Yellow cattle in the final of the League of Heroes

 Yellow cattle in the final of the League of Heroes

On October 31, 2020 hero League S10 global finals will be held in Pudong football field, Shanghai. As the most popular E-sports event, it has aroused the attention of countless players all over the world, and the 6312 free spectator seats opened on the day of the competition attracted players crazy pursuit.

Its too hard to win. Its harder to win than to buy a lottery ticket. On October 21, senior player a Fei (pseudonym) told reporters that since the free tickets were lottery tickets, more than 1 million players were registered in only four hours after the official opening of the registration channel, and the number of players finally registered reached 3.2 million, the winning probability is about 0.2%, and there is no play at all.

But game player is ID confused. Now there are a lot of cattle that are known to be able to shake the phone. Only players need to provide information such as telephone, name, ID number, hero League game account password, etc., and then pay 7500 yuan to officially sign Yaohao and sign the lottery through internal channels, and even the Yellow Bull has already sold the tickets for the finals, and has been fired to the sky high price of nearly 30 thousand yuan each time. u201du3002

In fact, the lottery has already been completed. The official staff of the event told shell finance reporter of Beijing news that the so-called absolutely reliable proxy service in the scalpers mouth is fake, and even the source of tickets is also largely fake tickets.

On October 18, when searching for S10 hero League global finals tickets on Taobao platform, the reporter found that dozens of ticket businesses were selling tickets. These businesses are conspicuously marked with slogans such as hot ticket booking, one false compensation for ten. The price of tickets varies from several hundred yuan to tens of thousands of yuan according to the order of seats.

The reporter contacted a ticket vendor named entertainment ticketing network, and the other party quickly sent a detailed price list. It shows that the price of the front row of the infield is 15900 yuan to 26900 yuan according to different positions, while the price of the first row of the whole court is as high as 29980 yuan. The other side said that the purchase of tickets required the reporters ID card information and my mobile phone number, and reminded that because the admission process is cumbersome, the site will also arrange one-to-one guidance for customer service..

When the reporter expressed his concern about unclear lottery results, the other side said that there was no need for lottery at all, and the tickets were cooperation and sponsorship quota.

It is worth noting that when the reporter entered the store again on October 22, he found that the shop name had been changed to conch is not sweet. Although the relevant tickets are still being sold, and the ticket prices of all grades are also changed to 88 yuan, the specific price still needs to be consulted by customer service. The reporter then inquired about the ticket price of customer service and found that the price was still between 15900 yuan and 30000 yuan.

Another business named Blue Ocean ticketing said that if there is a need to buy tickets, they can directly make a deposit of 50 yuan, and then inform the specific price of the full payment after the ticket is issued on October 26. When the reporter inquired about whether to need a real name and other questions, the other side said that after the ticket came out, it would scan the QR code on the ticket, input the identity information, and swipe the ID card to enter on the same day. In order to reassure reporters, the other side also said, after watching the end of the game, confirm the receipt, there is no more reliable than this!

The reporter then found that there were many sellers selling tickets for the finals. Although the prices were different, most of them said that the source of tickets came from sponsors and internal tickets. One of the sellers said without hesitation, we also know about real name authentication and face recognition. We dont need to ask about tickets from real name channels. Since we sell your tickets, we wont let you in.

In fact, the organizers of the League of heroes have publicly said that tickets for the finals will be admitted by real name certificate registration, notarized lottery drawing, qualification confirmation and ID card verification. At the same time, there are no physical bills. The valid ID card of the spectator will be the only registration, extraction and admission certificate for the on-site viewing qualification of the League of heroes global finals. The ID card must be corresponding and cannot be transferred or resold in the whole process.

In order to show that they can get tickets, many scalpers often explain that they are channels such as sponsors certificate and work permit, but only a small number of top ticket dealers have such channels. As for the ticket sources expressed by many scalpers, Laohe is not satisfied, even if there are similar ticket outflow, it is impossible for every family to have similar resources. And the organizer will also check and confirm the identity of the ticket holder.

Shell financial reporters also noted that the flood of tickets does not even rule out scalpers false tickets for profit.

Previously, some media reports said that many scalpers even played word games. In addition to clearly marking the sky high price tickets of 100% winning projects, there were other ticket prices with different winning rates. Although the prices of these tickets were relatively low, they were all marked with the notice of no refund. This means that once users choose similar tickets, there is a risk that they will not be able to win. And if you cant shake the middle size, the user will not refund and exchange the hundreds of yuan of subscription money paid to the store, and will not be responsible for the follow-up content.

It doesnt rule out that businesses just go through the motions. Even the other side may not participate in the lottery at all, and directly tell the players that they are not shaking. Lao he said.

E-sports events become a new favorite of scalpers, and manual ticket grabbing industry chain changes hands to increase prices

In fact, this is not the first time that the Yellow Bull has appeared in the League of heroes and other E-sports events.

With the increasing popularity of E-sports events, countless scalpers are extending their profit-making tentacles into this field. As early as 2017, there was a serious scalper incident in the S7 global finals of the League of heroes, which was also held in China. At that time, a ticket price of hundreds of yuan was once fried to thousands of yuan.

At that time, I was going to buy the Chinese RNG team against the South Korean SKT team. After all, it was a top match. On October 22, recalling the scene of grabbing tickets at that time, a Fei, a senior player, was deeply impressed. When he couldnt get tickets from the official channels, he tried to contact scalpers to buy them, but he immediately gave up the idea. The tickets with the original price of 480 yuan were fried to more than 4000 yuan, and the tickets at the front were even more expensive, so I couldnt afford to buy them.

At that time, Lao he, who had participated in the speculation of tickets, told reporters that the competition let many peers earn a lot from it. After two domestic teams entered the semi-finals, the sensitive scalpers began to hoard and fry tickets crazily. The official ordinary ticket price is set at 180 to 380 yuan according to the seating order, while the infield price is 480 yuan. But later, the ordinary ticket price was increased by 1000 yuan on the basis of the original price, and the infield ticket price was increased by at least 8 to 10 times

In addition to the League of heroes event has become a serious disaster area, including dota2, Kings glory and other popular E-sports events, there have been similar situations.

In 2019, the 9th dota2 international invitational tournament will be held in Shanghai. Tickets for the final were sold out in less than a minute after the official channel opened. Soon, a large number of scalpers appeared on the Internet, and the original 2099 yuan final ticket package was fried to 11000 yuan. And in the kings glory League some of the key games, was also the news of scalpers.

Laohe told reporters that in recent years, scalpers, who resell tickets for E-sports events, have developed software specially for grabbing tickets, which can grab a large number of tickets at the first time of ticket sales, and even form a relatively complete manual ticket grabbing industrial chain. Usually, experienced online organizations recruit a large number of manpower to grab tickets, and guide how to quickly open links and give priority to the process of ticketing in official channels and third-party ticketing platforms. When the member grabs the ticket successfully, they only need to provide the ticket information to the organizer, and they can get a lot of commission. In addition to selling tickets themselves, organizers who hold a large number of tickets will also hand over the fare increase to the offline ticketing companies. After layer by layer of ticket vendors to increase prices, the final presentation in front of the players is naturally sky high tickets.

The emergence of scalpers has an inevitable negative impact on E-sports. On October 21, Ma Jing, an observer of the e-sports industry, told reporters, sky high ticket prices are too expensive for ordinary players, which may lead to a decline in players enthusiasm for watching the game. The decline in enthusiasm means that players will gradually stay away from the event and even the e-sports project itself, and eventually bring harm to the e-sports industry which is becoming more and more standardized today.

Daiyao tickets are basically fake, identity card verification makes yellow cattle ticket sad

The presence of yellow cattle in the S10 global finals has also attracted the attention of the League of Heroes Official and police.

Shell financial reporters noted that Pudong Public Security Bureau also began to investigate the illegal activities of scalpers on the Internet.

In an interview with the media, the relevant personnel of the public security detachment of Pudong Public Security Bureau of Shanghai said that these so-called yellow cattle are all liars, and their cattle tickets are false. All the seats provided by the finals are produced by Yaohao, and are directly linked to the ID number that has been rolled up. The organizers will also strictly implement the system of face verification ID card real name admission at the scene of the competition under the guidance of the police, and fundamentally eliminate the ticket counting behavior of yellow cattle. Even on the day of the competition, Pudong police will organize police forces to strengthen the public security patrol around the venues, severely crack down on the Yellow Cattle disturbance, and avoid the audience who are not aware of the situation from being cheated.

If you only need tickets to enter the scene before, there may be ticket transfer and other situations. And the S10 finals tickets need players to meet the requirements of ID card and face recognition at the same time, so it is difficult to fake them. He Dan (pseudonym), a player who has repeatedly purchased tickets for offline E-sports events, told reporters, even if the scalpers sell real tickets transferred by the winning bidder, if they are not the original winners themselves, they will not be able to pass the on-site inspection and verification.

In fact, in addition to the possibility of a lack of money, there are also other risks. Once the audience provides information such as their ID number to the so-called yellow bull , there is a risk of personal information leakage. The police said.

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