Unexpected slight increase in channel price of iPhone 12 series

 Unexpected slight increase in channel price of iPhone 12 series

However, when the real photos of the blue version of iPhone12 appeared on the Internet, many netizens make complaints about it.

It is reported that there is a big color difference between the real iPhone 12 and the pictures on the official website. Due to the glass material on the back of the iPhone, the reflected light appears when the light is better. Therefore, the blue looks more gorgeous than the gray blue style on the official website.

This is the color of the press conference

The reality is

Some netizens said that the blue is also too grounded and has begun to hesitate whether to return it

Some netizens commented that the color is the same as the toilet block Some netizens continue to give similar colors:

However, some people think it looks good, because the blue color is more conspicuous in the crowd. It can be seen at a glance that it is the new iPhone 12 of this year, and it can also be personalized.

There are also netizens show the real machine is not so blue, so it will be the shooting angle?

The whole series of iPhone 12 is equipped with OLED screen and A14 chip, and supports dual-mode 5g network. Among them, the iPhone 12mini and 12 have five body colors of red, black, blue, light green and white.

According to a related vote of @ e-commerce newspaper, 28% of 165000 netizens who participated in the voting said that they did not buy the iPhone 12, which was the largest number of options; among those who bought, white was the most, followed by blue.

According to Apples official website, the pre-sale delivery time of the iPhone 12 has generally been extended to 2-3 weeks, while the iPhone 12pro has reached 3-4 weeks, which is a new high in recent years, which can be seen in the degree of hot sales.

If you buy the iPhone 12 through Apples official website, Direct stores and tmall flagship stores, it can support 14 days return without reason. If its Jingdong platform, it can also be returned without activation. So when you get the real machine, you can see the color before you decide whether to return it.

Wheres the iPhone improvement this year?

According to the media summary, this years iPhone improvement can be mainly attributed to four aspects:

2) 5g has come and been looking forward to it for more than a year. Although it is still an early stage of 5g, I believe this is the beginning of the next world change.

4) The improvement of chip. The era of faster mobile chip ratio has passed. The obvious improvement of A14 over A13 is still the performance of neural network engine. The number of hardware cores has increased to 16 (A13 is 8). In the era of artificial intelligence, the parts of chips with neural engine have been integrated into all aspects of use. Even if you take a good picture, it may help you.

If you dont know how to choose after reading the above contents, lets be simple:

For 80% of the people, the iPhone 12 is enough. The only regret is that there is no long focus. It must be the best and most popular style this year;

If you care about long focus and need better texture, just like when you buy a watch, you feel that the sports version is not good and needs stainless steel, then look at the iPhone 12 pro;

If you are a mobile phone photo maniac, photographer, do not rush to buy, and so on Novembers super large cup iPhone 12 promax;

If you care about the size of your mobile phone, and you have certain performance requirements; or you need a portable mobile phone, but you dont take the mobile phone as the whole of your life, and you dont brush your circle of friends and chat on wechat all the time, you can wait for the iPhone 12mini, the smallest mobile phone. In addition to a little worried about its service life, everything else must be OK.

Apple market value evaporated 600 billion, concept stocks are still optimistic

However, in the A-share market, the overall performance of Apple concept stocks on the latest closing day was good, but the apple concept stocks have fallen more than up since the conference. From October 14 to October 20, shares of huanxu electronics, Zhongshi technology and Pengding holdings all fell by more than 8.5%. Among them, huanxu electronics is the exclusive supplier of applewatchsip packaging and the world leader in SIP packaging. Its production lines have the industry-leading process capability. Peng Ding holding is the worlds largest PCB company, apple is one of its customers, the market value has evaporated more than 10 billion since October 14.

However, with the upcoming release of Huawei mobile phones, some of them belong to both Apple concept and Huawei concept. In October, compared with the end of September, the target price of these stocks was raised by institutions. A total of 9 such stocks, including Pengding holdings, Xinwangda, Dongshan precision, etc.

The highest premium of iPhone 12pro is 3000 yuan. The transaction of extended reading is shrinking. The outflow of northward fund exceeds 14 billion yuan in 4 days! Convertible bonds continue to boom, oil price of finished products rises for the fourth time in this year. Filling up a box of 92 gasoline costs 3 yuan more. Director of Civil Aviation Administration: 737max missed approach has no timetable. Three principles must be met. Source: Science and technology innovation board daily editor in charge: Chen Hequn_ NB12679

The highest premium of iPhone 12pro is 3000 yuan