Wu top 15 middle and fifth still cut three double season first three games output 33 assists

 Wu top 15 middle and fifth still cut three double season first three games output 33 assists

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In the last match against Beijing team, although Zhejiang team won 92-75, Wu Qian was frozen by Beijing team with fierce defense, and only 10 points were recorded in the whole game.

Today, Wu Qian continued to be guarded against death by his opponent in this competition. At the beginning of the first festival, Wu was hit by Tian Guisen by breaking the ball. In this competition, Wu Qian sports war shot continuously to play iron, only by free throws points. However, he did well in the series, with a series of brilliant passes zhuxuhang and Liu Zeyi scoring.

In the next quarter, Wu Qian continued to play the role of the teams engine, and assisted Lai Junhao in three points. With 5 minutes and 45 seconds left in the second quarter, Wu Qian withdrew to catch the ball, and the defensive players kept up with him. Wu Qian suddenly turned his back to throw the other side clean and hit a three-point flank to help Zhejiang open the difference to 13 points. 3 minutes 17 seconds, Zhu Xuhang grabs the backboard to Wu Qian. Wu Qian with the help of pick and roll cover, the top of the arc was pulled up and shot, and scored another three points.

With 10 minutes left in the third quarter, Wu Qian hit the basket with the ball, but was intercepted by GE Zhaobao. A minute later, Wu Qian cut the basket empty again, received Zhang Dayu to hit the pass, easy layup score. In the second half of the third quarter, Wu Qian continued to create injuries and kept the score difference beyond 20 points through free throws.

The tenacious Shanxi team did not give up. At the end of the game, Shanxi played Zhejiang team a wave of 15-3, making the game suspense. Wu Qian did not play well, and forced a layup and was hit by his opponent. In this section, he shot all the first four shots. In the case that the individual attack cannot be opened, Wu Qians continuous assists teammates score. Pause back, Wu Qian took off the rebound, assists Cheng Shuai Peng to counter attack successfully, finally broke the team score shortage. Although Shanxi tried to fight back at the end, it failed in the end. Zhejiang finally beat the opponent 105-93.