Up 176percent, 151 times the turnover rate! This t + 0 breed continues to go crazy

 Up 176percent, 151 times the turnover rate! This t + 0 breed continues to go crazy

The turnover of 118.7 billion yuan accounts for half of the turnover of Shanghai stock market. The capital has gone to convertible bonds. No wonder a shares have fallen.

I cant dream of it

Zhengyuan convertible bonds soared by 176%

Some investors said they couldnt dream of it. Convertible bonds soared 176% one day. Today, Zhengyuan convertible bonds have been realized. From 128 yuan to 353.805 yuan, the turnover has reached 10.12 billion yuan, and the turnover rate has reached 61 times.

For the performance of Zhengyuan convertible bonds, investors call it terrible.

In other words, Zhengyuan convertible bonds are worth 130.759 yuan according to the price of shares, but now the price is as high as 353 yuan, which is very unreasonable. Zhengyuan convertible bond is just one example of the price going off the mark.

T + 0: a rare 151 fold turnover rate

As t + 0 convertible bonds, fund speculation is crazy, too frightening. From the turnover rate, the turnover rate of Wanli convertible bonds and Blue Shield convertible bonds has exceeded 100 times, of which Wanli convertible bonds is 151 times as high.

Speculation may be trampled at any time:

There has been a sharp plunge in convertible bonds.

From an intraday high of more than 28%, it closed down 11.64% at 360.5 yuan.

Investors worry about a sharp fall

After the craziness of convertible bonds, there is bound to be a return process in the future. Some investors are already worried about the high-level convertible bonds, which may fall rapidly.

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