The rich daughter was robbed late at night, with a ransom of 28 million and 96 hours of robbery

 The rich daughter was robbed late at night, with a ransom of 28 million and 96 hours of robbery

In the process of struggle, the female flight attendants face, neck, and thighs were scratched.

But even in this state, the stewardess still escaped.

She mainly did the following three steps.

1. Keep chatting with the kidnappers to get closer.

The strong psychological quality is admirable.

The calm in distress is also amazing.

But in fact, five years ago, there was a kidnapping.

It is known as the kidnapping case of feie mountain.

Also known as Hong Kong 4 u00b7 25 rich woman kidnapping case.

Its sensational degree shocked the whole of China.

It was the early morning of April 25, 2015, and Luo Juner will never forget this night.

This day, became her life watershed.

Its also her nightmare.

At that time, Luo Juner and her boyfriend were sleeping at home and had entered deep sleep.

In the dark night, Luo juner saw six men around in front of him, some with knives in their hands.

Before she and her boyfriend talk, a man immediately sealed their mouths with tape.

Strict and solid.

I cant say a word.

Then Luo juner and her boyfriend were forced to bind, and vicious threat: no voice!

Two of them pushed Luo Juner and asked her to open the safe at home.

Luo juner is in a state of shock, and the whole person is frightened.

She opened two safes in the cloakroom.

After a series of operations, several gangsters robbed Luo Juner.

Before leaving, Luo juner was asked to change into trousers.

Luo juner, who is blindfolded, can only feel the movement and stillness around him.

Here is the famous flying goose mountain.

High altitude.

Theres no signal.

Luo Juner is the daughter of Hong Kongs super rich.

She is the granddaughter of Luo Dingbang, the knitting king in Hong Kong, and the second daughter of rich Luo Jiaju.

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The eldest daughters name is Robel.

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Thats the one who died in Korea a few days ago.

The Luo family is famous for a time in the rich world of Hong Kong. His family has a famous brand - Bao Shilong.

Nicholas Tse and Joey Yung all spoke for him.

Worth more than 10 billion.

It is worth mentioning that the place where the robbers robbed Luo Juner was named clear water bay in Sai Kung.

It is recognized as the back garden in Hong Kong.

Not only the scenery is beautiful, but also the rich.

According to incomplete records, three cases of theft have occurred since 2014.

Wu Huiquans house was stolen.

Fang Yihuas family was robbed.

And Bao Yucheng of Renji Hospital.

Its a robbery scene.

The richer, the more you are being watched.

Back to Luo juner.

After being thrown into the cave of feie mountain, she was so frightened that she didnt know what to do.

At this time, the Luo family fried the pot.

Luo Juners mother was the first to find something bad.

She was woken up to the living room by a servant and saw her daughters boyfriend tied up.

Mother Luo and the servant hurriedly untied him.

Luo Juner was kidnapped, he said.

Its like a thunderbolt.

Luo Jiaju, the head of the family, was soon informed.

He was equally surprised.

But Luo Jiaju, after all, has dominated the market for many years and understands that there is only one move at this time


Since its kidnapping, there must be a ransom.

Sure enough, at 8:30 that morning, the phone rang.

Mr. Luo, Ive taken your daughter away. You can either pay the ransom or Ill kill your daughter.

HK $58 million.

Luo Jiaju was a well-known favorite daughter. Although he was frightened, he pretended to be calm and said, you just want money, right? Im a businessman. Thats why you sell and I buy.

Then he added: Im a businessman and I dont have much cash But Im going to buy my daughter back at the cost of my fortune.

At the end of the negotiation, the kidnappers repeatedly stressed that they were not allowed to report to the police.

This is their first call.

And this call, for Luo Juner won a great survival possibility.

At this time, for Luo family, it is facing a life and death problem:

Do you want to call the police?

Family members of the rich have been kidnapped too often in Hong Kong and Taiwan.

Li zeju, the eldest son of Li Ka Shing, was kidnapped 24 years ago.

Twenty three years ago, Hong Kongs second richest man, Kwok Bing Hsiang, was tied up.

Twenty years ago, Zhang Aijias son was blackmailed.


During this period,

Some were torn up and never seen.

Some of them were rescued, and the pain lasted a lifetime.

Whats more, the second half of my life has changed.

Now, Luo Juner is kidnapped. She is young and beautiful. If there is any accident, the consequences will be unimaginable.

Luo Jiaju is a man who has seen big waves.

He called her and her son Luo Jian back, and the family decided whether to call the police or not to vote.

Finally, all votes passed: call the police.

Its life, its death.

Luo Jiaju left an extra eye.

He was afraid that there were spies in his house and openly called the police, which might frighten the snake.

So they all went back to their rooms to rest. They secretly ran to the garage, hid in Luo Jians car, and covered themselves with clothes.

When everything was about the same, Luo Jian lied that he wanted to go back. He got on the car and drove Luo Jiaju to the police station.

They pretended so well that they didnt get caught.

At this time, the kidnappers phone call came again.

There came Luo juners voice.

As soon as Luo Jiaju heard that he was his daughter, he tried to suppress his nervousness: are you really qunnie?

Luo Juner said yes.

Luo Jiaju was aware of his daughter, but he still kept asking questions.

Where do you read?

Whats the name of your pet dog?

In order to delay time.

Luo Juner answered one by one, all right.

At last, the voice of the kidnapper came from the phone.

Luo Jiaju bargained with the kidnappers and reduced the ransom to 28 million.

For your daughters safety, youd better raise every cent as soon as possible.

If you have killed my daughter, the deal is over.

He promised to give some of the money first and the rest on April 28th.

From April 24 to April 28, the long wait, every minute and second, is a torment for Luo Juner.

She wrote in her autobiography plundering life: at this time, her mind keeps ringing a few words, be strong! Be brave! I want to live!

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These days, she constantly heard the sound of a helicopter, but has not been rescued.

Miss again and again, she can not help but doubt: I still want to continue to live in this nightmare?

No one answered.

Shes on her own.

After calming down, Luo Juner tries to save herself.

One of the kidnappers said, comfort yourself enough to shout.

I dont know when, the kidnappers came to deliver the meal.

Its a hamburger.

But its cold.

The kidnapper apologized to Luo Juner.

Luo Juner then tried to ask, will you hurt me?

We wont hurt you, dont be afraid! One of them spoke.

Luo Juner is also bold, indicating that he wants to hook his finger to testify.

And said: beauty, I will try my best to help you when I find out who is going to hurt you.

This makes Luo Juner feel sarcastic.

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But perhaps it was these words that both sides opened their hearts.

The kidnapper said that he envied Luo Juner and didnt have to worry about money.

They talk more about the ideal of life.

Luo Juner then said: my dream is art. I hope you will give me the chance to realize my dream.

Hong Kong media reported that the kidnappers also asked Luo Juner whether they could be friends.

Luo Juner suggests going to Thailand.

But I dont know Thai.

Their original intention was to kidnap their mother.

That is Luo Jiajus wife.

Soon, April 28 arrived.

The date the ransom was exchanged.

Luo Jiaju really drove 28 million yuan to the designated location, and the bandits got the ransom as they wanted.

Luo Juner heard a burst of shouts: we have got the money.

Then she was thrown to the top of the mountain.

When Luo Juner regained his freedom, he ran down the mountain, passing by trees, rivers and breeze, just like a butterfly coming out of its cocoon. He had only one belief in his heart

Go home.

Go home!

Also do not know how long run, Luo Juner see someone, then call for help to the police.

It was a thrilling kidnapping that lasted 96 hours.

This real experience has also been made into a TV series, starring Hui Hongying, named Xinyuan.

As soon as she got home, Robel brought a steak meal for the family to enjoy.

It was the first night after Luo Juners death.

The whole baby was born.

The next night, Luo Juner held a press conference.

At the meeting, dressed in black, she said calmly:

I know this matter, everyone is very concerned about it, so I want to use this press conference to report safety to you. I also want to tell my friends, relatives and family members that I am safe and sound.

In May, nine bandits were caught and punished as they deserved.

During the trial, a gangster said that the reason why Luo Juner was chosen was because someone worked as a decorator in Luos family. When he saw that there were many sports cars and were very rich, he was moved to steal.

Two years later, Luo Juner wrote this nightmare into a book and shared it with the whole nation.

The experience of kidnapping has made me realize that when facing difficulties, I should believe in myself and not give up easily; I understand that life is changeable and I should strive for opportunities at different levels, she told readers

Someone asked: If time goes back, would you hope that the incident never happened?

She said slowly, it has happened. Instead of complaining about why I was kidnapped, Id rather be grateful to God that Im still alive, so that I can face the future.

She did.

Now Luo Juner has been focusing on art.

Shes not her boyfriend, but shes reliable.

For her, the kidnapping was a step back to life.

Down is down.

And the one who can walk steadily must be the most silent and low-key person.

It is also like Li Ka Shing after the disaster.

Just like Ma Yun.

And in case of being forced to encounter danger, dont panic, just like the stewardess and Luo Juner, be good at communication and strive for the opportunity to escape for yourself.

Facts have proved that calmness, communication and intelligence are the only ways to get out of danger.

Finally, I wish you peace and prosperity in your life, whether you are rich or ordinary, bright ahead and broad and magnanimous in the future.