Mercedes Maybach GLS or Guangzhou Auto Show

 Mercedes Maybach GLS or Guangzhou Auto Show

Model background

On the eve of the 2014 Guangzhou auto show, Mercedes Benz officially announced that it would reorganize and integrate the old German super luxury brand, Maybach, into its sub brand, and named it Mercedes mebach. It mainly focuses on super luxury test run, and its first product Mercedes mebach S-class was officially released. After six years, Maybach S-class has already had a high sales volume and reputation in the global market; and the GLS class of Maybach will further promote the SUV family.

2. The body length is 5205mm and the wheelbase is up to 3135mm. The exclusive Maybach brand logo is embossed on the front / rear / wheel hub and other positions. With the exclusive two-color paint of Maybach, the distinguished identity of this brand-new model is always displayed.

4. Maybachs exclusive 22 or 23 inch wheel hub is designed with slender and delicate spokes, and the chrome plated B-pillar is noble and elegant. Two through chrome plated trim strips are matched with two-stage LED tail lights, with rectangular chrome plated exhaust pipe and chrome plated rear guard.

3. The tilt angle of the back of the double independent administrative chair in the rear row can reach up to 43.5 degrees, and the maximum rear leg space can reach 1.34 meters. The thermostatic cup holder and storage box hidden under the wood trim cover of the center console can place the original silver champagne goblet.

4. The standard rear row exclusive package includes a mobile 7-inch Android system tablet computer, which can be used to control the mbux intelligent machine interaction system, as well as the rear comfort components and automatic air conditioning.

5. The rear seat entertainment system includes two 11.6-inch touch screens, and Chinas exclusive application box can download streaming media, music, games, social networking, news, etc. through Baidu assistant car version.

* configuration information

1. When an impending side impact is detected, the preventive safety system with adaptive side impact protection can make the driver and front passenger move towards the center of the vehicle away from the door, and inflate the lateral support air chamber.

2. The traffic congestion assistance system will activate the active stop and go assist function on the expressway or urban road with the intelligent pilot distance limit function on and the speed is lower than 60km / h, which can automatically slow down, brake or start to accelerate.

3. When the activation speed of active lane change assistance system is reduced to 60km / h, the driver only needs to touch the turn signal, and the system will check the possibility of lane change to the adjacent lane, and display it in the instrument panel and head up display.

1. It is equipped with 4.0-liter V8 engine and 48 V intelligent motor. The maximum output power of gasoline engine is 410kw, the peak torque is 730n u00b7 m, the rated power of motor is 16kw, the peak torque is 250N u00b7 m, and the acceleration time of 100km is only 4.9s.

2. The intelligent magic body control system can independently control the spring and suspension damping characteristics of each wheel. With the innovative road scanning function and steering balance mode, the comfortable and smooth driving experience can be upgraded to a new level.

3. The exclusive Maybach driving mode can adjust the engine and gearbox. With the help of the help system, when the vehicle is deep in the sand or snow, the suspension will automatically and efficiently rise and decrease repeatedly, so as to enhance the tires grip.