Xiamens tallest building starts at 3.64 billion yuan, 70percent lower than the appraisal price

 Xiamens tallest building starts at 3.64 billion yuan, 70percent lower than the appraisal price

However, even if the starting price is 70% lower than the market evaluation price, no one is interested in the subject matter.

It is worth mentioning that the auctioneer has set five conditions for the qualification of the bidder, and the bidder must meet one of the following conditions. It includes: the bidders should be the top 500 real estate development enterprises in China; the worlds top 500 enterprises selected and published by Fortune magazine, or the top 500 Chinese enterprises published by the China Enterprise Federation and China Entrepreneur Association, or the top 500 enterprises in Chinas service industry; the central enterprises managed by the state owned assets supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council; and domestic industry leading enterprises (the revenue of last year was no less than 10 billion yuan) or top 10 enterprises in domestic industry (subject to the ranking published by the authoritative organization of subdivided industries); real estate development enterprises with grade I qualification.

Xiamen International Center is a super complex integrating super grade A office building, unit office, high-grade club, sightseeing and other functions. The project covers an area of 15032.23 square meters, with 4 floors underground and 61 floors above ground. The building height is 339.88 meters. At present, the project has been capped and the glass curtain wall has been basically completed.

The auxiliary tower Xiamen Baojia center, which was auctioned together with Xiamen International Center, is a commercial, hotel and planned building with 30 floors above the ground. At present, except for the foundation pit support engineering (constructed in 2013, which has exceeded the design service life), the Xiamen Baojia center has not yet been constructed.

According to data, Xiamen International Center, formerly known as Xiamen post and telecommunications building, was officially planned as early as 1997. It has 66 floors, 249.7 meters high and 342.2 meters high, so it is called the highest building in Xiamen. Since then, the project of the highest building has been assigned to the postal system. Due to lack of funds, the project has been stranded since the completion of the 8-storey podium in 2003.

After a period of time, the first high building although actively looking for mother-in-law, the price of a drop and then fall, but become hot potato. It was not until 2010 that Li Rongxin, Nanan boss of Fujian Yongrong power (Group) Co., Ltd., accepted the offer at about 2 billion yuan, and later renamed Xiamen International Center. In 2012, China Construction Engineering Corporation (CCCC) bureau 6 won the bid for the construction general contract project of this project, and the project was officially restarted. After the completion of the project, Xiamens skyline will be refreshed and will be the first high building in Fujian Province. Wenzhou World Trade Center, which is over 323 meters in all respects, will become the first high building in the west of the sea, and become a new landmark of great attention.

In fact, in August and September of this year, the liquidation group issued the announcement on public recruitment of potential bidders for assets under the names of Xiamen Yuansheng Real Estate Co., Ltd. and Xiamen Yongrong Real Estate Co., Ltd., but no one was willing to take over the project.