Russian media said the first Syrian children went to Russian Military Academy for free study.

 Russian media said the first Syrian children went to Russian Military Academy for free study.

According to a large circulation daily report, eight children from Syrias School of the Dead Heros Children have arrived in St. Petersburg and are now in the process of doing so. Go to Russia to prepare for military schools.

The eight children are expected to start studying in Russian military schools on September 1, as part of a recently signed agreement to allow Syrians to study in Russian military schools free of charge, the head of the Syrian cultural center in St. Petersburg told The News. Prove that you understand Russian and pass all necessary physical examinations.

Vada Jondy also said the children would be the first Syrian citizens ever to receive military education in Russia.

The report said the Syrian Embassy in Russia confirmed the news and said the children were undergoing adaptive training, which would enable them to start learning with Russian students. There is an agreement to allow Syrian children to attend Russian military schools, the embassy source told the newspaper. This is a permanent agreement which stipulates that children in Syria go to Russian Federation every year.

Data map: the Russian army invited children from Syria to visit the barracks.

Senator Olija Kavitidi, chairman of the Russian House of Lords Subcommittee on International Military Technical Cooperation, also said that the plan for Syrian citizens to receive Russian military education was long-term and expressed the hope that the plan would promote peace and security in Syria. Training highly specialized officers in Russia is a huge investment in Syrias future peace, she said. The children of the late Syrian heroes trained in Russia will become the military elite of the Syrian Arab Republic.

The Senator also said she and her colleagues believe that in 10 to 15 years, the Syrian border will be guarded by soldiers who receive the highly specialized training that Russian soldiers receive.

Reported that in mid-July this year, the Russian government issued a decree allowing Syrian children to study free in Russian military schools if they have enough Russian knowledge and pass the necessary tests. Future candidates are selected by the Syrian side on the basis of medical results, while the Russian side determines how many candidates are selected on the basis of the number of applicants. (compile / Yuan Xinfang)

Data map: Russian soldiers and children in Syria.