Exclusive disclosure of win the fraud: the whole teacher sells the lesson and runs school without certificate

 Exclusive disclosure of win the fraud: the whole teacher sells the lesson and runs school without certificate

On the other hand, Chen Hao, a leading actor, said with his nose blowing and crying: in the past few years, the company has developed too fast, its scale is too large, and the buildings it has built are too high. The companys money has been put into the operation. It is very sad for the staff to leave and strike, which will make the operation more difficult.

On the other side, the instant comment area of the screen is full of bloody smell, and refund! Dont sell it badly Ill catch you and judge you! The words.

Three days ago, the headquarters of Yousheng education, located in Guanghua Road, East Third Ring Road, Beijing, was once encircled by a team of nearly 4000 people. When globegroup people visited this place again, they found that the buildings were empty. Businesses nearby said that there were so many people here on that day. Parents of students who were in arrears with tuition fees and employees who were in arrears with wages stayed from morning to night and asked the company to refund their money.

For many parents who are owed money, this war without gunpowder may have just begun.

Parents: they spent 700000 yuan and found it was a big swindler

The teacher asked my child, what do you want to hear? Well, if the child knows what he wants to listen to, does he need you to make up his lessons?

This kind of private teaching is called to be taught by famous teachers. In fact, its just fooling around. Later, I learned that they were all college students with little experience.

Zhong Zhen remembers that every time he finishes a few classes, the teacher and the salesman will find his wife and say that there is a discount recently. The more you buy, the better it will be. The mother of the child likes to be cheap, so it gets deeper and deeper. Later, Zhong Zhen felt that something was wrong. The children couldnt learn, and the number of students who got the best education was less and less. Sometimes I take my child to class, and she is a student, a teacher and a front desk aunt on the whole floor.

Whats more disturbing to Zhongzhen is that the teachers in the shop keep on selling, that is, they keep saying that the discount only lasts until one day, and every time its there, its the last day.

Zhongzhen decided to withdraw class hours, superior education to find out a variety of reasons not to refund money. When he heard the news that Yousheng wants to run away, he immediately went to the police station to report the case.

When Zhong Zhen mentioned this to the reporter when he was a child, he suddenly became angry: it hurt the child, delayed the class, and didnt learn anything. It also hurt the parents. Its immoral for the white flower to give tens of thousands of yuan.

In the parent group where Zhong Zhen is located, there is a lot of sadness. There are all parents who have no way to refund their fees. Some even owe more than 400000 yuan. Winning education keeps telling parents that the price is going to go up, Zhong said

A parent once filed a complaint in Wangjing Court on October 15. When she joined this group, she realized that there were too many people in similar situations with her. According to previous media reports, some parents had sold their houses worth 2 million yuan, of which 340000 were used to enroll their children in cram schools for excellence education.

In another wechat group seen by the reporter, there were 491 parents who had reported or were about to report the case. As of the time of publication, there were 491 people in the group. Parents who dont know each other give each other moves and certificates to protect their rights. Lets take a look at the time when you bought the class. Did Yousheng give you an invoice? No invoice, only receipt at the beginning, and finally wechat charges illegal real hammer! Report to the tax authorities! Now login to win the small program can not find payment records!


Prior to this, Sichuan TV station reported frequently on the issue of winning education.

Employee: signed 3 party a companies in 2 years

From the problems reflected by parents, the reporter found another interesting fact. In some branches of excellence education, the teachers who should be responsible for teaching also become salesmen.

The reporter obtained an internal letter from Chen Hao to the employees in March this year from the former employees. In the letter, Chen Hao clearly mentioned that all teachers should carry out nationwide marketing.

Xiaohua joined Tianjin Yousheng education, which had 37 branches at that time. His salary at the end of each month was 3000 yuan, plus class fees, and he could get an average income of 8000 yuan. However, according to his reflection, he often finds it difficult to get his salary on the 15th of the contract, and sometimes he has to wait until the 31st. But the salary is OK, so he didnt pay much attention to it.

Referring to the employees internal letter, Xiaohua said: it should be the first time for us to publicly indicate nationwide marketing like this. Although we didnt know what to say before, all kinds of operations remind us that teachers must do sales promotion.

In 2019, Xiaohua and his colleagues were asked to sign a resignation certificate, but no new contract was signed this time. Something like this happened before, and we didnt care, because we just graduated and had no experience.

Xiaohua is also unknowingly changed to pay social security companies, at the same time, the salary card has also undergone subtle changes. Originally, the paycard was used by ICBC, and each transaction will show who transferred the money. Once, the pay card suddenly changed to another bank, and we couldnt find out who gave us the money. In January 2020, wage payment will become wechat transfer again.

Xiaohua used dying struggle to describe the last half year of winning education. He was owed more than 10000 yuan before and after, and his colleagues owed 50000 yuan at most. Some of my colleagues come from the West or the south to rent a house every month. Some of them still have mortgage loans. All of a sudden, their money is gone.

Unable to bear it, Xiaohua resigned in August this year and applied for labor arbitration. However, at this time, he suddenly realized that the constant change of contract caused a huge obstacle to the salary.

Xiaohua said that before labor arbitration, we should first confirm the object of arbitration, that is, the company that defaulted on wages, but whether it is the company that signed the contract before, or the company that pays social security, or something else, it took me a long time. After the labor arbitration object is established, if the arbitration object does not appear in court, it will be announced for 60 days before entering the new process. This company is not right. It will be publicized for 60 days, and then it will be replaced by others. No, it will take another 60 days to come back and forth. Those who owe money will run away early.

The people who accept labor arbitration cant look down and persuade him to give up, you should not get back tens of thousands of yuan.. After all kinds of experience, Xiaohua deeply realized that it was premeditated that the winner should not be paid.

Chen Hao, the bold boss of you

What is the origin of Chen Hao, who was chased by his parents and employees?

Chen Hao will choose the education industry, which has a lot to do with his family background. In 1978, Chen Haoping, a famous Chinese mathematician, was born in 1978. Her mother, Tang FangQiong, graduated from Beijing Normal University in the 1970s, is a famous scientist, researcher of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and doctoral supervisor. Her resume says that she has presided over several national 863 projects and has more than 50 invention patents.

Chen Hao once mentioned that he was born in a Gaozhi family, but his family education from childhood was carrot + Stick, boring and monotonous. When he was a child, he had tutoring lessons, and his teachers often changed. This growing experience made him realize the importance of individualized education, so he founded excellence education when he was 21 years old.

Entrepreneurship has experienced a long period of downturn. In the early days, when the company encountered financial difficulties and was too poor to pay wages, Chen Hao mortgaged his RV to support himself. In the most difficult time of starting a business, he once went home and the first thing he did was lock the balcony. He was afraid that he could not think of it all of a sudden, so he jumped down from the stairs.


Chen Hao participated in the scene of you are the only one.

After becoming famous, Chen Hao is good at packaging himself as a conscience boss. He once said that he always insisted on one thing - whether the company made money or not, he would give employees a raise every year. However, he did not expect that his parents would be in dispute one day because of his outstanding words.

This time, the winning education Thunderbolt, some long-standing chaos in the education market also surfaced, the most obvious is the school license and business license.

The reporter contacted Zhang Yunxiang, a lawyer who recently provided legal consultation services to the parents of victimized parents of Yousheng education. He told the reporter: Chen Hao does not have the qualification to run a training school. He is suspected of operating the training school illegally.

The private education promotion law, which was formally implemented on September 1, 2017, clearly stipulates that for-profit training companies (for-profit private schools) must obtain the business license and school running license with the training business scope, and only after the two certificates are completed can they truly possess the school running qualification. The unlicensed school running will not only be ordered to rectify and close down, but also be fined more than one time and less than five times of the illegal income of the companys founders. In serious cases, they will be punished by public security administration or investigated for criminal responsibility. In 2018, the country carried out special rectification activities for unqualified education and training institutions, and 269000 institutions were found and reformed.

Lawyer Zhang Yunxiang didnt find the company Yousheng education on the website of Beijing Municipal Bureau of market supervision and administration. He only found some related companies with the word excelsior education, but there was no education related company in the business scope involved.

The reporter searched the website for Beijing Hongzhi Shengwen Education Consulting Co., Ltd. mentioned by the employees before Yousheng education. Among them, only education consultation is related to education. On tianyancha app, the companys legal representative is Cui Nan, with more than 30 legal risks.

Zhang Yunxiang believes that educational consultation and running a school are two different things. According to the private education law, running a school requires a qualification certificate. Chen Haos illegal school running has a wide range, a long time and a great influence. He also continues to collect money from the parents of the students when he cant continue his classes, which has caused bad social impact. If the punishment without criminal law is not enough to warn the society, the criminal responsibility should be investigated with the crime of illegal business operation.

Even though, since last year, several famous and old-fashioned education and training institutions have been in trouble. Weibo English and Wall Street English institutions, which have been known as four English training institutions with the Mobil and United States, have closed down in China. Weber English has also launched services to handle educational tuition loans through Beijing East white bar. Its a way to attract students, a person who has been working in the education industry for many years told reporters. But if the organization does run out of the way, there will be a problem of refunding. According to people familiar with the matter, many educational and training institutions only registered as home service when they registered, all of which were not related to education. Nowadays, parents want their children to get high marks through extracurricular classes, so as to enter a competitive good school. It is also, therefore, fuelling the chaos of the education market. Chen Hao once said that he wanted to make up for the gap outside school education and cultivate childrens interest in learning by establishing superior education. He also said education is a very happy industry. Ironically, his current approach has become an obstacle to a reasonable education for some children. Source: global person responsibility editor: chenhequn_ NB12679

In addition, according to people familiar with the situation, many education and training institutions only register their business projects as housekeeping services when they register, which are not related to education.

Nowadays, parents want their children to get high marks through extra-curricular classes, so as to enter the competitive good schools. As a result, it has contributed to the chaos of the education market.

Chen Hao once said that he wanted to make up for the gap in school education and cultivate childrens interest in learning. He also said that education is a very happy industry. Ironically, what he is doing now is just an obstacle for some children to receive a reasonable education.