One year anniversary of 5g business, China Telecom tianyiyun VR presents brilliant report card

 One year anniversary of 5g business, China Telecom tianyiyun VR presents brilliant report card

Over the past year, China Telecom Tianyi cloud VR has launched tens of thousands of platform content and thousands of self-made content, involving giant screen, film, TV series, variety show, documentary, etc., which can be described as heaven and earth.

Raytheon mountain VR live broadcast is launched jointly with central video to help cloud supervisors witness the speed of China

Create a slow live broadcast of Mt. Everest, and enjoy the 12 days of Mt. Everest with one click cloud climbing

Join Netease Youdao excellent course to launch the space exploration program and VR roam Mars

Cooperate with Zhejiang satellite TV to create 5g + VR variety new benchmark blueberry incubation camp

VR concert with akb48teamsh

Touch the movie circle and visit the 360 u00b0 VR class

Fierce fight to the end VR boxing competition with Olympic champion Zou Shiming


High quality content has attracted more and more users to use Tianyi cloud VR. At present, the number of Tianyi cloud VR users has exceeded 13 million, and the number of active users has reached 3.5 million, which is in the leading position in the domestic VR industry.

Over the past year, China Telecom Tianyi cloud VR has rapidly entered all walks of life, and has blossomed in film and television, education, culture and tourism, commerce, sports, games and other fields.

More than 100 tob projects have been carried out, and more than 500 VR live broadcasting have been presented. VR technology has enabled more than 60 commercial complexes in 24 provinces, which has played a huge role in commercial drainage and promotion.

With its innovative VR technology and leading applications in various industries, Tianyi cloud VR has successively won the Gold Award for innovation in the 2019 world VR industry conference, the excellent practice case in the 2019 China ultra high definition video industry alliance, the best VR application Award in the 2020 virtual and augmented reality industry annual meeting, the GSMA China 5g top ten lighthouse projects in 2020, and the 5gsa + MEC business integration The project won the first prize of the third blooming Cup finals of the Ministry of industry and information technology; the project of XR complex Nanjing Hongyang square was selected into the 2020ccfa Golden Lily best practice case of fighting epidemic situation.

Over the past year, China Telecom Tianyi cloud VR attaches great importance to ecological cooperation, and cooperates with global industry and content partners to carry out 5g + VR cooperation in various fields.

In cooperation with global telecom operators, it initiated the establishment of global XR content telecommunication alliance to help XR content ecological prosperity and innovation; cooperated with Huawei to build bjic innovation platform; signed VR content introduction and VR live broadcast cooperation agreement with South Korea LGU +, exclusively introducing LGU + Ultra HD VR content, carrying out live broadcast cooperation in sports events and artistic performances, and deepening content technology innovation.

With the help of cloud XR 666 strategic partner plan and cloud XR 666 strategic partner plan released at the 2020 world VR industry conference, Tianyi cloud VR will create a new mode of ecological cooperation, promote project incubation, cooperation landing and capital cooperation, realize the complementary advantages of partners, and form a joint force to drive the development of cloud XR ecological industry.

At present, the entire VR industry is still in the stage of exploration and introduction, and there is a long way to go. China Telecom Tianyi cloud VR will actively practice the new development concept, further play the advantages of cloud network integration, increase product innovation, strengthen platform operation, enhance customer perception, and work hand in hand with industrial partners to continuously promote the prosperity and development of VR industry. China Telecom Tianyi cloud VR will make concerted efforts to write the Spring Story of VR industry with the spirit of pioneering, the strength of creation and the dry style!