Quan Xiangyous wife didnt show any physiological phenomenon: farting freedom is the pass for husband and wifes life

 Quan Xiangyous wife didnt show any physiological phenomenon: farting freedom is the pass for husband and wifes life

In this regard, some netizens joked that the last one who farted was anzaixian. Later, he got divorced. Could a couple who didnt fart together still be called husband and wife?

So, would you burp and fart in front of your partner?

The freedom of farting is the passport of husband and wifes life

I read a sentence on the Internet

The big step in promoting a relationship is not the first kiss, but the first time you fart in front of your partner.

Our friend Xiaowei once told us about an embarrassing incident between her and her husband.

It turns out that the relationship between the two has just been established. Xiaowei is still a delicate girl who must wash her hair when going out and make up when she goes out. Even when she drinks in front of her husband, she should be careful not to swallow too much.

As a result, one time when they went shopping, the microenterprise didnt hold back for a while, and let out a fart in front of the shopping guide and her husband.

I was really humiliated and I felt that I was really a social death.

Unexpectedly, her husband was stunned for a second and then laughed to rescue her

It doesnt sound like a local. Ill let you hear about the local people later.

Since then, natives have become a stumbling block between their husband and wife.

There is a good saying in the gospel of Matthew: I have seen all your good looks, but I still like the worst of you.

My wife farts when she is nervous. She farts when she sleeps. One night, she wakes up and says, is that you? I said yes, and I couldnt bear to tell her. Gosh, shes been dead for two years. Small things like that are wonderful. Thats what I miss most.

These little qualities make her my wife, and she knows all my little flaws, which people call imperfections, but theyre not. Thats good stuff. Its about choosing who to let into our world, and thats what intimacy is all about.

And these little flaws are our best pass on marriage.


A partner who can only fall in love and cant live long

Shakespeare said that love is blind, lovers can not see their own stupid things.

Yes, when we fall into love, we always unconsciously become a little fool.

We know that no one is perfect, but we still stubbornly want to be the most perfect person in front of us. However, this kind of perfection will become a trap to imprison ourselves.

Sometimes, the emotional destruction may not come from cheating, but a long and loud fart sound, or a red face constipation.

There is an episode of sex and the city. It seems funny, but it is thought-provoking.

Because she didnt know what she was doing in front of her apartment.

Farting was a big mistake for her. She couldnt forgive herself and bought a ticket for escape overnight.

After all, in the eyes of some men, fairies dont eat, they dont poop, they dont fart.

There are many rumors about the reasons for their divorce, among which the most popular one is constipation obstruction.

Li Ao replied: Im a perfectionist. Hu Yinmeng is like a fairy tale fairy in my heart. I cant bear any flaws. One day, I didnt mean to open the door of the toilet without anti lock. I saw her face flushed with constipation on the toilet. It was too bad.

In addition, Li Ao also insinuated in the book: Beauty constipation, and ordinary people no two.

However, the sweetness of love can not offset the daily life, because it is the life of eating, drinking and sleeping that decides two people to go on.


Of course, we have to admit that the high standard is a personal choice.

Even couples need to manage themselves and pay attention to their image instead of faeces and farts flying together every day.

The first mock exam is that there is no uniform template for the good feelings, but the most important thing is to be comfortable with each other rather than to tie each other.

Mrs. mather is a perfect housewife in the American TV series the great Mrs. mather. She has never seen her plain face, let alone fart and burp in front of her husband.

Because every day she would take off her make-up after her husband went to sleep, and before he got up, she would still measure her waist and leg circumference. She was not allowed to indulge in the slightest bit. She was like a soldier ready to fight and stand by at any time.

Mrs. mather is so perfect that she looks like a dummy.

And the reason why she is so perfect is not because she likes to do it, but because her mother trained her from a young age: a woman must be beautiful to tie a mans heart.

But in the end, her husband Joel was cheating.

Whats more, after learning that her son-in-law is having an affair, her mother can only cover the door weakly and cry bitterly, while her father admonishes his daughter to wear a skirt that your husband likes and go to get him back.

But whats the point of such a marriage?

You should know that marriage is not a one-man show. Ones efforts to maintain it will eventually be tiring. If you get stuck in your throat, you will get nothing but his indifference, mutual restraint and no liberation.


The most advanced EQ of a persons life is not to make others live comfortably, but to make oneself live comfortably.

And the best look in marriage is that you dont have to be pretentious or disguised. You are what you are.

I wish you this life, do not miss the good, live up to yourself, meet that can fart people, mutual disdain, but can never be separated.