Shouldnt sleep 03 hes cute, actually

 Shouldnt sleep 03 hes cute, actually

That night, Chu Yiyi didnt drag his new friend into wechat group in advance as usual. Instead, he changed his high-profile habit. After entering the door, he simply introduced Su Zhe and said, my friends childhood lightly. He didnt give anyone a chance to joke. After that, he left him to form a team with two people to eat chicken and go to find friends to discuss skin care products.

Shen Jiarui thinks that Chu Yiyi is really not good at introducing people. She even forgot to tell Su Zhe that this is a temporary blind date Bureau. Of course, it may be that Chu Yiyi is afraid of embarrassment. After all, there are more than ten people present, which is not suitable for over publicity. Or, she left room. If Su Zhe didnt succeed with herself, she could introduce him to others.

Shen Jiarui cant help but analyze various possibilities and choose the most reasonable and tenable statement. For example, later she analyzed the matter and chose the middle one based on her understanding of Chu Yiyi.

After seeing wechat, Shen Jiarui didnt know how to reply for a moment, and rashly asked Chu Yiyi, why dont you leave such a good boy? he also provided an expression bag of cheap and cute.

As soon as this sentence was sent out, Shen Jiarui regretted it. Its really not level. Its embarrassing for anyone. After all, the conversation in wechat is not the same as face-to-face jokes.

At the same time, there is a little red dot in the list. Su Zhe sends a friend application. After Shen Jiarui passed the speed of light, the two people did not have more dialogue, and all their attention turned back to the party.

Shen Jiarui chews a pizza and sighs to himself. He and Chu Yiyi have known each other for more than two years. They have cooperated in their work and often play with each other in life. They have never had a conflict.

She and she are by no means plastic sisters with discord, let alone the so-called conflict of interest. Shen Jiarui thinks it is because of their good personalities and they are very generous to their friends. Of course, she will still subconsciously make multiple choices. For example, the relationship between adults is very delicate, and restraint is because it is easy to leave. For example, when they are together, they seldom talk about the past and only talk about the present and the future.

Alcohol and games are the boosters to bring human feelings closer. In addition, Beijing boys are naturally good at chatting, and there is no place where they cant get hot. So Su Zhe soon got acquainted with everyone and played a leading role in the wolf man killing game after dinner.

Many people have more than one party on Saturday night. When they leave less than 11 oclock, only a few lonely old people are left, such as Chu Yiyi, Han Xiaomeng and Zhou Zhou. Su Zhe left Shen Jiaruis house with the army on the pretext that he was going on a business trip the next day.

Chu Yiyi and Shen Jiarui are all women in the rich women communication group. They dont worry about other things. Finally, I can talk about the man who left five minutes ago.

Chu Yiyi asked, how about it? Is there a play? Whats wrong with Su Zhe? Why dont you have any spark? Come on, Im not a diamond queen, but at least Im young and promising.

Han Xiaomeng followed the party, yes, yes, I think its very good. Throughout the summer and even in autumn, Han Xiaomeng watched Le Xia 1 go crazy. I dont know if his sense of music has increased. However, Zhang Yadongs all very good and particularly good have learned the essence.

Shen Jiarui thought, look, this is a woman who has not been devastated by cruel life. She is born, grows well and marries well, so she looks like a silly white sweet at the age of 30. Everything is very good.

The other two girls are also gossipy, and Shen Jiarui feels a little embarrassed. She swallowed her saliva, then picked up her glass and took a sip of it. She said, I dont know. It depends on whether people are interested in me.

Han Xiaomeng continued to gossip, ah, thats interesting! That Su Zhe is white and clean. The key is very humorous. Its good to be happy with him every day.

Chu Yi Yi added, that is, to talk well, if I am really a matchmaker, remember to pack me a super big red bag Oh, 66666 how ha ha ha ha ha.

Before several girls finished their discussion on Su Zhe, the mans wechat had already been sent. When she opens the news, Shen Jiaruis mouth rises unconsciously. She suddenly realizes that she is looking forward to his news.

But now she is not sure whether this feeling is the desire to conquer or the pure joy after getting along with each other.

People cant judge at certain time, at least Shen Jiarui is. She instinctively evades these questions, and tells herself, dont think too much, think too much, often get nothing.


Su Zhes opening remarks were, should I call you Jiarui or Sabrina like everyone else?

Shen Jiarui points to open the message and did not reply. After all the others left at more than 12 oclock, she returned to Su Zhe and said, just see the news, just call me Jiarui.

She had thought that Su Zhe would wait until the next day to reply to her wechat and start the new day with such universal sentences as good morning last night or good morning, East Fourth Ring Road is very congested today. But did not expect Su Zhe second back, with you very interesting, I rarely have such a relaxed feeling, I hope there will be a chance to get together again.

When Shen Jiarui was thinking about how to answer the phone, Su Zhe sent a message again, the only regret is that I didnt chat with you alone. On the way, Chu Yiyi introduced me and said that you were smart and beautiful.

Su Zhe said, typing is too long. Ill say it by voice. so he sent a voice for more than 30 seconds. Shen Jiarui listened to a lot of words such as VC investment, C-end and b-end, cross-border e-commerce and so on, and finally came to the conclusion that he is doing Haitao app.

Sure enough, men like to pretend to be forced when they are teasing girls, without exception. The difference may only be that some people have some clothes, while some people cant even make them up.

Not surprisingly, Su Zhe asked Shen Jiarui about his career.

Shen Jiarui knows that its normal to ask questions between men and women. Its just that this kind of scene suddenly makes her feel insecure. Its no different from those blind dates arranged by her parents.

She simply replied that the product promotion manager of the w family.

Fortunately, Su Zhe is good at chatting. He took it easily. No wonder you and Chu Yiyi have a good relationship. Do you know each other because of their working relationship??

Shen Jiarui also replied knowingly that she got to know each other through advertising cooperation. Later, she often arranged to go to super orangutan for fitness group classes, and gradually became a good friend.

The topic was much more lively, and the two talked about sports again. They shared their favorite song lists with each other in Amways delicious restaurant.

Shen Jiarui thinks that Su Zhe is really cute.

At a quarter past two, she asked him, arent you going on a business trip? Why dont you sleep? When he returned to her, he did have to go on a business trip, but considering that he might get up late in the morning and miss the bus, he had just changed his signature to the afternoon. Before Shen Jiarui doubts whether it is true or not, Su Zhe sends a screenshot of the rescheduling of the high-speed rail.

Although they just met, Shen Jiarui didnt feel constrained. Since breaking up with Lao Han, she has not said so much to the boy for a long time.

In this year and a half, Shen Jiarui has had some good boys around her, but she can always find the shortcomings in each other and enlarge them infinitely. Just like Su Zhegangs self introduction that make complaints about herself too much, if she is changed into someone else, she will be unable to resist Tucao, which is like attending an industry conference.

But she could accept the points that she didnt like about Su Zhe, and comforted herself that he was good-looking, good-natured and not poor in money.

The turning point was that Shen Jiarui said he had to clean up the house the next day. Su Zhe said he would help her to make an appointment for an hourly job, but Shen Jiarui refused to say it was too wasteful. Su Zhe also said that he could help her clean up. Shen Jiarui refused to say, but you have to go on a business trip. After that, Su Zhe went to Beijing to help me. Shen Jiarui is silent for five seconds and asks do you want to sleep with me? which brings the plot to a climax.


At four oclock in the morning, Su Zhe appears at the door of Shen Jiaruis house.

He changed into more casual clothes and dragged his suitcase. After Shen Jiarui opens the door, the two are stunned face to face, and no one knows how to say the first sentence. Finally, Su Zhe said, should we embrace? Open your arms as you speak. Shen Jiarui, dressed in her pajamas, pounces on Su Zhe and kisses Su Zhe like a dragonfly.

She was testing him.

Shen Jiarui said to herself that if Su Zhe doesnt control it and kisses herself more actively, he should immediately be calm and calm. If he is honest and honest, this level will be over. It doesnt mean much, but at least this persons self-control is OK.

At five oclock in the morning, the sky outside the window was dim.

Shen Jiarui thinks that in those films or novels, two people who have a good feeling for each other spend the night together but nothing happens. At least she cant do it.

Of course, they were sleeping.

Shen Jiarui didnt wake up until six oclock in the afternoon. After waking up, the first reaction was to look for Su Zhe in dozens of wechat reminders.

Fortunately, the expectation did not fall through. Su Zhe sent two messages altogether. The first is to report that they have arrived at the station and will check in soon. The second one is to ask whether she has got up and whether she is not feeling well.

Shen Jiarui was in a good mood and wrote back several articles

I wake up. My head hurts.

My God, I have heavy dark circles under my eyes.

Shen Jiarui is full of joy and wants to secretly treasure the 24-hour happy time, but she still cant help sharing it among the rich women. As expected, everyones first sentence is lying trough.

Soon, Chu Yiyi gave Shen Jiarui a fatal blow

Chu Yiyi sent a bunch of dots.

Shen Jiarui suddenly does not know how to answer, she instinctively evades this question.

In other words, when Chu Yiyi asked about this sentence, she had a premonition that the relationship had been ruined by herself. She didnt know how to ask Su Zhe what the relationship was between them.


After dinner, Shen Jiarui, Chu Yiyi and Han Xiaomeng made an appointment with yunku. They had a series of discussions on how to let Su Zhe admit his love on his own initiative.

But Chu Yiyi is worried that once asked what is the relationship between us now, what might have been possible would suddenly become impossible.

If Su Zhe is not the husband of a friend of Shen Jiaruis friend, the situation will not be so embarrassing. Of course, Shen Jiarui knows that what she cares about most is not the lack of these things. She wants to know what Su Zhe thinks.

But she couldnt ask.

In fact, if the heroine of this matter is changed to Chu Yiyi, it will be quite simple. You dont need to know that she will directly tell the other party to do FWB. In other words, she doesnt have a relationship before its clear.

Chu Yiyi is the kind of person who makes every relationship clear. Otherwise, she would not have maintained such a relationship with Chen Chen for nearly a year, and their career and life had not been affected.

At last, Shen Jiarui decided to solve the problem by himself. And with Chu Yi promise, even if not, she and he will not tear face, will not make everyone unhappy.

In fact, this is the last time Chu Yiyi took the initiative to intervene in the relationship between Shen Jiarui and Su Zhe. She also has her own business to be busy with. Whats more, once she gets involved in this matter, Su Zhe will inevitably feel forced to obey. Even if its a good guy, hes reluctant to do it. This kind of unconventional love is bound to break up soon.

Whats the use of admitting to be in love? Shen Jiarui wants more than this name in her heart. She wants to love, to get married and have children, and to be stable and rich in Beijing.

So after chatting that night, Shen Jiarui was more sober to realize that he could not get the answer he wanted for the time being. If you are Su Zhe, its hard to think of her as the one who will join hands for the rest of your life.

In the following days, Shen Jiarui and Su Zhe continued to get along. Each other has work in the daytime and seldom chat with each other. At night, they chat a lot and even make video phone calls.

He will order her a glass of ice American style to deliver to the company every morning. She will also buy some pairs of socks and a scarf to bring to him when she is shopping. Shes going to have dinner with three of her family, and then shes going to pick her up for dinner.

After nearly two months like this, two people seem to be in love. At that time, Han Xiaomeng always boasted that Su Zhe was good here and there. It was really good to be a boyfriend. Shen Jiarui murmured in his heart every time. No matter how good I am, I still have to work hard and make money. How can you be your husbands favorite mother-in-law? Good little Kuo is too comfortable.

Its so wonderful to fall in love. If it wasnt for Liu Shiqis seemingly joking Su Zhe is really good, but Yiyi doesnt like him, Shen Jiarui really hopes to stay at this stage all the time.

Shen Jiarui is busy making money and taking care of men.

Chu Yi is busy looking at the house and taking care of her mother.

Han Xiaomeng is busy preparing for pregnancy and runs to the hospital in two or three days.

Shen Jiarui also knew at that time that Chu Yiyis relationship with his parents was not good, and everyones original family was not so happy.

Shen Jiarui never dreamed that such a thing would happen to his friends when he was cleaned up by his elders and found sex goods. Especially in the case of Chu Yiyi, Shen Jiarui is sympathetic and wants to laugh.

It is estimated that Chu Yiyis mother didnt expect to help her sort out her wardrobe, but she turned out her sexy underwear. In order to care about her daughters emotional life, her mother asked a lot of questions, such as do you have a boyfriend, have you changed a few ex, what kind of life is not harmonious?. It is estimated that she was annoyed by the question. Chu Yiyi quarreled with her mother and drove to her home in anger.

Although Chu Yiyi still went back to his home that night, the estrangement seemed deeper. Shen Jiarui obviously felt more uncomfortable when she went to her home for dinner again. At the dinner table, Chu Yiyi was more lively than usual, and her mother was more careful when she spoke.

She knew that the relationship between their mother and daughter was only superficial. But she can feel that they are also working hard to repair the cracks in their feelings.

Shen Jiarui knows that it is not kind enough to think like this, but she is really relieved because of this. Most of all, seeing everything goes smoothly, Chu Yiyi will be at a loss in front of his family, and he will have less resentment for his parents.

One time when drinking, a little girl who had just worked for a short time said that she had decided to start in Beijing for two years. If she couldnt make it, she would go back to her parents and find a stable job.

At that time, when she said this paragraph, she might be mixed with a lot of helplessness and confusion, but Shen Jiarui was somewhat envious. When she first came to Beijing for an interview in her senior year, she had already made a decision that she would not go home no matter what happened in the future. Never.

Shen Jiarui was born in a small village in a small county in the northwest. Although the provincial capital city focuses on tourism, it has nothing to do with her family. She grew up with two words: poor and high score.

Every time Han Xiaomeng and Chu Yi Tucao were forced to take classes and interest classes at home, Shen Jiarui could not make complaints about them. Before she was 18 years old, she only did housework, class and homework.

She is too eager to leave here, and she also knows that learning is the quickest and most effective way. Only if you pass the exam, you can stay outside. Therefore, Shen Jiarui is always the top three in the grade without parents supervision. Other children have rebellious period, she did not; other children cant help playing, she cant help it; other children pass notes of puppy love, she simply ignore those boys.

Shen Jiaruis parents were really excited for a long time as the only student in the town who was admitted to the key high school at public expense. At that time, the whole village felt proud of her. It seemed that three years later, she was a top student of Tsinghua University and Peking University. Seven years later, she entered the worlds top 500 companies.

When there is no comparison among the girls around, Shen Jiarui also feels that she is the lucky one. No matter how many hardships and hardships have been experienced, no matter how much controversy and incomprehension have been behind, at least, I have survived.

But for a long time, with Chu Yiyi and Han Xiaomeng, she would have a faint sense of inferiority. They are different from themselves. They will not be arranged by relatives to make blind dates with different men from time to time. They do not need to transfer money to their families every month.

So after Chu Yiyis sex goods incident, Shen Jiarui suddenly breathed a sigh of relief.


As the old rule, this kind of event should be celebrated naturally. But because just after the handover, Chu Yiyis house needs to be refitted, which is not convenient for the party. Finally, he found the wanghong Pavilion.

Shen Jiarui chats with Chu Yiyi privately, is this a sister tea party?

Shen Jiarui continued to gossip, by the way, how are you with Chen Chen recently?

Shen Jiarui is curious about the direction of their relationship. She wants to know what kind of way Chu Yiyi will end up with a man, especially a man who has an intersection with his own career.

Chu Yiyi said, thats it. A few days ago, he asked me if I had time. I said no. He asked me if I was particularly busy on double ten, one and twelve. I told him that I had been very busy, but I was really lonely recently. I felt that I needed to fall in love

Shenjiarui asked again, this is even broken?

Chu Yi said, isnt that enough? He knows that I also know that he is impossible to fall in love with. Even if he wants to talk, he is older than sister Yang.

The chat is in a deadlock. Shen Jiarui doesnt know what to say.

Chu Yi continued, but Im different from him and you and Su Zhe. She likes typing half sentence and half sentence. Shen Jiarui is still not used to it for so long. Every time this happens, she cant help thinking that she doesnt need to talk about clients herself.

Chen Chen and I have good feelings but no love

But you like Su Zhe

Now the world thinks you two are in love

Only you two are still playing dumb

Its not good to say.

This is a good friend who can have sex

Anyway, you have to make it clear to him.

Every sentence of Chu Yiyi is fatal, and Shen Jiarui feels suffocated across the screen. Last time, I met Su Zhe the next day, that night in the bar. At that time, Chu Yiyi and Han Xiaomeng held opposite views. The more Shen Jiarui listened, the more tired he became.

Every time this happens, her first reaction is to escape. This time, too, Shen Jiarui was full of good, good, I know, I have to find the right time, slipped out of the chat page and put the matter on hold.

In her feelings, she hates to do multiple choice questions.

The next day, Shen Jiarui went to the Party of Chu Yiyi group. As her partner, college classmate and another good friend, Liu Shiqi will naturally appear.

Liu Shiqi doesnt like Shen Jiarui either.

The sixth sense of a girl is so magical.

But Shen Jiarui didnt expect Liu Shiqi to speak so sharp to himself, and even had a kind of disdain in it.

Two people sat at the table and watched the people playing billiards. Liu Shiqi took the initiative to stir up the topic, Sabrina, how are you getting along with Su Zhe recently? Why didnt you send out a circle of friends?

Shen Jiarui felt offended, but did not know how to reply, so she had to follow Liu Shiqis question and answer, its very good. He often tells me about studying with your husband.

Liu Shiqi said, yes, they played together in the army compound. The two families are close friends. Su Zhes grandfather has many military achievements. However, I have read your microblog, it seems that I often send news about him. By the way, if you have time, please give me your quotation. I can help you push more advertisements and make more money.

Shen Jiarui murmured in his heart. After that, how to answer the phone? The amount of information is too large. What order should she answer.

All of them are of the same age, but Shen Jiarui feels like an intern in front of Liu Shiqi. She finally understood why Chu Yiyi had been in the society for so many years, and was still the most inexperienced one in the circle of friends.

Because she has Liu Shiqis protection all the time.

In Shen Jiaruis opinion, Chu Yiyi is a completely free person, and nothing can restrain her. At the same time, her tolerance of people and things around her is high enough.

But Liu Shiqi is not the same. As an onlooker, she is extremely fragmented. She seems to give all her passion to her family and Chu Yiyi, while others only care about winning or losing.

In a way, Shen feels like a low profile version of Liu Shiqi. She doesnt like her, and maybe she doesnt like her inner self.


Constellation luck said, this matter will be solved soon. She looked down again, and saw words like promise, opportunity, and expression. In short, she felt that even the official account was urging herself to identify the relationship.

Shen Jiarui decides that choosing a day is better than bumping into the sun. He immediately asks Su Zhe to make it clear. She knew that she could only use this inexplicable grievance and anger to resolve the matter, so she made an excuse to leave the bombardment hall early and take a taxi to Su Zhes house.

After getting on the bus, Shen Jiarui opened the public comments and found a bar near his home to share his location with Su Zhe. The two of them had been chatting, so she knew he was at home and he was free.

Its a long drive from Sanlitun to Wukesong. Shen Jiarui has enough time to sort out her emotions. She is used to fighting prepared battles. When she went to school, she would review her notes again and again before the exam. She would recite her lines to her best knowledge when she participated in literary performances in the University. After work, she would do activities and connect with Party B. she would always plan PlanB in her mind.

People like her will not be defeated by Liu Shiqi. She is her kind. It was Chu Yiyi who defeated her. She doesnt have to work as hard as herself to want anything.

Shen Jiarui knows that what makes her feel most sad tonight is not that she is satirized by Liu Shiqi, but that she suddenly realizes that she has been compared by others. On the contrary, he is the one who is not preferred.

Shen Jiarui would like to ask Su Zhe who he would choose if Chu Yiyi showed his favor to him. She also wanted to ask Chu Yiyi, if she and Liu Shiqi fell into the water together, who would she save first.

For example, when she saw Su Zhe for the first time, she knew that the man who was not Chu Yi was secretly happy. For example, Chu Yiyi took her to the gym a few days ago. As a result, they lost their way in Huamao.

Another example is that after discovering that her ex boyfriend old Han cheated on a certain Internet celebrity, she lies on the sofa of Chu Yiyis home and eats snacks. Chu Yiyi takes her mobile phone to help her tear and force her on Weibo. Chu Yiyi sorted out the evidence, chat records and time lines one by one. The battle was very beautiful, and Shen Jiarui also gained a number of fans. It was during that time that her microblog went from 3000 to 50000.

When she thought of this, Shen Jiarui immediately opened her microblog to find the latest attention. Sure enough, she saw Liu Shiqis microblog. She make complaints about trumpets, and her head is cherry little meatball. She has no pictures. Almost all of them are sundried and sunburnt. Shen Jiarui went back to the customs without hesitation, and praised the dynamic of her topping.

At this moment, she slowly regained her sanity, regretting that she had just had a conversation with Liu Shiqi, and she was brewing how to have a showdown with Su Zhe.