Womens basketball team Li Meng: the idol is James, the gap is very big, but will try to get close to him

 Womens basketball team Li Meng: the idol is James, the gap is very big, but will try to get close to him

I love it, I love it. Talking about his 20 years of basketball, Chinese womens basketball player Li Meng told Xinhua.

Two choices and persistence

Thanks to his parents genes, Li Mengs height was outstanding when he was a child. Her parents especially wanted her to practice a sport, so they sent her to learn how to swim. After swimming for a year, Li Meng always felt a pain in her ear. Her mother took her to the hospital for examination. The doctor said that Li Mengs ears often get inflamed by water, suggesting that the child should not be allowed to practice swimming again.

Considering Li Mengs physical condition, her mother had to give up swimming. But the childrens sports potential is there. By chance, Li Mengs mother learned that a friends child was practicing basketball, so she took him to the basketball class to have a try.

The coach saw that I was only five years old when I was very young. He said why I was so small. We dont accept such a small one here. Its hard to bring the youngest seven years old. Theres no way for me to practice something at the age of five. Mom said that we can not play, on the side of the dribble, you let us practice, this practice has been practiced until now. Li Meng recalled.

Li Mengs competitive character was reflected in her childhood. Every morning before dawn, she followed the enlightenment coach to the park to practice ball. The ball in the coachs hand was in front of her eyes, but Li Meng couldnt grab it. She asked the coach why this was.

Go down and grab it. The coach replied. If its on the floor, Ill grab it, but its concrete. Although Li Meng was puzzled, he still followed the coachs request. She got the ball, but her hand was worn out.

I dont think it has changed. Li Meng said, when I was five years old, I didnt know what this thing could bring you, so I thought it was fun. But when you got in touch with it slowly, you liked it and then became a love. Until now, I love this sport very much.

Li Meng came to the fore in the 2010 U17 World Youth Championship, when the Chinese team won the second place, with an average of 15.4 points and 6.2 rebounds per game, she won the title of the most valuable player (MVP). At the award ceremony, Li Meng, who was taking pictures with her teammates, suddenly heard her name, and then she took the stage to receive the prize. Because she was too young, she didnt realize the weight of the award at first, but she didnt realize it until she came back with a reminder from her coach.

Li Meng, who became famous at a young age, was looking forward to her future career, but suffered a huge blow. Her anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) ruptured one after another in less than half a year. At first, Li Meng didnt think so, but when serious injuries came again, she began to think whether she would go on this road.

In fact, it was OK after the first injury, and it didnt hurt my heart. But after the second injury, I began to think about whether this road would not be suitable for me

Li Meng told his mother that she wanted to go to school. Many coaches felt it a pity and came to persuade her. What did you insist on and why did you choose? After thinking about it for a few days, Li Meng realized that she would continue to pursue her basketball dream, because I love it, I like it.

His parents are the guide on Li Mengs basketball road. When he was a child, no matter where Li Meng went to train and compete, his mother would catch up with the scene. When I was a child, I had a habit. If my mother didnt go, I would always look for it. I felt that there was something missing in my heart. As soon as my mother went, I felt very down-to-earth. Li Meng said.

Looking forward to the Olympic Games

In the womens basketball qualification competition in February this year, the Chinese team won three games and won the Olympic qualification, which boosted the confidence of the Chinese people in the fight against the epidemic in the special period. Li Meng performed well in the qualification competition and was selected as the best team and MVP.

Li Meng said frankly, although after a period of time, he will look back at the game in his spare time. For me, the third stage of the Olympic qualification is really about participating in the Games (directly) related to the Olympic Games. It is also a dream for me for so many years. More importantly, there is a sense of mission to fight for our country. In addition, it was a special period, which also injected a shot of strength into the people of our country

Many people believe that if Chinas womens basketball team competes in the Tokyo Olympic Games with good momentum in the qualification competition, it is very likely to achieve good results. However, affected by the epidemic situation, the Olympic Games will be postponed to next year, so the uncertainty will increase.

Then go to the Olympic Games. Maybe we have been at a high level. Now it will give us more preparation time. During this period, the test for us is how to maintain this training height and competition state all the time

Getting tickets is not our destination, but preparing for the Olympics. We watch video analysis, from the psychological, state and personal skills, everyone will sum up, see what their own shortcomings, and strive to improve before the Olympic Games Li Meng said.

In Li Mengs opinion, national team head coach Xu Limin has brought great changes to the team in the spiritual level. He will always say, look back and see now, in the history of Chinese womens basketball, we have to write this down, we have been trying to create the Chinese womens basketball team of our time.

Li Meng said that the development of womens basketball in the world in recent years is both an opportunity and a challenge for the Chinese team. We are also absorbing the advantages of some of the worlds top teams. We should take the advantages of others that are suitable for us, and slowly master and learn, so as to be closer to the worlds top teams.

Four years ago, Li Meng missed the Rio Olympics, which made her look forward to next years Tokyo, to attack medals, which is also the goal of our Chinese womens basketball team.

More than dream, more challenges

At the beginning of 2012-2013 season, Li Meng quickly felt the difference between professional league and Youth League.

In the youth team, its OK to be better technically, but after the adult team, you need to know how to cooperate with your peers and how to create more opportunities for your peers through your characteristics or advantages. She said.

From the beginning of the rookie, to the veteran players after retirement to carry the team flag, Li dreams of the most is how to help the team win, she hopes to use her own characteristics to create more scoring opportunities for her peers.

Last year, Li Meng received a contract from the womens National Basketball Association (WNBA) team, but decided not to play in the United States for the military games and the preparation for the Olympic Games. We should put the country first, and it is more important to serve the country than anything else. If there is such a chance in the future, as long as there is no conflict with the national team, I will still consider it

Because of his outstanding physical fitness and all-round performance on the field, Li Meng is called LeBron dream by fans, and LeBron James is his idol.

The power of idols is infinite. What he (James) brings me now is still on the spiritual level. When he needs to stand up on the field, he will certainly come out. There is still a big gap between me and him, but I will try to get closer to him Li Meng said.

Talking about holding hands with Nike in the near future, Li Meng said that this reflected Nikes recognition of her and made her more strict with herself in the following training.

The charm of sports is to play to the extreme on the field, not only reflected in commercial value, but also personal charm. Li Meng said, now the womens basketball team is gradually getting better. More people are paying attention to the womens basketball team, and we are doing better to let more people see our value. I hope more people will support the Chinese womens basketball team and womens events.

Li Meng, a cheerful character, is a smiling girl and a social media talent. During the closed training period of the national team, she sometimes formed a mischievous trio with her teammates Wu Tongtong and Wang Xuemeng, and sometimes turned into a Fairy wearing a skirt, blueprints and accompanying text: if you havent moved, Im really shameless.

Training and life. Li Meng said, in fact, we are no different from ordinary girls, but we are engaged in this project. Daily training is also boring. Usually we will play with each other, and clap the voice, and we can promote our tiktok.

When it comes to future planning, Li Meng said that he has always been on the road to challenge, and there are still many things that need to be improved.

I hope to stand on the highest podium, no matter which team you follow, or which team you are in, and start for the champion. She said firmly.

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