Yan Junlings injury is difficult to be optimistic: visual impairment with double shadow, surgery at least 3 months off

 Yan Junlings injury is difficult to be optimistic: visual impairment with double shadow, surgery at least 3 months off

Although the Shanghai team failed to win the citys strong rival Shenhua in the first game of the second stage of the League on August 18, it still showed strong competitiveness to win the championship. In the game, the team is absolutely ahead of a number of data, such as shooting 17-3, shooting 5-0, the ball control rate reached 65.8%, and the attack leading rate was 73.8% Entering the key stage of the league, such a good performance naturally made the head coach Pereira very happy, we played very well, also created a lot of scoring opportunities, the team in most of the time, showed a high technical and tactical ability.

The only bad news that bothers the team up and down, Im afraid, is the injury and departure of Yan Junling. Near the end of the first half, he was in a fight for the right of the ball, his left eye was hit by Bi Jinhaos elbow, not only very painful, but also a little dizzy. Yan Junling felt that the situation was not good at that time, because at the first time he was injured, he tried to observe the various scenes on the court, but he was unable to see clearly. He wanted to continue to insist on the competition. After communicating with Eduardo, the medical director, he also stood up and looked up. Finally, he reluctantly chose to give up.

After the game, Yan Junlings professionalism made the team very moved. He has a problem with his eyes, but its not serious. I hope he can come back in the next game, Pereira said

Yan Junlings injury also affected the hearts of many teammates, including some of his friends in the national team. Therefore, after returning to the hotel, he quickly sent out a micro blog reporting peace and thank you for your concern. Now I feel much better, but its not good-looking. However, in private, Yan Junling also explained with some of his teammates, it is not possible to catch up with the second Shanghai Derby. A very serious situation is that his problem is not whether there is pain or swelling in his left eye, but that the image is not clear enough and there will be double shadow when he looks at things. In this situation, Yan Junling must be sent to the hospital for detailed examination. During the day of the 20th, he left Suzhou competition area and returned to Shanghai. But at that time, many of his teammates thought he would only miss the next game. When the team reached the top four, the international should still be able to return.

The results of the inspection did not make the whole team laugh. Its a bit of a problem. I have to have an operation. A person familiar with the matter said. The player himself was quick to learn about it. In fact, when there are some obstacles in vision observation, Yan Junling and his friends around him have been slightly prepared. According to the doctors judgement, Yan Kwai Ling is the first to ensure rest, followed by surgery as soon as possible. In technical terms, he is suspected to be an orbital fracture. After fracture, it may cause incarceration of eye muscles, which will cause complications such as eye shadow Previously, the team was still worried about whats wrong with the retina or cornea, but according to reports, it was suspected that the fracture of the orbital wall caused muscle and nerve damage. Although in medicine, this kind of injury can also be treated conservatively, but it is mainly determined by the degree of orbital injury.

Whats more, the degree of optic nerve injury will also determine the progress of vision recovery. Generally speaking, even if Yan Junling finished surgery, but also take some drugs to promote nerve recovery, so as to completely eliminate the ghost. Last year, Tianjin TEDA goalkeeper Yang Qipeng suffered two orbital fractures in the league. At that time, he was oppressed by optic nerve, but different from Yan Junling, he didnt feel much vision impairment at first. Yang Qipeng finally rested for two months, but judging from Yan Junlings personal situation, he was afraid that his healing time was longer.