Ultra high cost performance home projector less than 3000 dangbei projection D3x trial

 Ultra high cost performance home projector less than 3000 dangbei projection D3x trial

The overall design of dangbei D3x projection is very neat, but the rounded chamfering design is adopted around it. This is completely inconsistent with other series of dangbei projection in design style, which is very simple and low-key. It is very in line with modern peoples aesthetic attitude towards simple life. At the same time, the black-and-white two-color collocation of dangbei D3x projection, no matter what the decoration style of the home is When the shell projection D3x black and white panda color, how to put such a versatile color will not appear abrupt.

The main interfaces of the D3x body are concentrated on the back of the product, which are very rich, including power interface, S / PDIF interface, USB interface, network cable interface and HDMI (ARC) interface supporting the transmission of high-quality audio and video signals, which provides more expansion scenarios for daily use. At the bottom of the interface is a large area of heat dissipation grid, with three sets of intelligent speed control fans, 670g pure copper cooling fins and 8mm wide fiber cooling copper tubes to ensure good heat dissipation of the machine.

On both sides of the fuselage are built-in 6W hi fi full frequency speakers to bring 2.0 channel stereo sound effect, and five-star golden ear acoustic craftsman is invited to carefully adjust EQ, APL and thd, thus bringing 2.0 channel stereo sound effect

Can provide surging sound quality effect, like the scene of sound and painting. So even in the living room or in the bedroom, when the shell projection D3x can provide good sound quality, daily use of the problem is not big.

At the top of the product, when the shell projection D3x takes the simple design style to the extreme, it only designs a power button with LED lights of different colors to identify the current working state. For example, Bluetooth is paired with a white breathing lamp, and it will be on after successful connection; in addition, it is the English logo of dangbei. If you dont look at it carefully, you really think its a pure plane.

At the bottom of the product, there are the anti-skid foot pad, name plate information and 1 / 4 standard screw hole of dangbei projection D3x. In fact, there is not much to say here. The overall design of dangbei projection is basically consistent with the previous design.

In the remote control as like as two peas projector remote control devices are completely identical, the button on the Bluetooth remote control is very concise and clear when D3X is used. The voice button on the top is easy to use. It has created a side key of the remote control. Long press the auto focus button, and short press can call up the shortcut menu bar. Even when the video is playing, you can also adjust the screen and sound settings. At the same time, there is the remote control recovery function, which can be easily used by the elderly and children. In fact, it is the same as the remote control of the previous dangbei device. Of course, this product can also set the remote control of the mobile app, and the control is very simple.

In fact, to measure the quality of a projector, the appearance design is one of the most intuitive factors. The most intuitive factors are the decoding chip and brightness. The D3x of dangbei projection has built-in 1050ansi lumen brightness light bulb and 0.33 inch DMD chip, and integrates about 1.5 million reflective micro mirrors, which can carry more light speed reflection and improve brightness and imaging effect. In the overall configuration, the D3x is equipped with mstar6a848 four core 64 bit processor, 3gb DDR4 running memory + 16GB storage space, which is very smooth and smooth in actual use.

In order to more truly let you understand the projection effect of this projection, here I used the camera to shoot the actual projection effect of D3x when the shell was projected in the daytime and at night under two different lights. It can be found that the overall performance of dangbei projection D3x is excellent.

Real time projection effect in daytime

Night shot projection effect

As I said before, users who are familiar with dangbei brand must know that dangbei is a content-based company, and only later began to set foot in intelligent hardware. Therefore, all the smart hardware of dangbei are matched with dangbei OS system. The feedback of this system on the previous smart TV and hardware is quite good. The UI system interface is still the waterfall flow design that users are very familiar with , which is clean and fresh as a whole. On the left side of the page, there are content categories, including personal center, movies, TV series, variety shows, etc., and supports user-defined editing, which makes it very playable. It also supports the download of many apps to meet the diversified needs of different consumers.

When the system is finished, Ill talk about the content. Dangbeis content can be said to be the most comprehensive in the whole network at present. With the deep cooperation with iqiyi and mango TV, it has a large number of film and television, variety shows and other content, basically all of which should be available. A dangbei member can eat several major brands, so it is not a problem to watch daily.

Next, Ill talk to you intuitively through some of my feelings after practical use. Maybe the viewpoint may be subjective, but it is something that leaves deep impression on me personally.

When the brightness of shell projection D3x is enough for my daily use, the millisecond frame insertion technology adopted by global MEMC motion compensation can effectively eliminate the dragging phenomenon of moving pictures, and make the picture rendering effect more fine. In terms of color and color accuracy, the performance of dangbei projection D3x is also good, so the overall viewing experience is quite good. If youre thinking about a projection of about 3000 recently, then the bd3x is really worth considering.