Liu Xuan had been exposed to postpartum depression and even wanted to send her husband to make complaints about her husbands selfishness.

 Liu Xuan had been exposed to postpartum depression and even wanted to send her husband to make complaints about her husbands selfishness.

Liu Xuan was still very excited when she recalled postpartum depression.

The original text of the social platform is as follows:

Now, Im breastfeeding As a second child mother, although she is no longer as flustered as a novice, her body is still undergoing a hormone change process. This is the second time I have experienced such a thing.

I remember that after the birth of a man, I fell into a feeling of escaping from reality. At that time, I felt as if I was separated from others by a wall, and I could not communicate with my family and friends normally. I fell into deep self doubt. But at that time, I couldnt realize that I was in a low mood and easy to cry The state of depression. Finally, he realized that he was sick, and deliberately corrected his own ideas, and then slowly came out

Later learned that pregnant women in the process of pregnancy and childbirth, the endocrine environment will have a great change, especially within 24 hours after delivery, the rapid change of hormone levels in the body, for postpartum depression, we can not even control ourselves It started

As an optimistic and extremely strong athlete, I have always maintained a positive spirit, but even so, during the period of postpartum, I also experienced collapse and disintegration I remember very clearly that when I cried, I was very irritable and wanted to escape. I even had the idea of giving him away

This second birth, I have a clearer understanding of myself. Even now, I still experience the same feeling as after I was born, with depression and sometimes uncontrollable emotions. But fortunately, I have a clear mind, so now I accept and adjust more smoothly, and Mr. Wang is more tolerant and caring around me Let me feel that this period of time is no longer terrible, but become soft.

I hope you can pay attention to postpartum depression, which is not unreasonable, not hypocritical It is a kind of maternal brilliance for a life. For girls and mothers, we need to fully understand the hormonal changes that our body will face. Dont be afraid to face them calmly. For the family and friends who accompany their mother, we need more patience, more tolerance and care, so that mothers are not lonely, not afraid, and better embrace the arrival of new life.

Yesterday, Liu Xuan once again wrote with emotion: I thought that my heart was strong enough to hold on to the competition and life. After becoming a mother, I feel that many things are lack of skills. At ordinary times, he should be responsible for the clothing, food, housing and transportation of a man, and record his various indicators since his birth, such as sleep, food and so on Before a child is two years old, its hard for a mother to get a full nights sleep. My sisters arrival, every night to feed, wake up, wake up, serve the big, serve the small, let me experience a postpartum depression I do not dare to look back at that time. Thanks to Mr. Wang, who accompanied me through that period of time, for tolerating and taking care of me. I also thank myself for sticking to the present and not giving up myself. Besides being a good mother, I also want to try to look back and be myself. Only when you do yourself well can you become a better mother.

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