I found the original note in his clothes: it turned out that the third party was most afraid of it

 I found the original note in his clothes: it turned out that the third party was most afraid of it


Jing is very involved and emotional in describing her relationship with a married man.

What bothers a married man is that his son is firmly opposed to divorce, and his body is on the decline. He feels like he cant move. Jing is disappointed and painful. But when she went deeper, she found that she was more reluctant. She cant accept the loss of her excellent self to a sick mate, and she cant accept that the two people who are so compatible in spirit are not synchronized in giving up this matter.

He once understood her so well and gave her great help in money and career. She was reluctant to let this person disappear from her life.

However, in retrospect, she found that her straight husband is the one who has always supported her and tolerated her. Although the two sides can not talk so much in spirit, but her husband is her sea god needle.

@Frost financial staff, 32 years old

The man who appeared in her life was once her boss. She was elegant and elegant, and was the object that girls in the whole company liked to talk about.

At that time, she was just divorced, and her mood was very low. From time to time, she felt that she was very helpful. Gradually, they get acquainted. Although frost knows that he is married, the confession that I still have a chance to get love in my life still breaks through Frosts heart.

They are obsessed with each other, and frost is waiting for his divorce. Three years later, he told frost that he had tried hard but had no result, so he asked her to continue to wait at ease. However, gradually frost was disappointed, especially when he was not around frost. It was very difficult.

She was always imagining the details of their being together. Surprisingly, when she was packing up one day, she found a note in the mans pocket: my phone is 136xxxxxx, please call me.

wife? lover? Its not good to leave your phone in your pocket so calmly. Frost did not resist to tell him, his flustered expression explained everything, he had other lovers! Her heart broke in an instant. After three months of depression, she began a blind date after the national day


I really never wanted to hurt his family, but thats how it is, and we cant part with each other.. When Lingzi told her story, she was crying all the time. This man and she met in a charity event. They shared the same ideals and understood each other very well. They soon talked about everything. They all thought that when they were the only one in each others lives, they also thought that they could get divorced smoothly. Its just, its not that simple.

This mans situation is not so lucky, his wife forced to die, and even locate his whereabouts, confiscate his mobile phone. Indecisive he was so trapped in place.

Occasionally, when both sides talk, they are crying all the time. They dont know where they will go or how to solve the dilemma in front of them. But she knew that her body was not going to last.

@Wood foot therapist, 23 years old

Mu Mu was a child who didnt enjoy the love of his parents, so he came out to work early. People are very flexible, coupled with the ability to practice a smart, natural and generous, very popular with customers.

Have a child for him! She was startled when the thought flashed through her mind. But once the idea comes into being, its hard to suppress it. Gradually he could see her mind.

He bought delicious food for her and sometimes lent her money in case of emergency. However, after the two peoples affair of cheating was revealed, he changed his face very quickly. In the entanglement of the break-up, wood found that he was pregnant. She told him with a glimmer of hope that he had asked for it to be knocked out without any mercy.

This may be the only child in your life. Do you want to kill it too? He was not soft hearted and took her to the hospital for abortion surgery. When she was discharged from the hospital, he quickly disappeared from her life.

I really cant imagine that the person who called your wife to you yesterday could say goodbye to you immediately today, and even didnt care about your life or death. Seeing his extreme selfishness and indifference in this matter, there is a huge wound hard to heal in the bottom of woods heart.


After listening to their voices, you may find that although there are indeed many people who want to take a shortcut to steal the fruits of victory, the women who become the third party are not all scheming women.

Many people are even poisoned by love and lies. When I come back to God, I have fallen into a feeling that is hard to give up and cant see light. (of course, we will never correct the name of every third party. We just want to tell every woman who is desperate for love that not all men are worth your effort.)

As the third party, they are afraid that they are entrusted with inhuman and become playthings of others;

Afraid to listen to the other side said to give up, the past emotion written off;

Im afraid that I always share a man with others, and Ill never have a decent day;

Most afraid, they all look down on themselves, and give others the right to hurt themselves to pieces

Many women who are active or passive to become a third party think that love is too great and they dont realize the risk of being a third party.

First, you may be abandoned by the whole society, even your parents.

The light ones are abused and intimidated, the heavy ones lose their jobs, they are beaten, their friends are lost, even their parents dont recognize you. And dont expect someone to really sympathize with you and understand you.

Look at the entertainment industry. If the stars who ruined their whole career and life because of extramarital affairs can know the cost behind them, will they still choose this way?

Second, you may fall into extreme physical and mental suffering, which will destroy your body and mind.

Imagine that you always share a man with others, but you cant share your loneliness with others. You may be just a piece of cake for someone elses dull marriage.

You dont know where the hope is, and how long it will take. How many negative emotions such as jealousy, anxiety, despair will attack your body? And once your body breaks down, no good lover can save you. Not to mention how much physical and mental harm women who had been pregnant for men and were unable to give birth to children.

Third, you dont really trust people in your relationships anymore.

Your emotion is based on betrayal. Even if you have made great efforts, you will understand that since the man in front of you betrayed his wife, he may betray you at any time. And this distrust is the explosive package buried in the feelings.

Fourth, you wont be able to respect and like yourself from the bottom of your heart.

This is very fatal. No matter how indifferent a person is, there is a steelyard in the depth of ones soul. Once you look down on yourself, your biggest challenge to happiness arises.

If the other party is married and talks too much, no matter how good it is to you, you should never be a third party.

This is what almost every mother needs to tell her daughter in advance.