion accessories industry officially entered the original design brand, attracting original designers to join the track. Relying on tmalls advantages in big data technology and integrated marketing, the original design brands were expanded into independent tracks. General manager of tmall fashion accessories, Cheng Hua, said, we will create a world-class fashion brand born in China.

General manager of tmall fashion accessories

Grasping the trend and pain point, tmalls original and cutting-edge brand quickly realized the value amplification.

In the luggage category of tmall fashion accessories industry, at least 8 brands have a monthly sales volume of more than 1 million within 3 months. Over 50 original brands have an average year-on-year growth of 200%, and the customer unit price of original design brands is 140% higher than that of the industry. So far, the cumulative annual turnover of 5 brands has exceeded 30 million, the annual turnover of 15 brands has exceeded 10 million, and the annual turnover of 26 brands has exceeded 10 million Over 5 million.

Gu liangjiji is an original fashion bag brand jointly operated by a couple. Gu Liang, one of the managers, said, which year will be the first year of Chinese designer bag brand? I think it will be this year. Thank tmall for leading us into this era.

Laurence & Chico, the original brand, had been making efforts in overseas and offline markets before. Under the epidemic situation, the market in the past was seriously shrinking, which coincided with the opportunity of tmalls original designer project, so it turned to tmall and opened its flagship store. Brand positioning to take the high-end line, the highest single price of more than 5000 yuan. Chico, one of the brand designers, revealed that at the beginning, he just wanted to have a try, and his ideal state was as long as he didnt lose money.

One of the directors of Laurence & Chico, Chico

The results were unexpected. When there are thousands of fans in the store, the sales volume brought by high conversion rate exceeds the expectation. What makes more original brands of tmall surpass expectations is the industrial efficiency - online business greatly shortens the time cycle of brand growth, and the period of top-notch goods creation is shortened from 2 months to 15 days.

Quick response, high efficiency, in line with the attitude of young people. In the track of the original designer brand, there are young people at both ends of BC, which is precisely their aesthetic boundary in the context of new consumption.

From the perspective of tmall, the high growth of original designer brand is the embodiment of natural value under the background of consumption upgrading. The scale of fashion accessories market has exceeded 90 billion, and the annual growth rate is more than 30%.

As the maker and promoter of the track, tmall has a lot to do. The first thing to bear the brunt is to grasp the pain points of the industry growth, and further empower the brand with the help of tmalls supply chain and marketing IP, so as to boost the energy and rise to the top in this years double ten one.

In terms of design attitude and design energy, they are full of standards. But from the industrial point of view, the new brand is in the initial stage, just as the connotation of aesthetics is not only beautiful, the connotation of original brand is not only design. In the 1.0 stage, there are some pain points that need to be improved, such as production capacity, performance time, service, customer complaints, etc. especially with the expansion of the industry scale, more young people flow in, and the pressure bearing capacity of the brand needs to be further improved and consolidated.

In terms of production capacity, tmall fashion accessories are connected with the intelligent supply chain of kairun group, Dejin group and Ali economy. The value of new intelligent manufacturing as an ecological energy niche is reflected at this time.

Therefore, for designers of original brands and new young consumers, this year is positioned as the first year of original design, worthy of the name.

At the same time, combined with the landmark home page content revision recently completed by hand Taobao, tmall fashion accessories will also focus on content marketing, including short video operation, live broadcast of talent co branding and other station content matrix, such as small black box designer new product, global fashion, daily good store, brand dynamic, hot list, experience tab, good goods, trend top goods and other channels to thoroughly release the original Brand new consumption potential.

This year is the first year for many original brands to participate in double 11, which is not only an opportunity but also a big test. Tmall fashion accessories plans to create three brands of more than 20 million and 10 more than 10 million brands of bags and bags during the double 11 period, with an overall increment of over 200 million yuan, so as to make more original brands out of the circle, define aesthetic upgrading, and boost consumption upgrading. Source: editor in charge of mass news: Chen Tiqiang_ NB6485

This year is the first year for many original brands to participate in double 11, which is not only an opportunity but also a big test.