Is Gou Taiming short of money? Suddenly cash in 8 billion

 Is Gou Taiming short of money? Suddenly cash in 8 billion

Guo Taiming clearance Alibaba

Cash withdrawal of HK $3 billion during the month

On October 8, Alibabas share price in the US stock exchange broke through the $300 mark, and Gou directly cashed out half of Alibaba.

250 million invested in Ali 13 years ago

Todays return on investment is over 3000%

According to previous media reports, when Ma Yun founded Alibaba, he once looked for investors everywhere due to lack of funds. At that time, many people suggested that Gou Taiming invest in Ma Yun, but he was suspicious and thought that Ma Yun was a little boastful and missed the best opportunity to invest in Alibaba.

In 2007, Gou was invited by Ma Yun to attend the second Alibaba e-commerce conference. At that time, Ma Yun told him, Foxconn is an elephant in the manufacturing industry. Ali will use many ants to overthrow you. At that time, according to Gou, how could ants overthrow elephants?

After a heated debate, neither Ma Yun nor Guo Taiming convinced anyone, but they became good friends with each other.

In 2012, after Ali delisted from Hong Kong, Gou Taiming never gave up, and his Alibaba shares landed in the United States in 2014. As we all know, Alibabas early investors have made a lot of money since then. Among them, the most famous one is sun Zhengyi of Softbank. The investment of 20 million US dollars has become more than 50 billion US dollars of stock, and the investment return rate is more than 2000 times.

So how much did Gou make?

Last year, Gou sold Alibaba shares twice, selling more than 3.5 million shares. In terms of the amount of selling, Hon Hai sold a total of US $670 million (about rmb4.7 billion / HK $5.2 billion) of Alibaba shares.

Together with the HK $3 billion sold this month, Hon Hai sold a total of HK $8.2 billion. Based on this calculation, Gou spent HK $272 million to subscribe for Ali. In the past 12 years, the return on investment was as high as HK $8.2 billion, and the return on investment exceeded 3000%.

Although every time Hon Hai group said in the announcement of reducing its holdings that the main purpose of selling Alibaba shares is to realize investment income, it seems that people all over the world know that selling Alibaba shares has almost become the most effective life-saving straw for Alibaba shareholders when they need money. Softbank is one of them.

According to the financial report of industrial Fulian, in the first half of 2020, the net cash flow from operating activities of industrial Fulian was - 5.234 billion yuan, compared with 6.439 billion yuan in the same period last year.

From the financial point of view, when the net cash flow of operating activities is negative, the net cash flow of investment activities is negative, and the net cash flow of financing activities is positive, it indicates that the enterprise needs to invest a lot of capital to form production capacity.

On January 20, this year, Mr. Gou pledged 436 million shares of Hon Hai shares. Based on the closing price of NT $92.3, the market value of his pledged shares was about NT $40.24 billion.

At present, Mr. Gou holds about 1337.9 billion shares of Hon Hai. According to preliminary calculation, by January this year, Gou Taiming had pledged 1.177.2 billion shares, accounting for about 83.5% of his total shares.