Doing the right thing for a long time, Xie Shuying, a female hero of Penghua rights and interests, focuses on the essence of investment

 Doing the right thing for a long time, Xie Shuying, a female hero of Penghua rights and interests, focuses on the essence of investment

In terms of the value of the existence of the stock market, it is to allocate funds to the places with the highest social efficiency. In this process, a considerable part of the daily work of investment managers is to communicate with entrepreneurs. In fact, better investment is accompanied by communication with these excellent entrepreneurs. Listening to what they say and doing can also improve their self-cultivation.

Investment and research have unique vision

Peng Hua fund Xie Shuyings understanding of investment, there is no lack of unique perspective and professional insight. For the judgment of enterprise value, different investment managers have their own different ways and methods, which may eventually be implemented in the dimension of enterprise fundamentals. She believes that from a long-term perspective, investment income must come from the improvement of enterprise value.

For the judgment of enterprise value, Penghua Fund Xie Shuying pays close attention to three dimensions. First, the business model of the enterprise itself, its competitive advantages and sustainability can be understood as whether its ability to create value is higher than that of other enterprises and can it be sustained compared with the whole macro economy. The second is the quality of competitive advantage, that is to say, the competitive quality of enterprises can constantly create cash. If only a pile of equipment is finally available, it will also have a huge impact on the value of the enterprise. Third, it is cyclical. Because different industries may have excess income in different stages compared with macro-economy, the big cycle of the industry itself and the small cycle of the enterprises operation are also very noteworthy. The best state is that the big cycle is upward, the small cycle is also upward, and the development of the industry itself is good. The enterprise itself operates It is in a better cycle, in such a case, investment can often achieve better results.

Using the strength of eye-catching achievements to circle powder

After years of professional accumulation and good interaction with customers, Xie Shuying has a number of investors. She was devoted to giving back for her trust. According to galaxy securities data, as of the end of the third quarter of this year, Penghuas value advantage ranked in the top 1 / 3 of similar funds with a return rate of 114.31% in the past five years. In addition, according to wind data statistics, since Xie Shuying of Penghua Fund took over the management in 2015, the trend of fund net value has continued to surpass the benchmark trend of performance comparison and the average trend of partial stock hybrid fund. From the natural years of complete operation, except for 2018, all years have significantly outperformed the average return rate of partial stock hybrid fund in the same period, ranking consistently with long-term excellent performance Upstream level of similar funds.