Taking the case as a reference | in order to satisfy the high consumption of his girlfriend, the staff of a Beijing hospital embezzled and bribed 700000 yuan

 Taking the case as a reference | in order to satisfy the high consumption of his girlfriend, the staff of a Beijing hospital embezzled and bribed 700000 yuan

Wu, a 30-year-old employee of a designated hospital of medical insurance in Beijing, was accused by the public prosecution of corruption and bribery. Wu said that it was love that blinded his eyes. What kind of love made Wu go astray?

In 2013, after graduating from a Medical University, Wu successfully entered the medical department of a hospital in Beijing to deal with medical disputes. Wus sincere work attitude has been recognized by colleagues and leaders. In 2017, in the fourth year of Wus work, he found a loophole in the units supervision.

It is understood that after disputes between patients and hospitals, the main way to solve them is to consult with the Beijing Municipal Peoples Mediation Committee for medical disputes. The medical adjustment Commission will determine the amount of compensation according to the cases and other materials provided by both parties. Wus job is to represent the hospital and patients, negotiate in the medical adjustment Commission, and report the final mediation results to the hospital.

In order to make the hospital believe it to be true and successfully defraud the public funds, Wu also bought the false seal of relevant departments online, forged the mediation amount issued by the medical adjustment Commission, and even directly fabricated medical disputes that did not exist at all, in an attempt to hide the truth from the world.

After repeatedly obtaining compensation, Wus selfish desire expanded. In 2018, Wu participated in a medical dispute lawsuit on behalf of the hospital, accepted bribes from the family members of patients, and privately conducted mediation on behalf of the hospital and the plaintiff. In December 2019, colleagues found a fake seal engraved by Wu, and Wus behavior was exposed.

According to the investigation, Wu took advantage of his position to tamper with the mediation plan and fabricate medical disputes, obtaining compensation of more than 660000 yuan and accepting bribes of more than 100000 yuan. In June 2020, Dongcheng procuratorate brought a public prosecution to the court with Wu suspected of corruption and bribery.

According to Wus confession, in 2017, he made a girlfriend. In order to please his girlfriend, Wu began to artificially improve his quality of life. High grade catering, domestic and foreign tourism, special car travel, has become the label of Wus high-quality life, and all these, for the ordinary family background, working class, he is simply not satisfied.

In addition to the more than 700000 stolen money involved in the case, Wu also mortgaged the house and borrowed a lot of foreign debts. Zhang Xue, a prosecutor of the Dongcheng District Procuratorate in Beijing, said that Wus parents were employees of public institutions and had retired. Now, in order to help his son, his mother began to go out to do odd jobs. His father borrowed money everywhere. They not only had to repay the stolen money for Wu, but also to repay the loan debt.

Zhang Xue, the undertaker, said that Wu should have been conscientious on the road of life, but for the sake of his own selfish desires, he pursued extravagant love life, and finally embarked on the road of corruption.

Prosecutor Zhang Xue said that in this case, there was only one person in charge of the medical dispute case involving the hospital, which indicated that the supervision of the hospital work was not strict, which also created conditions for Wu to commit the crime. After the verdict was pronounced, Dongcheng procuratorate sent a procuratorial proposal to the hospital involved, suggesting that it should interpret the law in a case, improve the system, and avoid the recurrence of similar incidents.