Israels realistic Utopia has been in existence for 100 years

 Israels realistic Utopia has been in existence for 100 years

The old man in the picture, named Reuben, has lived on a collective farm for 40 years. When he finished his military service, he lived here with his wife and raised his children here. Reuben was assigned a 90 square meter three bedroom house. After his children grew up and moved away, he and his wife continued to live here.

White walls, wooden furniture with green plants, so that the space appears simple and warm. The living room is full of light, without too much furniture and decoration, but it gives people a sense of comfort.

Although the house has a small kitchen, Reuben said they usually eat in the community canteen and rarely cook by themselves.

Residents living on collective farms dont have their own cars, but they can borrow them for free.

There is a special car rental system in the community. You only need to make an appointment on the system to rent a car.

All the residents in the collective farm need to work. The community provides them with all kinds of jobs, such as farms and factories. Of course, they can also work in the urban areas, but their wages are all distributed by the community. In addition, the farm will pay taxes and buy insurance for its members. If there are additional medical expenses, the farm will also pay for it. And members can also enjoy the benefits provided by the government.

For more details of the collective farms in Israel, please check the atlas below~