Relaxing the age limit for small car drivers license

 Relaxing the age limit for small car drivers license

Three, we are introducing 3 new measures in deepening the online service, implementing the information inquiry and prompting service of road transportation enterprises, carrying out online enquiries on drivers traffic safety records, verifying online information about motor vehicle compulsory insurance, and using traffic data to serve the peoples livelihood, enabling economy and ensuring safety, and constantly improving the level of service of Internet plus traffic management.

Li Jiangping introduced that the Ministry of public security, together with relevant departments, has conducted in-depth research and demonstration to further optimize the conditions for applying for drivers license

One is to relax the age of applying for small car driving license. The upper age limit for applying for driving license of small cars, small automatic transmission vehicles and mopeds is adjusted from 70 years old to no limit. For those who are over 70 years old and obtain driving licenses, tests on memory, judgment, reaction ability and other abilities shall be increased, and physical examination shall be conducted once a year and physical examination certificate shall be submitted. This is to adapt to the new needs of aging social development, which not only facilitates the elderly to obtain driving license, but also ensures that the physical conditions meet the requirements of safe driving, which is also a common practice in most countries in the world.

The second is to optimize the conditions for applying for driving license of large passenger and freight cars. The lower age limit for applying for driving license of large bus and tractor has been reduced from 26 and 24 to 22, and the upper limit of applying for driving license of large and medium-sized passenger and truck has been adjusted from 50 to 60.

At the same time, the time interval of increasing driving should be shortened from 5 years to 3 years for those who apply for driving license of large-scale trucks, and those who apply for driving licenses for tractors and medium-sized buses shall be shortened from at least 3 years to 2 years.

This adjustment will facilitate more people to apply for large-scale passenger and truck driving licenses, expand the scope of professional access, implement the tasks of six stabilities and six guarantees, and promote the healthy development of passenger and freight transportation and logistics industry. At the same time, the safety standard will not be reduced. It is required that there is no corresponding full score record for driving large-scale passenger and truck drivers, so as to ensure that the drivers abide by the law and have safe driving experience, and ensure that they are allowed to enter the customs.

Third, expand the scope of medical institutions. With the development of public health in China, the professional level and service ability of medical institutions have been significantly improved. The coverage of urban and rural areas is becoming wider and wider, and more and more medical institutions have the ability of driver physical examination. In this reform, for those who need to submit the certificate of physical conditions to apply for motor vehicle drivers license, the medical institutions at or above the county level or regimental level will be expanded to hospitals above grade II, township health centers, community health service centers, and health examination centers that meet the health examination qualifications, so as to facilitate physical examination nearby.