12 new traffic control measures will be implemented on November 20, and there will be no upper age limit for driving test

 12 new traffic control measures will be implemented on November 20, and there will be no upper age limit for driving test

The reporter learned from the Ministry of public security that in recent years, Chinas motor vehicles and drivers have maintained a high growth trend. By the end of September 2020, the number of motor vehicles in China has reached 365 million and the number of drivers has reached 450 million. The Ministry of public security adheres to the people as the center, highlights the problem orientation and public opinion guidance. On the basis of the reform of vehicle inspection, driving test and license plate management, since 2018, the Ministry of public security has successively launched four batches of 42 items of public security traffic control release management service reform measures, which have benefited more than 800 million person times, and reduced the cost of handling affairs for mass enterprises by more than 40 billion yuan.

National general examination for motorcycle driving license

Liu Yupeng, deputy director of the traffic administration of the Ministry of public security, said that in recent years, the Ministry of public security has launched national general inspection of motorcycles and new vehicle exemption measures, which greatly facilitates the work and life of urban and rural motorcycles in different places. At present, 1.42 million motorcycles have been inspected in different places, and 7.664 million motorcycles enjoy the policy of exemption from new vehicles, reducing the cost of mass transportation and vehicle inspection by about 1billion yuan. With the rapid development of economy and society, the flow of people, vehicles and goods continues to increase, and new business forms such as express delivery and take-out are booming. The number of people who drive motorcycles in other places is increasing, and the demand for driving license for motorcycles in other places is booming. Therefore, on the basis of carrying out the national one certificate general examination of small vehicle driving license and the transmission of non-operating minibus archives online, the Ministry of Public Security launched two new measures to facilitate the registration and examination of motorcycles, so as to facilitate the work and life of the masses in different places.

One is to implement the national general examination for motorcycle driving license. The applicant can apply for a motorcycle driving license at any place in the country with his resident ID card. There is no need to submit a residence permit or residence registration certificate, which will further facilitate the people to obtain the motorcycle drivers license in a nearby and independent examination. Second, the implementation of motorcycle transfer information online transmission. For those who apply for registration of motorcycle transfer nationwide, the applicant can apply directly to the vehicle management office at the place where the vehicle moves in. There is no need to go back to the place where the vehicle is moved out to inspect the vehicle, extract the files, and transfer the vehicle information online, which can better meet the needs of the normalized epidemic prevention and control, reduce the face-to-face contact business, reduce the peoples travel between the two places and reduce the burden of the masses. Liu Yupeng estimates that it will benefit 300000 people who have obtained motorcycle driving license in different places every year.

Meanwhile, the pilot registration of private cars registered with identity cards in the province has been carried out in the province. In the 12 provinces (autonomous regions), the implementation of the registration of identity cards for non operating small mini buses is conducted. The new registration of new cars in different places in the provinces residents is allowed. The applicant can apply directly with the resident identity card, and no need to submit residence permit or registered residence certificate again, so as to facilitate the registration of car buying in different places in the province. Provincial economic integration development. After the implementation of this measure, it will benefit 1 million car owners registered in different places in the province every year.

Li Jiangping said at the meeting that the new measures include expanding the scope of inspection exemption for motor vehicles. On the basis of implementing the inspection exemption for non operating minibuses with less than six seats within six years, seven to nine non operating minibuses (excluding minibuses) within six years will be included in the scope of inspection exemption. For non operating minibuses (except minibuses), the inspection shall be adjusted from once a year to once every two years for more than 6 years but less than 10 years. More than 170 million private car owners will enjoy the convenience brought by the reform.

It should be noted that there are two special situations: one is that the problems of illegal modification and mixed loading of passengers and goods in the actual use of vans are relatively prominent, and the mass casualties caused by these accidents occur from time to time, which is not included in the inspection exemption scope for the time being. Second, if a traffic accident causing casualties or Illegal Refitting of a vehicle exempted from inspection is punished according to law, it will have a great impact on the safety performance of the vehicle, and it still needs to be inspected periodically according to the original provisions. Li Jiangping said.

Abolishing the 70 year old age limit for driving licence applications

For those who are over 70 years old and obtain driving license, the ability tests of memory, judgment and reaction ability shall be increased to ensure that the physical conditions meet the requirements of safe driving. We will optimize the application conditions for large and medium-sized passenger and truck drivers license. The lower age limit for applying for driving license of large passenger cars and tractors will be reduced from 26 and 24 to 22, and the upper limit of applying for driving license of large and medium-sized passenger and freight cars will be adjusted from 50 to 60. Liu Yupeng said that to shorten the time interval of increasing driving, those who apply for driving license of large-scale bus without corresponding full score record of scoring cycle will be shortened from at least five years to three years; those applying for driving license of tractor and medium-sized bus will be shortened from at least three years to two years, so as to further meet the needs of peoples production and living and passenger and freight transportation enterprises. For those who hold a small automatic driving license (C2) or more, they can drive a small automatic passenger car for the disabled in the upper limbs, so as to facilitate the sharing of vehicles by family members of the disabled and other personnel serving the disabled, so as to better protect the rights and interests of the disabled.

In addition, the scope of medical institutions for physical examination has also been expanded accordingly. For those who need to submit the certificate of physical conditions to apply for motor vehicle drivers license, the medical institutions for physical examination shall be expanded from medical institutions at county level or above the regimental level to hospitals above grade II, township hospitals, community health service centers, health examination centers and other medical institutions meeting the health examination qualifications, so as to adapt to the development of public health undertakings in China Expand the new situation, improve the service coverage in rural and remote areas, and make it convenient for county and township people to handle the service nearby.

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On the afternoon of May 14, a Porsche in Shanghai crashed into the barrier, then broke a power pole and injured three pedestrians. Police issued a notice: Zhang (male, 75 years old), due to improper operation, hit a pedestrian, 3 injured people have been sent to hospital, no life-threatening. At present, Zhang has been under the control of the police, has initially ruled out drunk driving and drug driving, and the relevant investigation work is being further carried out.