The epidemic let Zhang Shuai know that the game is precious, and he has never been so eager for it

 The epidemic let Zhang Shuai know that the game is precious, and he has never been so eager for it

Zhang Shuai made a record in the French Open womens singles top 16. Pictures / osports


Its been a good season

WTA schedule has been continuously updated since the second round in early August. On September 11, WTA announced the addition of the Ostrava open, which also became the end of the season.

After the French Open, Zhang Shuai stayed in Paris to prepare for the Ostrava open. In the first round, Zhang Shuai didnt have any chance in the first round against the host player muhova. Zhang Shuai finished the 2020 season with two 1-6 defeats.

Like all players, Zhang Shuais 2020 season is destined to impress her for life. As a result of the epidemic, the tour only went on one end and the number of events was halved. From the WTA world top 50 top three Chinese players, Wang Qiang participated in six races this season, Zheng Sai played five. Of the three, Zhang Shuai participated in 11 races, but it was much less than her 26 last season.

Although the event has been halved, Zhang Shuais 2020 season has been impressive. At the beginning of the season, Zhang Shuai again reached the tour singles final after three years in Hobart open, and then entered the third round of the Australian Open. In the first three races of the season, Zhang Shuais singles record was 7-3, and the number of winning matches accounted for half of the whole year.

As of this week, Zhang Shuai ranked 35th in the world, with 14 wins and 11 losses this season, and 5 of the 14 victories came from Grand Slam. In the Australian Open, Zhang Shuai was defeated by the final champion kenning in the third round. When he came to French Open, Zhang Shuai made a record in the last 16 of womens singles and finally lost to his good friend kovitova.

When he took part in French Open at the end of September, Zhang Shuai said that he didnt have much pursuit for his achievements. He felt very happy to be on the clay court of French Open. Its good to have a game. At the beginning of the year, I saw that the epidemic situation was worsening all over the country, and I thought that this years events would be gone.

After the Ostrava open, Zhang Shuai will return to China in the near future, looking at the ticket, hoping to return home as soon as possible and spend the time before the Australian Open with friends. After returning home, Zhang Shuai will also be quarantined for a period of 14 days as required.

After the game restart, Zhang Shuai is hard to win in the hard field. Figure / social media


Eight victories came from clay court

The epidemic brought all the events to a halt. At the beginning of March, WTA announced that the tour was suspended for five months.

In early August, the WTA tour was hard to restart. Out of safety considerations, Wang Qiang, Zheng Saisai, Peng Shuai and other people gave up the season ahead of time. Among the Chinese players, Zhang Shuai signed up for the first time. She was also the only Chinese player who insisted on playing the whole season. Her mother and coach Liu Shuo accompanied her to participate in the competition.

When he ventured to the United States, Zhang Shuai was hard to win. In Cincinnati and the U.S. Open, Zhang Shuai has signed up for singles and doubles. She hopes to play more games to get back the feeling, but the process is much more difficult than she expected. When I return to the court again, I cant adapt to my physical function, and everything will start again.

Due to visa problems, Zhang Shuai stayed in the United States for two weeks and arrived in Italy one day before the Rome match. After Zhang Shuai was isolated for 24 hours, she had only one hour to adapt to the clay field. From the hard ground seamless docking to the clay field, Zhang Shuai suffered six consecutive losses in singles and doubles.

Until the last stop before the French Open in Strasbourg, Zhang Shuai Hao, who started from the qualification competition, won four consecutive victories and then entered the last eight. Coach Liu (Liu Shuo) told me that a lot of players have matches during this period, whether its performance games or other low-level competitions, the game feeling can be maintained all the time. Zhang Shuai said that although he has been training, but the feeling of training and competition is different. From Doha open to Cincinnati, Zhang Shuai didnt compete for six months.

Zhang Shuai came to Paris with peace of mind. Zhang Shuai defeated No. 12 seed Keith in the first round, and then won KONE and brere, two local players, to enter the last 16 of French Open for the first time. In doubles, Zhang Shuai and kudmotova partner also made it to the top 16. Zhang Shuai won 5-2 and $230000 in the French Open alone.

After the start of the season, Zhang Shuai won 6 doubles. Interestingly, all of Zhang Shuais eight victories came from clay court, but hard ground, which he excels at, is hard to win.

Zhang Shuai said that he had never been more eager to play. Graph / social media


Cherish the chance of competition more than ever

In the past 14 years, Zhang Shuai has trained and competed step by step every year. This year, because of the epidemic, Zhang Shuai experienced for the first time a 28 day isolation life and a three-month intensive training for the first time.

At the end of February, Zhang Shuai went to Indian Wells to prepare for the sunshine double. Clinker, tour was suspended in early March, and Zhang Shuai, who returned to China, was arranged to observe in isolation at Qinhuangdao training base. At the end of the isolation, Zhang Shuais isolation period was extended by 14 days due to the discovery of asymptomatic infections among the people who were isolated at the same time. Throughout March, Zhang Shuai was isolated for 28 days.

I havent had such a long rest since the first day of practice. During the long period of isolation, Zhang Shuai only did simple exercises in his room every day, and the rest of his time was cleaning, washing clothes and washing bed sheets. On the day of the release of isolation, Zhang Shuai went downstairs to carry his luggage. I feel like I have endless strength.

In May, Zhang Shuai accompanied the national team to Tianjin for training, which lasted another three months. These two special periods in his career have made Zhang Shuai have a new understanding of tennis.

Under the epidemic situation, the most obvious feeling is everyones love for tennis. I cherish every chance of competition more than ever. In the past, so many races were played selectively. Now, as long as there are competitions, I want to participate as much as possible During the French Open, Zhang Shuai heard that there was a new hard ground race in Czech Republic, so he quickly signed up, I want to play more games now, get more points, keep in good condition, and strive to stand on the stage of the Tokyo Olympic Games next year.

Im very happy to be able to play tennis again and hope to play more next year. After the end of the special season in Ostrava, Zhang Shuai said he hoped the epidemic situation would improve and people around the world could keep healthy and happy.

Source: Wang Chengcheng, editor in charge of Beijing News_ NB12651