Pereira: I hope the referee can control the action on the court and will insist on passing tomorrow

 Pereira: I hope the referee can control the action on the court and will insist on passing tomorrow

Regarding the preparation and expectation of the game, Pereira said frankly: we have made some corrections for the last game in the past few days. As a coach, from the first day I came to the team, the team has been carrying out my playing method, that is to play a wonderful passing football. In the game, we play quality, play cooperation, immediately counter attack after losing the ball, and then continue to attack. We also create opportunities through this way. Its a requirement for us to play quality games. Tomorrows game, we will ask the players to work hard, play pass and receive, play quality. We have to carry out our own style and play a good game. Shenhua has their own style, tomorrow we will try to limit them, do not let them play a threatening attack. Of course, I also hope that tomorrows referee will allow both sides to play intensity, speed and fluency, as well as control the movements of the players on the field. Football needs aggression, but aggression is limited. Thats the rule of the game

Yan Junling suffered an eye injury in the first leg of the match and he will miss the next match. For Yan Junling, Pereira said: he is one of the top goalkeepers in China, the best goalkeeper in China at present, and one of the team leaders. I just want him to recover as soon as possible and continue to contribute to the club and the national team. I also believe in his fighting spirit. He will recover as soon as possible and come back healthy, which is the most important thing for him

Regarding Chen Weis situation, Pereira said: he is always ready. When the opportunity comes, I think hes ready for the game. He is a player with level and confidence and I believe he will play to his level As for the possibility of overtime or even penalty kicks, Pereira said: in this competition system, we will take all the circumstances into consideration, including the penalty shootout, and we have made comprehensive preparations in the past few days.

And Wang shenchao for the teams preparation said: these days we did a rest and recovery training. Before this expedition, the group leaders told us six words: confidence, determination, perseverance. I think these six words can be well used in these two games Later, Wang said, no matter how difficult the next game is, we will unite with Xiaoyans share. We are confident to play well