A 21-year-old boy from Jiangsu University who committed suicide after resetting his mobile phone

 A 21-year-old boy from Jiangsu University who committed suicide after resetting his mobile phone

Whether its a metaphor or a coincidence, the word for this picture is vanish. On the evening of October 12 the next day, Yang Kai chose to disappear from the world in a determined way: he passed the toilet window on the sixth floor of the university campus and fell to death.

His family tried to find out the truth of Yang Kais death, but found that he could not be accurately attributed. What was the last moment that crushed him could only be found in some scattered details: for example, the science student who had scored 554 in the college entrance examination had almost only a hobby of playing games. After entering the University, he was once unable to restrain himself and fell into the academic crisis of unable to graduate on time; and during this period, he was positive The interpersonal choice of changing dormitory environment.

His parents seldom heard him mention the name of a good friend in college, but they thought that most of his contacts in University were superficial and fragmentary. Before choosing to end his life, the 21-year-old reset his mobile phone to empty messages, erasing the possibility of outsiders exploring his spiritual world.

One last hug

There is no difference, no sign. Mother still cant think of the reason why Yang Kai suddenly fell down.

Five days of absenteeism, is she to the school to know the situation. As early as October 9, she received a wechat sent to her by her classmates: auntie, Yang Kai didnt come to class today. After meeting with the child, she was told that she was in a bad mood because her heel was worn out and a water cup that had been used for a long time was broken.

On the afternoon of October 12, Yang Kai was accompanied by his mother to the College of food and bioengineering. In the plan, written with a black pen, Yang Kai planned a trip from 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.: getting up to wash, jogging on the playground, having breakfast, playing with mobile phones, having classes, and going back to the classroom for preview after lunch.

According to Huang Minxia, at that time, in the college office, two counselors, the monitor of the children, and a deputy secretary of the college were all present. Yang Kai verbally promised that he would have a good class in the future and asked how long he needed to report. Huang Minxia thinks that her son really wants to change this time.

In September 2019, Yang Kai failed to keep up with the progress of the same grade due to his dissatisfaction with his credits, so he transferred from 2017 to 2018 to continue his study. Huang Minxia said that her son passed the final exam after repeating grades, with scores ranging from more than 60 to more than 80.

Huang Minxia said that Yang Kai expressed his willingness not to change dormitories in the office, and said that if you want to study hard, you have to change yourself first, not because of the environment. The final opinion of the college is that Yang Kai needs to move to a new dormitory within a week.

The mother and son walked out of the college building at about 16:40. Walking in the campus, Huang Minxia first asked her son if she needed her help in moving his bedroom. After getting the answer no, you can ask your classmates for help, she asked her son to buy the train ticket for her return home the next day on her mobile phone. From Zhenjiang city to Xishui County, you usually need to take the high-speed rail to Macheng, and then take the k-prefix train to get there. The whole journey is about 6 hours. In the past, her son bought it for her on her mobile phone.

Before leaving, her son told her that she was a little tired and wanted to go back to the dormitory to have a rest.

After that, Huang Minxia successively made 13 calls to Yang Kai, none of them answered. At that time, she didnt think much about it. She only thought that her son was not very happy and in a bad mood. It was not until that night that she learned why the calls had not been made: after separating from her, her son went to the main a building opposite the food college and jumped out of the window of the bathroom on the sixth floor at about 17:03.

In the notice on the abnormal death of a student in our university issued by Jiangsu University on October 15, the police concluded that Yang Kai died from a high-altitude fall, and homicide was ruled out.

After that, Huang Minxia remembered that in the afternoon when she finally met her son, they had been sitting for a while by the cement flower bed next to the third canteen. At that time, when I was close to the meal point, I saw my classmates coming and going on campus. Huang Minxia nagged a few words, do you think the students are wearing light colored clothes, do you like white or light blue?

Before leaving, she was also worried that her sons living expenses were not enough. After getting up, she took the initiative to hug her son, which became the last farewell of mother and son.

This black vivo mobile phone is a carry on item that Yang Kai placed in the back pocket of his trousers when he jumped down.

Some of Yang Kais relics, brand-new slippers, were bought by his mother on the day of the accident. Photo by Du Wenwen, reporter of Beijing News

In the past three years, Yang Kais life has almost gone in a completely different direction from that of the past since he entered the university campus. According to the schools circular, the junior who should have graduated next year was a student with learning difficulties, who needed his mother to rent a house outside the school to accompany him to study. He did not have enough credits and even had to repeat his studies.

Huang Minxia remembers that in the first half of her freshman year, her sons study was fairly good. In the second half of her freshman year, she received a notice from her counselor that Yang Kai did not take the exam in four subjects. The sons reason is that he may fail the exam.

At the beginning of her sophomore year, Huang Minxia sent Yang Kai to school again. She was told that according to Yang Kais performance at that time, the school might persuade him to quit. She also asked her son, if you dont like this major, if you cant, you cant just stop reading and go home to take the college entrance examination again. Yang declined her advice and said he liked the food quality and safety major he was studying.

The Counselors suggestion at that time was that if Yang Kai wanted to continue reading, he needed to be supervised by his parents. Since September 2018, Huang Minxia has rented a room in Shuimu Sunshine Community across the first street of Jiangsu University at the price of 600 yuan per month, until the school holidays before the Spring Festival and returns to her hometown in Hubei.

But she doesnt spend 24 hours with her children. In order to subsidize her family, she first does cleaning in the community, earning about 1200 yuan a month. In March last year, she was introduced by the landlord to work in a noodle stall in a canteen of Jiangsu University, which can increase five or six hundred yuan a month. Every morning at more than 6 oclock, Huang Minxia needs to go to the canteen to work. At that time, her son has not yet got up and returns to the rental house after work, so that she can have an intersection with her son.

He didnt have much communication with his son and seldom met with each other. He made a phone call about half a month. Usually, Yang Guangchang takes the initiative to call his son. Through the mobile phone, the communication between the two men seems a little stiff, and they dont talk about too deep topics. According to Yang Guangchang, his son never revealed his difficulties in college life on the phone.

He is similar to his son in temperament and has little compulsion or command to ask the child to do anything. He once advised Yang Kai to learn an instrument, or to practice a sport, running and playing ball. The main thing is to persevere and do it every day.

In the impression of his parents, Yang Kai grew up to be clever and sensible, and was liked by his teachers. Before he went to university, Yang Kais grades were not top-notch, but he was still in the middle and upper class.

Both Yang Guangchang and Zhang Minxia think that their sons personality is gentle, and he seldom quarrels. However, he still has his own stubbornness in his temper. If you have a gentle conversation with him, he will follow the conversation. If you are commanding, he will be a little rebellious.

On days when he doesnt go out, Yang Kais hobbies are playing computer games, or brushing videos and live broadcasting. In the first half of the year, due to the epidemic situation, most of the students took online classes at home. The winter in Hubei is freezing cold. The bedrooms of two generations are next to each other. Generally, they will remind their sons that it is time to go to bed at 9:00 p.m.

In addition, the couple didnt find any abnormality in their son, and Yang Kai had never done anything out of the ordinary. In their impression, they did not directly talk to their children about death. But when I was in junior high school, I occasionally saw some scenes about suicide on TV. My mother would say, you can make mistakes, but you cant go to extremes. Life is just this time.

Up to now, Yang Kais parents do not know much about their sons interpersonal communication in University, and they do not realize that his sons emotional and psychological performance is obviously different from that of the past. In the three years of college that they knew little about, what impressed the parents most was that on a Friday of one semester, the son came back in advance and said that he would take a short trip to the nearby scenic spots with his classmates on the weekend and have dinner with his classmates. His face was full of happy expression.

Two Yang Kai

In Yang Kais wechat called dont forget your name, only 57 contact names are reserved. All chat records were cleared, and it was impossible to know whether he communicated with others at the last moment of his life. The only QQ list shows almost all the circles of life and communication of this college student in the past 20 years: junior high school, high school, college classmates and game friends, but also 107 people.

After the accident, some of his college students chose to be silent and seldom spoke. On the Internet, there are only a few anonymous posts or comments, describing his various performances in University as his classmates: for example, he once handed in his papers after completing multiple-choice questions on the spot of the basic principles of Marxism examination, and left after answering no to the teachers questions; or he often played truant, copied students homework, and indulged in games all night.

In the past week, Yang Kais affairs have been on the news for several times. In some study groups, he was regarded as a negative model of education failure cases, and was evaluated as idle, muddling along, vulnerable, which is the shame of modern college students.

Almost all the high school students interviewed mentioned smart when they evaluated their impression on him. Liu Yuanyuan, his former deskmate and one of his few friends of the opposite sex, remembers that Yang Kai walked very fast and did his homework very quickly. He would get full marks in math from time to time. The last time they met was at a classmates party last March. Liu Yuanyuan didnt feel that he was different from the past. She still joked with her classmates.

Fang Mingchao, one of his best friends in high school, communicated with him on QQ on June 28 this year. In his three years of high school life, Fang Mingchao knew Yang Kai as a man who should do things, play, and be measured..

In our common memory, we havent heard that Yang Kai has a girlfriend. One of his few hobbies is playing games. Most of them are boys who often play parkour, Plants vs. Zombies, dungeons and so on. However, in high school, games did not affect learning. At that time, his scores were mostly in the top five to the top ten in the class, and the score of 554 in the college entrance examination in 2017 was far higher than that of the same year.

Only his cousin Yang Zongyuan, who was born in 1994, happened to hear him mention it once in a telephone conversation when he just entered the University. There are so many things to learn and remember that its a little difficult. Yang Zongyuan, who graduated from the major of construction engineering, also enlightened him, its normal to have difficulties. Just try your best.

At Jiangsu University, Chen Shaohong is the only alumni who is also a classmate of Yang Kais high school. After entering the University, they belong to different departments, and their dormitory is one kilometer away. Not long after the beginning of school last year, they also had a meal together. He never heard Yang Kai mention the specific experience in University. He felt that he was quite sunny, but a little less than that in high school.

He has never voluntarily disclosed his difficulties in college to his former friends, and seems not to seek help. The anonymous information mentioned that the tutor in charge of students physical and mental health had talked to him many times. At first, he would go, but later he would not appear. The students with good grades agreed on the time and place to help him, but they were stood up.

Liu Yuanyuan felt that Yang Kais qualifications would not have been so negative, unless he has a sense of resistance. She regretted the passing of her old friend, and expressed regret in the text many times. He is not good at making friends. If he has something to carry on, he may have too much emotion in his heart, but he didnt think we would like to do his vent, but he never mentioned it.

Yang Kais life, after entering university, has entered a different direction from high school. Figure provided by interviewees


On the evening of the 12th after his sons accident, Yang Guangchang first received a phone call from his wife. He couldnt believe his son left, and repeatedly asked, is it hurt? Is it still under rescue? At the beginning, his wife scolded him for being too slow, so he chartered a bus to Guangzhou overnight, bought the earliest flight to Nanjing, and then took the high-speed rail to Zhenjiang.

He used injustice and other emotional words to write the information, which later attracted a lot of abuse for him. A week after his son died, Yang Guangchang was sitting on the bed of the hotel. He explained that he wanted to get attention at first to find out the truth, and put on his ID card without code just to show his innocence and attitude. But then the public opinion ferments more than he expected.

He did not expect that with the disclosure of his sons study in the University, the online comments turned into a verbal battle between him and the University. Many students from Jiangsu University, either in real name or anonymity, have come forward to criticize the behavior of Yangs parents on the Internet.

In the influx of strange comments, they were mixed with the ridicule of using the sympathy of netizens to corrupt money, and questioned that his calm tone of speech was team manipulation, and even scolded him as lion big mouth to pay 2million compensation. The most malicious language even began to insult his son.

One of the biggest controversies surrounding the couple is. They have been asking why after Yang Kai fell from the building, the school did not immediately inform Huang Minxia, who was still on campus at that time, but waited until she took her to the hotel in the evening. Huang Minxia was not allowed to walk out of the house from more than nine oclock in the evening of the 12th until her husband arrived the next day. This makes the couple feel that the schools handling is inhumane and even suspected of illegal detention.

Yang Guangchang said that he went to the school police several times to communicate with the police, and the reply was that he was afraid that Huang Minxia was too excited because of the safety of her.

On the morning of October 16, Jiangsu University gave a public response to the details of the incident in an interview with Ziniu news: after Yang Kai fell from the building, the University contacted 120 and 110 to call the police. At that time, it was the evening peak. The medical examiner dispatched from the Public Security Bureau in the west of the city went through the city to the campus in the east of the city. After investigation and confirmation of the identity, the school informed the parents. Yang Kais mobile phone was taken away by the police after the incident, and the school did not contact it. On the issue of changing the dormitory, Jiangsu University said that until the incident, the child did not change the dormitory, and on October 10, Yang Kais mother proposed that she had discussed with her family to let her child live with her 18 grade classmates.

October 15, Jiangsu University issued a briefing.

At present, Yang Kais body has been cremated and taken back to his hometown by his parents. On the evening of October 12, it was hard to say exactly why Yang Kai chose the window sill close to the bathroom. He also took off his black full frame glasses and put them on a half meter high windowsill with white tiles.

(function(){( window.slotbydup=window .slotbydup||[]).push({id:u5811557,container:ssp_ 5811557, async:true }The black three-layer backpack is on the floor of the bathroom, which contains the most common daily necessities of a college student: a Book of electrical technology with a purple cover and a Book of food chemistry with a yellow and white cover, a black scientific calculator and a stationery bag. In addition to the bank card and social security card, there are more than 80 yuan of change in the wallet. Most of these objects have been with the owner for some years, with old traces of use, and the charging line has become dirty and yellow. In the whole bag, only a pair of brown cotton slippers is brand-new, and also printed with baseball patterns. It was bought by his mother Huang Minxia that morning. The sole of the shoes was clean and free from dust. Even the price tag of 26 yuan had not been cut off. (at the request of the interviewees, Yang Kai, Huang Minxia, Yang Guangchang, Li Yuanling, Liu Yuanyuan, Fang Mingchao, Yang Zongyuan and Chen Shaohong are pseudonyms.) Source: peeling onion people editor: Xun Jianguo_ NN7379

The black three-layer backpack was placed on the floor of the bathroom, which contained the most common living items of a college student: a purple and red envelope of electrical technology and a yellow and white cover of Food Chemistry, a black science calculator and stationery bag. In addition to the bank card and social security card, there are more than 80 yuan of change in the wallet.

Most of these objects have been with the owner for some years, with old traces of use, and the charging line has become dirty and yellow. In the whole bag, only a pair of brown cotton slippers is brand-new, and also printed with baseball patterns. It was bought by his mother Huang Minxia that morning. The sole of the shoes was clean and free from dust. Even the price tag of 26 yuan had not been cut off.

(at the request of the interviewees, Yang Kai, Huang Minxia, Yang Guangchang, Li Yuanling, Liu Yuanyuan, Fang Mingchao, Yang Zongyuan and Chen Shaohong are pseudonyms.)