In order to lose weight, Song Xi, the goddess of golden eagle, is so hard to lose weight

 In order to lose weight, Song Xi, the goddess of golden eagle, is so hard to lose weight

Guan PI, an ordinary and kind man in the first love of a thousand year oldsu2014u2014

He Fanxing in the next stop is happiness in 2020u2014u2014

She is also the only female tutor in the Creation Camp 2020u2014u2014

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Interview video of song Qian (source: Netease fashion)

Life Qian

Netease fashion: what is the trouble of losing weight?

Song Xi: Im ok. I will know what I should do during this period, so I will have a judgment and control it.

Netease fashion: in order to keep fit, what is the most cruel thing?

Netease fashion: do you think the public is too harsh on the fat and thin female stars?

Song Xi: because some people are born with a strong sense of bone, and then some people may have a little bit of meat or muscle lines. I think its good to be healthy.

Netease fashion: is there any difference between 20 + and 30 + mentality?

Song Xi: 20 + may worry about more things. No matter what you do, you may feel more nervous in your heart. To 30 +, you will be more relaxed because your work includes more experience.

Netease fashion: tell yourself the characteristics of Aquarius

Songxi: I cant guess what Im going to say next.

Netease fashion: Xiaowan, Xiaoba and Xiaoer, who are the most popular?

Netease fashion: who is more difficult to serve?

Song Xi: its all OK. Its not difficult to serve. Its really easy to feed. But the small bowl is more picky. Its just a little bit. We all want it to eat a little more, but it always eats a little bit, then goes to play by itself, and then comes back for a bite or two.

Netease fashion: are you a master of water?

Song Xi: Master duanshui? Why should I serve them for myself. (sister Yi secretly suspects: Sisi doesnt know the meaning of carrying water)

Fashion Qian

Netease fashion: have you planted grass recently?

Song Xi: Ive planted a lot of grass. I just saw a watch called quicksand crystal diamond watch of the cheetah series. The gold quicksand in it can move, so its particularly beautiful.

Netease fashion: what is the first Cartier piece you own?

Song Xi: I remember its like a small ring. Its really the kind with only a circle of small diamonds. Its a very small ring.

Song Xi: I think its the finishing touch.

Netease fashion: are there any unacceptable fashion items?

Song Xi: Well, so far, its OK. Theres nothing that I cant wear. I think as long as the matching is good-looking and the matching is on my point, then I will choose to try it.

Netease fashion: what is suitable for autumn and winter?

From dancer to Aidou to actor, its a journey of breaking and rebuilding. Behind every new start, there are unknown hardships and hardships.

When f (x) just started her career, she split, stooped and even drank 8 pieces of raw egg liquid in various variety shows for combined exposure.

Too hard is the initial public evaluation of her, and behind the desperate is her unwilling as a captain: want to get better combination. Eleven years later, after the last member of the group also withdrew from the club, f (x) really became a history.

Time seems to have smoothed everything. Now standing in front of the public is song Qian, who is calm and has good taste.

She can be intellectual and elegantu2014u2014

A tassel skirt with luxury jewelry and high horsetail hair style shows superior shoulder and neck lines, elegant atmosphere ~

The balloon sleeve long skirt is elegant and luxurious, and the golden tassel is swaying between the sleeves, which is full of elegant feeling

Wearing a pearl white corset dress, the atmosphere is open

You can also take cool street styleu2014u2014

Wearing a corset jeans with fluffy curly hair, its really nice to show the waistline

Red oversize shirt with loose Plaid tie and strap for a casual look

Of course, its charming and seductiveu2014u2014

Wearing a peacock blue mirror skirt with a white suit and short hair, it shows the charm of hardness and softness

Walk up sweet lady style is also unambiguousu2014u2014

A white off the shoulder gauze skirt, showing a beautiful right angle shoulder, gentle and romantic

Its not soft to take hard photos. The retro little black skirt with bow hair ornaments is like a dark princess

Song Qian, who has been cutting thorns all the way through her too hard work, perfectly interprets the sentence dare, I have a brilliant light!

Source: Netease fashion editor: Xie Yi_ NQ4682