Whether your marriage is happy or not is predestined before marriage

 Whether your marriage is happy or not is predestined before marriage

You will also see that in marriage, many people have no responsibility and responsibility at all. To put it mildly, they are children who are not growing up; to put it worse, they will never bear the obligations and responsibilities of their own role in marriage.

Whats wonderful is that you, who are really tired, may not have complained about anything. TA, who has no burden at all, feels tired first!

Marriage is really something that everyone should read well

The establishment of marriage is usually based on feelings, and feelings are derived from good feelings. The lowest level of good feelings is just to look at the other side. And people are nothing more than in the eye - pleasing - good - feelings in a certain stage, completed such an important thing as marriage.

So, speaking of this, you probably understand a truth: many people do not know each other well enough before they get married, and they do not really understand each other, especially their marriage and family concepts. And such a kind of understanding, is often to wait for two people to enter the real marriage and family life, will have the opportunity to see.

If you want to get to know each other before marriage, a reference is to contact each others original family, including seven aunts and eight aunts. If you feel more happy in the process of contacting each others family and relatives, you can be basically sure that your marriage is very happy. However, if you find it difficult to get along with each others family and relatives, even some of them are uncomfortable Words and deeds make you gape, this time should pay attention to, often such a marriage, the outcome is very difficult to be happy - this is a big probability.

The influence of the original family on a person is profound, especially in the concept of marriage and family, how TAs parents manage the marriage. Then, in the future, TA will basically use the same mode to manage your marriage, which is the basic law.

Some marriage and family patterns, in fact, are very problematic. For example, they are used to coping with family conflicts in a cold war way, they are used to suppressing each other in a strong way, they are indifferent to their families, lack of basic love, strike each other, emotional, and so on. These are all bad marriage and family patterns. If a child is in such a family, TA will be imperceptibly affected And imitate them in their future marriage and family.

In this regard, you must not take any chances and think that TA will be a quality variation in this family, and do not blindly believe that you or your marriage can change each other.

The concept of marriage and family still belongs to the category of three outlooks, which have been formed and shaped before meeting you.

Therefore, if you are unfortunate enough to encounter a person with three outlooks, there are only several reasons: first, you dont attach importance to it, and think that the Three Outlooks can also be completed through marriage; second, the other party is hiding more deeply, so you dont notice or expose the opportunity of the Three Outlooks being not correct; third, you underestimate the influence and control of marriage and family on yourself, and you think that you are always ready You can be free, but in the end, you will find that even if you encounter a person who has three outlooks, you cant help yourself when you want to get rid of this relationship.

Sometimes I feel that marriage is not for the sake of happiness. The real meaning of marriage is to let us know what is the real life.