New technology stocks with 23 consecutive ups and downs have been exposed to five risks

 New technology stocks with 23 consecutive ups and downs have been exposed to five risks

Other stocks, such as Zhongqian shares, tiannai technology, lion micro and other stocks fell more than 5%. Among them, Liang micro, which had 23 trading limits in succession, fell quickly after opening at a low level in the morning. Just last night, the company issued a risk warning announcement again, indicating five major risks.

After 23 consecutive trading limits, the next new technology stocks fell

Yesterday evening, lion micro released a risk warning announcement, which indicated five major risks, including the risk of the companys operating performance decline, the risk of high P / E ratio, the risk of raw material price fluctuation, the risk of bad debt of accounts receivable, and debt repayment risk. As for the P / E ratio, as of October 21, 2020, the dynamic P / E ratio of the company is 185.52 times, and the static P / E ratio is 180.25 times. According to the industry data released on the website of China Securities Index Co., Ltd. on the same day, the dynamic P / E ratio of the computer, communication and other electronic equipment manufacturing industry of the company is 47.07 times, and the static P / E ratio of the industry is 50.11 times The P / E ratio is significantly higher than the industry average.

There are only 19 slow rising, high growth and undervalued leaders

Recently, a number of white horse stocks continued to fall, while the gem low-priced stocks performed relatively well. Since October, the index of low-priced stocks has increased by more than 10%, and this mornings trading has also turned strong. In terms of individual stocks, Hejing technology rose by 20% limit, and many low-priced GEM stocks such as Yingtang Zhikong, Kangzhi pharmaceutical and LianJian optoelectronics rose by more than 15%.

Recently, the undervalued sector represented by bank stocks performed relatively well. Analysts pointed out that with the process of economic recovery, pro cyclical undervalued stocks are expected to get better performance. In addition, as the end of the year is approaching, market liquidity and institutional repositioning may also prompt funds to shift to undervalued stocks.

Data treasure statistics show that, according to the consensus forecast of the institutions, the growth rate of net profit this year is expected to exceed 10% and the predicted P / E ratio is lower than 10 times, 19 stock rating agencies have more than 10 stock rating agencies, and the growth rate is less than 9% or fall against the market. Most of the 19 stocks are leading stocks in the industry. For example, Vanke A and Poly Real Estate in the real estate industry, XCMG machinery in the construction machinery industry, and Wens shares in the agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry and fishery industry.

Under the stagflation of stock price, some stocks have larger space to rise. Among them, Tang Renshen, Huaxia Xingfu, Blu ray development and other stock institutions have the same target price, and the rising space of Rongsheng development, China Railway Construction and Huadian International is more than 40%.

More stocks in the list are real estate stocks. Huatai Securities believes that the new financing policy breaks the path dependence of the real estate industry, and the valuation system is expected to be reshaped: in August 2020, several ministries and commissions jointly promote the long-term mechanism of real estate financing, which is considered to be a major milestone in changing the development path of the industry, and will break the path dependence of real estate enterprises seeking expansion through high leverage. In the future, the real concentration of the industry will tend to increase, and the financing cost will decrease as a whole. Enterprises with healthier financial leverage, interest free leverage, diversified assets and industrial chain discourse power will have stronger competitive advantages, and the valuation system of the real estate sector is also expected to be reshaped. Vanke A, Jindi group, Zhongnan Construction Co., Ltd., CCCC Real Estate Co., Ltd., HUAFA shares, investment surplus, xindazheng and joy city are mainly recommended. (Chen Jiannan, databao)

Source: Securities Times editor in charge: Yang Bin_ NF4368