Star ring technology releases rail transit solutions, data brain makes smart transportation run

 Star ring technology releases rail transit solutions, data brain makes smart transportation run

In the emerging smart, efficient and safe rail transit development mode, star ring technology provides a complete technical link to help enterprise customers build a digital transformation platform. The solution provides multi-modal heterogeneous data platform (TDH), one-stop AI platform (sophon), and data cloud platform (TDC) in station risk assessment, passenger flow forecast and early warning, video intelligent analysis and intelligent detection It has been widely used in various fields, such as building a data brain in the industry, and making intelligent transportation run.

Sea, land and air comprehensive construction helps to enter the fast running track

Taking Chunqiu airlines as an example, it has broken the glass wall between new technology and business scenarios, helped Chunqiu Airlines complete cost index monitoring and other operations, established direct flight optimization model and altitude optimization model, and realized flight route optimization; established Visibility Forecast and early warning and monitoring platform for Shanghai Meteorological Bureau in the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River, realizing forecast, product visualization and evaluation The evaluation and inspection function, meteorological big data for the golden waterway shipping safety escort; help Shanxi traffic police value promotion, greatly improve the quality and efficiency of traffic police command and dispatch administrative law enforcement.

Improve the operation level and ensure the reliability of the citys lifeline

Prior to that, star ring technology helped Zhengzhou Metro to build a container cloud for smart rail transit. The Internet of things technology, which integrates people, things and things, is used as the data collection method, big data technology is used as the basic support for mass data collection and cleaning of rail transit, and artificial intelligence technology is the main means of information analysis and mining, so as to build a comfortable, convenient, environmental protection, safety and comfortable, convenient, environmental protection and safety All smart rail transit provides strong backstage support to improve customer satisfaction, improve business efficiency and save labor costs.

Intelligent maintenance makes resources more intensive and efficient. Edge end is the data edge acquisition aspect. The signal data, communication data, camera data, power supply data, etc. in metro operation can be transmitted to the cloud through the edge box of star ring technology for unified storage and management of data. AI is used to replace human to monitor video, which solves the problems of large workload, high cost and high artificial error rate.

The accuracy rate of using AI model to identify pantograph catenary sparks is as high as 99.3%, and the data such as the number of sparks, the size of sparks, the duration and the location of occurrence are extracted from the video and transformed into structured data. The health status of the line is evaluated by the comprehensive evaluation model of pantograph and catenary. Finally, the real-time monitoring and analysis are carried out by edge computing technology. Intelligent video data analysis through the sophon edge calculation module, the real-time video is automatically extracted and analyzed by artificial intelligence technology, and the result data is transmitted to the data center. It can realize intelligent applications such as passenger density detection or area number estimation in the compartment or platform area, abnormal behavior monitoring in the carriage or platform, and train driver operation specification monitoring, providing technical support for metro operation management, safety management and employee performance evaluation.

The intelligent video analysis application supports the drag and drop form of visual interface to realize automatic feature recognition of unstructured data such as videos, pictures and audio, and can carry out association analysis with structured data to realize intelligent maintenance. It replaces the traditional manual inspection method of rail transit equipment. Combined with the artificial intelligence model, the monitoring video of the equipment is analyzed intelligently, and the abnormal state is identified intelligently, which can reduce the workload of maintenance personnel, improve the inspection efficiency, reduce the rate of missed inspection, and ensure the reliability of the life line of the city.

Promote intelligent data integration, cloud platform makes everything possible

Star Ring Technology rail transit solution provides strong support for the intelligent application of rail transit cloud through container cloud technology, improves the problems of long cycle, high operation and maintenance cost and low resource utilization rate in the traditional informatization construction, realizes the production, operation and service management of intelligent station, intelligent operation and intelligent maintenance throughout the group, and effectively improves the passengers riding experience The healthy operation of metro equipment is hindered.

The subway intelligent perception data cloud platform based on satellite ring technology data cloud platform TDC includes all components of star ring technology big data integrated platform TDH and star ring technology artificial intelligence platform sophon. It provides big data and AI services in the form of cloud products to maximize the data value. In terms of data management and security, it provides cloud platform infrastructure including security protection, multi tenant management, micro service management, billing system and other services. Through container technology, the application can be automatically deployed and put on the shelf. TDC provides deep learning algorithm and artificial intelligence modeling technology, combined with specific application scenarios, builds intelligent maintenance model, and carries out feature recognition and intelligent analysis of video. Through clustering and relationship analysis of passenger flow data, the refined passenger flow distribution and dynamic situation of road network can be comprehensively mastered, and the application of passenger flow prediction and early warning, station risk assessment and passenger portrait analysis can be realized.

Rail transit is in a better stage of rapid construction and development, which is the key period for rail transit to lead urban development. In the future, star ring technology rail transit digital solutions will help more urban rail transit safe and stable operation, and help enterprises reduce costs and increase efficiency.