Qingyun technology 2020 national tour in Nanjing ends, cloud power boosts digital transformation of ancient capital of Six Dynasties

 Qingyun technology 2020 national tour in Nanjing ends, cloud power boosts digital transformation of ancient capital of Six Dynasties

Shen ou, vice president of Qingyun qingcloud solutions and architecture

The sudden attack of Xinguan epidemic in 2020 has brought great impact on the operation and development of enterprises. Cloud technology has played an important role in this epidemic, providing enterprises with computing, storage, network and other resources needed for epidemic prevention and control and returning to work online, as well as digital office applications. The strong performance of cloud computing makes more and more enterprises realize the importance of digital transformation. Enterprises and guests at the event actively share their views and explore the digital future after going to the cloud.

As the ancient capital of the Six Dynasties, Nanjing is one of the most international cities with the longest history in China. It has gathered many enterprises such as manufacturing, trade, finance and informatization. Nowadays, with the evolution of digital trend, Nanjing has issued the three-year action plan for digital economic development (2020-2022), which proposes to take digital industrialization, industrial digitization, digital governance as the main line, and digital Nanjing construction to promote the economic and social development of digital butterfly transformation, and strive to build a world-class digital economy city. According to the monitoring and estimation of Nanjing Bureau of industry and information technology, the revenue of cloud computing related industries in the city will be about 85 billion yuan in 2019, with a year-on-year growth of about 15%. The development of cloud computing industry in Nanjing is in a leading position in Jiangsu and even the whole Jiangnan region.

During the exhibition, Qingyun qingcloud has brought the latest upgraded technology products and solutions for Nanjing enterprises, including qingstor, an application-oriented kubesphere container hybrid cloud solution, green cube super integration, cloud edge network integration solution and digital office platform workly.ai To fully empower Nanjing and Jiangnan Regional enterprise IT architecture upgrading, business process optimization, cost reduction and efficiency and business model innovation.

With the completion of Nanjing Station Tour, Qingyun qingcloud2020 national tour is announced to be closed. Through the tour of five major regions in China centered on Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Xian, Shanghai and Nanjing, Qingyun qingcloud has conducted in-depth communication with key enterprises in the whole country, fully understand the actual business needs of enterprises, share the latest cloud computing products and solutions, comprehensively reconstruct the core competitiveness of enterprises in digital, embrace the wave of new infrastructure with enterprises, and build together The new future of digital economy.