Taiwans defense chief continues to float: Tsai ing Wens mobilization order 450000 people become the main force

 Taiwans defense chief continues to float: Tsai ing Wens mobilization order 450000 people become the main force

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According to the China time news network, Yan Defa went to the Legislative Yuan foreign affairs and national defense committee to give a special report and prepare questions on the topic of enhancing the reserve combat capacity. Lin changzuo, a non Party member of Taiwans legislator, asked about the mobilization and assembly of Taiwans reserve forces. Yan Defa said that if Tsai ing Wens mobilization order was given, about 260000 reserve soldiers would have to report for duty. With 185000 active military personnel, a total of about 450000 people would be the main force of the first time defense operations.

Some people joked that each person is assigned a broom and a keyboard? 100000 keyboards, 100000 soldiers! 1450 keyboard soldiers are ready

According to Yan Defas claim that 450000 people will be the main force of the first time defense operations, some netizens directly ridiculed, there are also 450000 people in the main force of surrender in the first time.

Some people say, where did you get the first time? I just got stuck in traffic jams and got dizzy.

Some netizens questioned the combat effectiveness of 450000 people, do not need to return to the furnace for retraining after the call of reserve soldiers? Lets have a look at it once!


Will PLA aircraft appear during the Taiwan military exercise? Taiwans Defense Department confirmed that it sent UAVs this time

Qiu Shuhua also said that compared with the data of last year and the year before last, it can be found that the frequency of PLA military aircraft and warships appearing near Taiwan this year has increased by more than 50%, which has become normal..

Recently, the freedom times frequently hyped the news of PLA military aircraft activities around Taiwan. The Liberty Times reported on the morning of October 22 that according to broadcast and track records, PLA military aircraft invaded Taiwans southwest airspace at 7:10 a.m. today (22nd), with altitudes of 2300 and 3000 meters (m), and Taiwans air force was on guard in the air as usual and broadcast driven away.

According to the shooting notice released by the Taiwan military at the end of September, Taiwans naval command conducted exercises in the southwest airspace this month. The range is in the recent frequent disturbing area of PLA military aircraft, with altitudes of 5000 feet to 13000 feet (1 foot is about 0.3 meters), which is also the altitude of PLA antisubmarine aircraft. The dates are 9, 22 and 27 respectively. According to the report, although the military denies the connection, it still arouses heated discussion among many military fans.

At a regular press conference of the Ministry of national defense on September 24, senior colonel Tan Kefei, deputy director of the information bureau of the Ministry of defense and spokesman of the Ministry of national defense, said that Taiwan is an inseparable part of China. The PLAs practice in the Taiwan Strait area shows its determination and ability to defend national sovereignty and territorial integrity, and is aimed at the interference of external forces and a very small number of Taiwan independence separatists and their separatist activities. Regardless of the safety and well-being of the vast majority of Taiwan compatriots, the Taiwan Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) authorities continue to stir up confrontation between the two sides of the Taiwan Strait and carry out provocations of seeking independence, endangering the peace and stability of the Taiwan Strait. This plot is doomed to fail. If the Taiwan independence separatist forces dare to separate Taiwan from China in any name and in any way, we will resolutely defeat it at all costs.

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[global network reporter Zhao Youping, Li Dongyao, Xu Luming] several Taiwan media said this morning that the U.S. State Department has approved the sale of three weapons to Taiwan, including the hippocampus high mobility rocket launcher system, the standoff Precision Strike Missile slam-er, and the new Reconnaissance Pod of the F-16 fighter, with a total value of about $181.3 billion. Taiwans United News Network said that Yan Defa, head of Taiwans Defense Department, boasted during a question in Taiwans legislature this morning that two of the weapons could reach the mainland coast.

According to Taiwans United News Network and Hong Kongs China review service, Taiwans Legislative Yuan and foreign affairs and National Defense Commission today (22nd) invited Yan Defa to report enhancing the reserve combat capacity of the national army and prepare questions. When Luo Zhizheng, a legislator of the Democratic Progressive Party, inquired about the Precision Strike Missile slam-er outside the defense zone, and how long the range is, Yan Defa said that the range was 270 km. When Luo asked if he could reach outside the mainlands firepower network, Yan Defa said that it depends on how to use it. Luo Zhizheng also asked whether it was possible to hit the coast of the mainland. Yan de claimed that of course it is possible to hit the coast of the mainland, with the ability and determination to defend itself..

The United States has successively approved arms sales to Taiwan. Netizens on the island ridiculed the DPP authorities on the 22nd that when a doorkeeper, he has to be fed with clenbuterol, and he has to spend his own money to buy weapons. Whats the matter? to be an American colony, you dont have to buy so many (weapons) .

There are also criticisms that there is no money to pay health insurance premiums, but also desperate to buy arms!

Some people also question that the US arms sales to Taiwan are outdated, is Taiwan rich? Can anyone use it? The U.S. sells expired military readiness weapons for their arms dealers Buy it as an antique?

On October 13, in response to news that the US State Council has approved the sale of three sets of weapons and equipment to Taiwan, foreign ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian said at a regular press conference of the Ministry of foreign affairs that the US arms sales to Taiwan seriously violate the one China principle and the three Sino US joint communiques, especially the provisions of the August 17 communique, seriously interfere in Chinas internal affairs and seriously damage Chinas sovereignty and security interests Benefit. China firmly opposes this.

Zhao Li insisted that China urges the US side to fully recognize the serious harm of the US arms sales to Taiwan issue, abide by the one China principle and the provisions of the three Sino US joint communiques, immediately cancel any arms sales plan to Taiwan, and stop arms sales to Taiwan and military ties between the United States and Taiwan. China will respond appropriately and necessarily according to the development of the situation.