Yunda Shentong, Yuantong, bans Jitu express, the latter has a lot to do with pinduoduo

 Yunda Shentong, Yuantong, bans Jitu express, the latter has a lot to do with pinduoduo

It is specifically mentioned in the above notice that Yunda Expresss affiliated franchised companies (including the contracted area) shall not join in the Jitu network and the contracted area for any reason and in any form; both sides of the agency shall not act as the agent for the express business of Jitu in any form or for any reason. For those that have been sent to the terminal of the network, they will be informed by the company to collect the evidence, and report them to the end of the network, and handle the problems according to the end of the network.

In addition, Yunda also stressed that it is necessary to strictly implement the exclusive operation for the extreme rabbit express. If the network company (contract area) has a franchise, agent, or site, it will be fined 5000-2000 yuan as the case may be, and require rectification within a time limit. If the situation is serious, it will be refunded. If it is found that the package contains Jitu express, it will be treated as the agent of Jitu business, and will not be accepted He complained. Once the behavior of acting as an agent of Jitu express telephone service is verified, a penalty of 1000 yuan / ticket will be imposed. The above notice shall be implemented in the whole network from the date of promulgation (October 19, 2020). According to a number of Tongda franchisees, Shentong and Yuantong have issued similar notices.

Jitu express is an e-commerce express company in Southeast Asia. The founder Li Jie was the founder of oppo Indonesia company. He quickly established an express logistics network in Southeast Asia through the sales network of oppo Indonesia, and became the leader of express delivery in Southeast Asia in less than 5 years. In 2019, by investing and holding Shanghai Longbang Express (the second and third tier express enterprises in the domestic express industry), Jitu directly obtained the express business qualification and network. At the same time, it learned from the development experience of Southeast Asia, and took advantage of oppos domestic sales network and logistics demand to launch the network quickly. It began to operate formally in March 2020. According to Guoxin Securities research, as of August this year, the daily average business volume of polar rabbits has exceeded 7 million.

A number of express franchisees said that pinduoduo express demand is the basic plate that the rabbit claims to the outside world. According to the official website of Beijing University of science and technology, Li Jie, a graduate, joined Jiangsu Anhui Bubugao company in 1998 as the general manager of AV business department, and served as the general manager of oppos Jiangsu Anhui region in 2008. In 2015, Li Jie established J & teexpress, a technology-based express company, and started to expand markets in Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand and the Philippines in November 2017.

It is worth noting that up to now, the polar rabbit is still excluded from the ecology by Ali and Jingdong. According to the statistics disclosed in the announcement of the State Post Office and various companies, in last year, the number of express delivery on Alibaba platform accounted for more than 40% of the total express delivery volume, pinduoduo accounted for more than 30%, and Jingdong accounted for nearly 6%.

Polar rabbit is launching dumping, we are ready to fight. Have access to the Department of senior franchisee said.

Source: Qiao JunJing, editor in charge of 21st century economic report_ NBJ11279